Harmful Effects Of Masturbation On Your Health - Check Now

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Masturbation if done 1-2 times a week is good for health as it releases stress blocking hormones but if done more times like 5-6 times a week is not good.It will impact your health daily if this practice is over done.

Some harmful effects are as follows if it is overdone -

1. When we do it , it depletes our nutrients like proteins, zinc, calcium that will lead to weakness and weak immune system.

2. It increases tiredness due to deficiency of mineral & vitamins.

3. It will destruct your important time.

4. You will loose interest in girls and other activities as you feel satisfied by doing it.

5. It increases hair thinning and hair loss due to formation of DHT hormone in high quantity.

We advice you to not over do it . 2-3 times a week is good & 1-2 times a week - you are in safe zone.

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