Again, ABUBAKAR TSAV bombs ASARI DOKUBO, kicks against attacking FULANI herdsmen says he's stays back in N'DELTA, fuels already bad situation in North

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PARIS, JANUARY 11, 2016: (DGW) As clashes between herdsmen and farmers continue across the country resulting in deaths, one of Buhari's top loyalist and former Lagos State Police Commissioner, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav while lending his voice for a lasting solution to the recurrent crises that have claimed many lives criticized the authorities for being biased in their attempts to find a solution.

Abubakar said everybody has, as a matter of fact, been handling the crisis to favour their sides. The Fulani man whose cattle are either killed or stolen, he said, needs the proceeds from the cattle to survive likewise the farmer whose crops are destroyed on the farms.

According to him, ''I think nobody has handled this farmer/herder clashes sincerely and without bias. Everybody has been handling it to favour his side. Look at what is happening in Southern Kaduna now. I have read the story of the southern Kaduna people and I have also read the story of Miyetti Allah. The Fulanis have no other business other than rearing cattle. The farmers have no other means of living other than farming. If you destroy the farmers’ crops, they will have no food and if you destroy the Fulanis’ cattle, then they would have no food too.''

On the solution, the former Lagos police boss advised the government to device a method of settling the lingering dispute between the herders and the farmers.

He said,'' Government should therefore device a method of settling the dispute between these two groups of people. The Fulanis are such a people that if you offend them, no matter how long it takes, they must revenge. It is this reprisal and revenge that are worsening this situation. And when this happens sometimes, anywhere they see a Fulani even in the city, the people would pursue them and kill them. This thing is becoming a recurring decimal and is giving a lot of problems to this country. So, we should get honest and unbiased mediators in Nigeria who can proscribe solutions to this problem.''

Reacting to the killings in Southern Kaduna, he faulted Asari Dokubo position of 'tit for tat' saying he is ignorant of the situation on the ground saying he heard a few days ago that the former Niger Delta war lord urging Southern Kaduna people to launch a counter-attack if they ever again attacked by the Fulanis. 

He criticized Asari Dokubo for staying back in the Niger Delta and  trying to fuel an already bad situation in the north.

His words: ''If a Fulani cow destroys somebody’s farm, the Fulani man should be charged there and then to pay immediately. On the other hand, if a farmer steals or kills a Fulani cow, appropriate action should be taken as required by law. But the issue of ‘you have done this, I must revenge’ is what is worsening the whole thing.''

'' The situation has gone to the extent that sometimes these people stop people and identify people of the other tribe and kill them. This is becoming very worrisome and I hear people blaming Buhari but what can he do? He is a Fulani man and he knows what this people can do. Buhari cannot go out to police this thing himself. If we are honest to ourselves and we believe in God, let us handle this matter without bias. A few days ago, I heard Asari Dokubo calling on Southern Kaduna people to launch a counter attack on the Fulanis. He is up there and does not know what is happening but just relying on newspaper publications, yet he is trying to fuel an already bad situation. Many years, people were honest and could live peacefully with one another but now things have gone so bad that they no longer have mercy for human lives.''

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