Bayelsa Commandant of NCDC assures state resident Doctors of justice

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Nwagboo Okereke

Bayelsa State Commandant of the Nigerian Civil Defense  Corps Desmond Agu has assured the Association Resident Doctors Federal Medical Centre branch that the officer that assaulted their member must be brought to book and will be made to face his punishment.

He assured  his committee to look into the matter and called for the where about of the man that was beaten to coma by a Civil Defence officer at the Opolo axis of Bayelsa state.

This is coming on the heels of a petition filed in by the Association asking that the law should take it course on the Nigeria civil DefenseCorps officer who brutalized her member.

The chairman of the group Dr Onini Ebimobowei Nathan who spoke at the federal medical Centre Yenagoa said “As the president and speaking for the association, we condemn that act by all standards”.

“It is not something that a normal human being should do to a fellow human being. For us we think, that so called officer was sent to murder our colleague because somebody that is going about his normal duties, because of a stray dog an officer that has been trained to handle guns will just come and shoot at someone”.

He said the group saw it as an attempt to kill our colleague adding that “We condemn it in strong terms and what we demand is that the law should take its course and justice be done to our colleague”.

Recall that medical Doctor with Federal the Medical Centre Yenagoa  Dr Bekewari Sampson was said to have been brutalized by a civil Defense officer along water board road, Yenagoa  on the 28th of April in the presence of the wife and his two children.

Just few weeks before that, man was also beaten to pulp by a Civil Defense officer around the Opolo axis of the state. It was gathered that the officer took the unconscious man to the Dietta Koki memorial hospital to be treated.

But when he suspected that the man may not recover, he quickly removed the man from the hospital to now unknown place.

Recounting his ordeal Dr Bekewari Sampson said “On that 28th of April 2017, I was on my way to work in the company of my wife and  two children one two years and the second seven months old. I passed through the water board road close to my place of work, just close to the civil Defense headquarters, a native dog ran into my car and I stopped to check whether the dog was harmed, but the dog was unharmed and it just ran away”.

“As I was about moving a civil Defense officer approached me and asked if I knew I hit a dog. I replied him no sir. I did not hit the dog. The dog ran into my car. Please I’m sorry and the dog is alive. I’m late for work. I now drove my car. The next thing I heard was gun shot at my car”.

“As I parked the car and came out of the car, this young civil Defense officer came around, instead of being remorseful started beating me up. Beat me mercilessly, hit my eyes and fist blows on my face. Even when my wife was shouting, he shot at us with our children and he said it does not matter”.

My wife said you are beating him. He is a medical Doctor; it does not matter. I was told latter that it was one of the officers that came to separate him. Then they took me into their office and inside their gate, some of them started pushing me and another of their officer slapped me”.

He said after sometime, about twenty minutes a superior officer came and asked him to go and treat himself and come back latter adding that at that incident his car was riddled with bullets both in and out.

Narrating further, he said “Inside where my son was sitting was where the bullet passed through. One entered the driver’s seat but it didn’t penetrate. It was just by divine providence which I could not explain If not, I would have gone”.

“My son where he was seating, the bullet would have hit on his head because he was resting. Another one close to my daughter’s thigh. They said I should go and treat myself and I just came to the hospital here, had some medications in the accident and emergency”.

He said the car is presently at the A division Nigerian Police adding that the matter was reported at the A division and they were asked to produce the officer but they refused.

He said they have not presented the officer adding that was why he was reluctant to go when he was called by the commandant to come to the
panel and say what happened maintaining that said officers were in their guardroom.

Disclosing that car was riddled with bullets he also said “I was traumatized psychologically both my family and I. As I speak to you, in my house, if there a little noise my wife is scared.

He stated he cannot really quantify the amount of psychological trauma because according to him, it is a continuous occurrence.

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