BREAKING: NYC MAYOR DE BLASIO Heads for jail for supplying fake IDS to illegal immigrants

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Is this cop the envy of every NYPD officer?
Here’s a meme I saw on the Internet a few days ago:
Yet, no matter how simple and true the point is about the importance of voter I.D. liberals in America have an obsession with demonizing anyone who tries to promote voter I.D. policies.
And make no mistake: this is an almost exclusively American problem. As John Fund explains at The National Review, virtually all other modern nations, and a vast majority of everyday Americans, are in favor of voter I.D. regulations.
Polls have shown that voter-ID laws and similar measures enjoy great popular support all over the world. In the U.S., … support crossed all demographic lines — 66 percent of independents, 60 percent of Democrats, 65 percent of African Americans, and 64 percent of Hispanics. … “I think that party leaders have tried to make this a Republican versus Democrat issue,” former Democratic state representative Jon Brien, who shepherded Rhode Island’s 2011 voter-ID law through a Democratic legislature, told the Pew Center’s Stateline news service. “It’s not. It’s simply a good-government issue.”
Think about it: a meddling woman like Jill Stein is suing for recounts in three states that Trump won just so we can confirm the “integrity” of our voting system; yet she vehemently rejects voter I.D. requirements as racist, elitist, classist, etc. It makes no sense, which is why liberals politicians have to keep it out of the public eye.


Alan Schulkin, Commissioner of Board of Elections in New York and lifelong Democrat, finally got disgusted by the rampant voter fraud he witnessed under Mayor Bill de Blasio. He resigned from the Board of Elections after this footage was posted online.
Eventually, though, the truth will out, and now De Blasio is feeling the heat for his hypocritical and massively illegal I.D. policies in New York City.
According to, “since 2007, various States and municipalities have been issuing identification cards and driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. New York City has been doing so since 2015.”
I think the only reason NYC was so late to the game on this is because it’s usually under greater scrutiny. That, or they already had successful traditions of ‘managing’ illegal aliens (i.e., exploiting them for votes) which didn’t require I.D. After all, isn’t requiring I.D. “racist”?!
At some point, though, I.D. documents seemed like a good idea to issue “to aid and abet illegal aliens to remain in the United States,” VDare writes. The problem is that issuing I.D. to harbor illegal aliens “is a violation of Title 8 of the United States Code, Section 1324.” As a result, New York City and the elected officials, officers, and employees who administer that program–including Mayor De Blasio!–are “individually criminally liable for each and every ID card issued to an illegal alien.”
Now that their bet on Hillary’s victory has gone up in smoke, these crafty New Yorkers are trying to send the I.D.’s up in smoke, too. But this is just to open another can of worms.
As the VDare writer explains, “New York City does not have a policy of quickly destroying records in any other agency or department”. So they’re not even allowed to do this according to their own state laws.

Worse yet, if they do proceed with destroying the illegal alien I.D.’s, it is further illegal to destroy records “to prevent those records from being obtained in an investigation by the Federal government.” (Unless your name is Hillary Clinton, that is.)  Any destruction of those records held by New York City will constitute separate criminal offenses (including violation of Title 18 USC 1519, Destruction of Evidence, 18 USC 1510, Obstruction of Criminal Investigators, 18 USC 1505, Obstruction of Federal Proceedings, and 18 USC 1512, Tampering).

Let’s take stock: not only is De Blasio and much of the New York political establishment guilty of potentially thousands of felony counts for issuing these I.D.’s, but they will be guilty of thousands more if they destroy them! A classic catch-22.

Not surprisingly, the NYC City Council member who wrote the illegal I.D. law, Carlos Menchaca, has admitted that the law was written to allow for the destruction of the I.D.s (even though allowing that is illegal). “Protecting it from a possible Republican president was just one of the reasons” for the provision to destroy the I.D.’s, Menchaca said.

This is a devastating admission by Menchaca [email him], because it provides evidence of intent in any investigation. The new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, “now has all the evidence he needs to charge NYC and its employees with multiple violations of Federal law.”

Sessions Has Voiced Displeasure With the FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton

As a result, if Mayor Bill De Blasio “thought he had problems with the Trump Administration, those problems just got worse.” Leaving aside any other legal infractions he might be guilty of, this illegal I.D. scam is enough to make De Blasio “the first person subject to arrest and prosecution for destruction of evidence, not to mention the harboring of illegal aliens.”

At this point, the ball is in Trump’s court. Once Trump is in office, he and Sessions will be playing legal “doubles tennis” against NYC and De Blasio, who have laid down a challenge to the incoming President and Attorney General. Is it any wonder why Trump is moving his “HQ” to New York instead of D.C.? He wants to clean house in his own neighborhood first, then “deal from strength” on his home turf to do the same to D.C.

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