WATCH: Video footage shows Clinton bribed State Department to block FBI investigation

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We all knew the system was rigged, bought, crooked, and corrupt–Clintonized, in other words–but sometimes getting more proof of that fact hits you just as hard as the first time you “took the red pill.” Sorry, but, Uncle Sam is not your best buddy and not always looking out for you, the little guy.
As he’s been doing for weeks, James O’Keefe, with the Project Veritas Action (PVA) investigative journalism group, has just released undercover footage that proves how far the government is willing to go to protect the Queen of Corruption herself, Hillary “Rigging” Clinton.
Before we get into O’Keefe’s video, though, let me tell you something interesting that happened to me last night:
A Martian landed in my backyard.
And he said he’d had enough.
“Elliot,” he told me telepathically while I slept, “you humans are a strange bunch.”
“True,” I nodded in my sleep.
“But based on what I’ve been observing for the last few years,” he thought, “I’m afraid you Americans are the looniest bunch right now.”
“Why?” I thought back.
“Just look at your government, your–how do you call it? Ah, yes, your ‘Alphabet Soup’,” he recalled.
“Yes?” I wondered.
“Let’s start with ‘the FBI’. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it meant the Faking Bureau of Investigation! And the DOJ? More like the Department of Just-Kidding. And then there’s the CIA, or the Clinton Insurance Agency. Hello? Earth to Americans! I can’t just sit idly by and say nothing about it, so why do you!?”
And then I woke up.


As this year has taught us, sometimes it takes an outsider to makes things right on the inside. Donald Trump, a political outsider, has revitalized American patriotism and unity. Julian Assange, a cyber-intelligence outside, has forced the U.S. government to be transparent for once in our lives. And James O’Keefe, a journalistic outsider who is constantly attacked and lied about by the professional media elites, has “redpilled” millions of truthseekers by exposing how the Democrats have gleefully incited false-flag violence, funded and mobilized illegal voters and ballot destruction, taken illegal foreign donations, told union bosses to lie about candidates, and demonized minorities who dare step off the Democratic plantation.
In his latest report, O’Keefe joined forces with Lee Stranahan, lead investigative reporter at Breitbart News. Now that the FBI has reopened its investigation into Hillary’s criminal negligence as Secretary of State. The very fact that the FBI felt compelled to reopen the investigation suggests that the original investigation was inadequate.

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