Facts emerge why Buhari's plan to stay beyond 2019 will now fail

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PARIS, NOVEMBER 9, 2016: (DGW) Many incontrovertible facts have emerged why Buhari's plan to stay beyond 2019 may be on its way to hitting the brick wall, sources close to the Presidency disclosed to DailyGlobeWatch on Wednesday in Abuja, Nigeria.

Reacting to the PDP-turned APC chieftain and northern fiery critic, Prof. Ango Abdullahi, that Nigeria's governing party, the All Progressives Congress, never won the 2015 presidential election in the north which was published in an interview with the DAILY SUN on , our source said that Buhari's plan to stay on beyond 2019 will eventually collapse like a pack of cards and any insistence via ill-conceived plan to manipulate the 2019 presidential poll in connivance with Nigeria's electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC) will be greeted with a stiff resistance and eventually precipitate a political crisis in Nigeria.

Buhari staying beyond 2019 would have been possible if the Democrats had  won which he earnestly prayed for  but that dream was shattered following Trump's electoral victory. With INEC at his beck and call, the order would have been given,  against the wishes of Nigerians who are suffering from the failed policies of his administration,  to declare him the winner of 2019 polls.

Buhari, he said , was foisted on Nigerians by the Obama-led administration when he tacitly agreed with Obama on the 'gay deal' and this President-elect Donald Trump gravely frowns upon.

The Arab-Nigeria deal to frustrate Donald Trump presidency is another reason why America would have to review its relations with Nigeria.

Donald Trump has also been quoted as saying that his presidency will revisit all political questions in Africa including the Biafran question and this is where the  Buhari-led administration will eventually clash with Donald Trump for the latter's refusal to release prisoners of conscience in spite of repeated court orders by courts of competent jurisdiction in the country.

The Edo State Governorship election which is believed by International observers - EU and the US -  to have been rigged by INEC is another area where a conflict is likely under the existing circumstances should he makes any attempt to manipulate 2019 presidential poll results, our source disclosed.

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