Is there still any right thinking Nigerian obsessed with APC,PDP and other Kangaroo political parties? - Tony Ejiofor

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I hear cries of hunger and hopelessness from Nigeria everyday caused by these Kangaroo political parties and their Kangaroo elected Public officials from the federal through the States to the Local Government Development Areas.

I hear of graduates of Universities and colleges whose counterparts in Europe and America are celebrated Middle and Upper Middle Class jobless and not better than beggers on the streets.

I hear that the people count only for votes after which they are forgotten by the very kangaroo political elite they had trusted with their votes for good and better lives.

I hear that Oil rich Nigeria in this 21st century has broken electricity infrastructure and 99% of the population live in pitch darkness and these Kangaroo political parties and their elected officials are busy scrambling under pretentious promises for the little that is left of Nigeria.

I imagine that brooms and umbrellas are not ranked among great property in human wealth barometer.

Their use as symbols by these Kangaroo political parties signify misery and exploitation of the vulnerable 99% of Nigeria's estimated 180 million population .

What I think should concern NIGERIANS now are not demeaning symbols of Brooms and China made umbrellas but breaking the yoke of Kangaroo politicians and governments around their necks,wrists and ankles.
They are bullied and denied God given freedom of speech in their own country by their own people.

I begin to wonder what sort of joy electing a President,Governor,Legislator and a councilman elucidates today among 99% archived NIGERIANS.

There is visibly nothing to rejoice about the Nigerian political class and their Kangaroo governments.

History acknowledges that today's prosperous nations of Europe, Greater Asia and America once were caged by Kangaroo leaderships but it took the people's resolve to say ENOUGH to set themselves free and reach their dreams.

University education is not cheap anywhere in the world. I can hypothetically figure out that Nigeria has more University educated citizens than most countries in Europe.

I sit up every night in far away America where utilities of life like water and electricity are taking for granted everyday and wonder what still makes the caged in Nigeria hallucinate in inexplicable euphoria on the Kangaroo Political parties and leadership that keep them PAUPERIZED and HUNGRY in a country richly blessed with natural resources.

It is a weird mindset that in Psychiatry will be explained as Dementia.

Tony Ejoifor wrote from Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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