Breaking! 150,000 Muslims storm capital, US Embassy forced into Code Red!

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22,000 police officers were deployed in Jakarta, Indonesia to control a massive swell of protesters. 150,000 Muslims went to the streets to demand the arrest of the city’s Christian mayor
Modern Islam is seeped in violence. Radicals are surging to power within the faith. 150,000 enraged Muslims poured into the streets of Jakarta in a defiant protest of Christianity. The US embassy shuttered its consulate services in response, urging Americans to stay inside and stay safe.
Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim majority country. President Obama’s administration has fawned over the country for years, loudly declaring it to be a beacon of Muslim civil rights. Obama himself spent several years in the country as a child.
“Much of the world could learn a great deal from your tradition of religious tolerance and pluralism, which is so clearly embedded in the DNA of Indonesian people,” Secretary of State John Kerry said during a visit to Indonesia almost three years ago.
The positive rhetoric completely disregards the restrictive, conservative interpretation of Islam that’s foisted onto the Indonesian populace. It is not a free, Western-style democracy. Radical Islam tinges every law.
150,000 enraged Muslims took to the streets in Jakarta to protest the city’s Christian mayor. Rule by the infidel is prohibited in conservative Islamic culture
Protests have been roiling Indonesia for weeks. Muslim activists are attacking Christians and others for insulting Islam. The government has been working to appease the protesters. Last week the Attorney General’s office announced that Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama will be forced to stand trial. His crime? Blasphemy.
Anyone who claims that the Qur’an doesn’t incite believers to violence hasn’t truly read it. Islam was birthed by a desert warrior culture. Devout Muslims are instructed to protect the tribe by eradicating the infidel.
Sura 5:51 reads “O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies.” The incendiary words were discussed by the Christian governor during a recent speech. He urged his supporters to free themselves from any guilt they might have for voting for the “infidel.” He said that those who taught the sura were misinformed as to it’s real meaning.
And that was his crime. Nearly 200,000 Muslims flooded the streets of Jakarta, outraged at the governors words. Blasphemy! they shrieked. Islam is so unsure of itself that believers squash even mild opposition.
Liars manipulated Basuki’s speech. They claimed that he attacked the sura itself, and not its teachers. Police admitted to deliberately hacking at a video of the governor to make it appear that he was criticizing Islam.
“Progressive” Indonesians protesting Jakarta’s Christian governor and western influence. President Obama has repeatedly lauded the country’s “democratic” ideals
The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) charged forward as the most indefatigable of Basuki’s accusers. The radical fringe group is known for their destructive power. They’ve forced churches to close and denigrated Christian signs of faith. They conduct raids on gambling outlets. They harass liquer shops.
FPI is also infamous for their threats against America. During the Iraq war the group recruited scores of soldiers to fight against American troops.
FPI has a lot of political influence for a group comprised of crazed Islamists. They’ve thrown their full weight behind the struggle to divest Basuki, and all other Christians, of their power.
The leaders of Indonesia’s main body of Islamic scholars, the Indonesian Ulema Council, also decided that Basuki’s mild comments represented a grave and serious threat to Islam. The “learned” men issued a statement that the governor had “insulted the Qur’an, ulemas, and Muslims.”
This is what the Qur’an teaches its adherents. Pious Muslims do not have the same urge for tolerance and peaceful co-existence that starry-eyed liberals in the West have. Muslims are explicitly commanded to spread the message of Islam so all heads are bowed to Allah.
The governor faces multiple charges. In addition to blasphemy, he’s being tried for spreading hatred or contempt at at a population group. Conviction carries a whopping five years in prison. A popular, successful politician might be imprisoned for speaking reasonably about Islam.
22,000 police officers were deployed to control the enormous crowds of protesters. 150,000 people gathering in one spot to express their anger is inherently dangerous. Last week someone was killed in the clash.
The US embassy described the upheaval as a “large-scale mass prayer gathering” best avoided by Americans.
“Even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence,” the embassy stated in an advisory, continuing “extremist groups could also take advantage of the event to incite or carry out violence.”
Once again Obama’s administration refuses to denounce radical Islam. An innocent Christian man’s life is being ripped to shreds by Islamist claws.
Rafendi Djamin, Amnesty International’s director for Southeast Asia and the Pacific, said “Indonesia prides itself on its image as a tolerant country. This case would set a deeply worrying precedent, making it hard for the authorities to argue that they respect all faiths.”
Extreme, conservative Islam does not allow much room for other faiths. It can’t, the Qur’an is a political document as much as a religious text. There is no separation of church and state in Islam. The very concept is nonsensical for devout followers.
Is this what we want in our own country? Obama’s pro-Islam views have allowed thousands of unvetted, possible extremists to seek asylum in America. President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to change this. Let’s hope he’s not too late.


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