Breaking News: University deserted after President announces closure, foreign students stranded

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Students have been packing up and leaving their halls of residence at the main campus after the president ordered its closure in the wake of lecturers' strike.

One of the students of Makerere University ,  Uganda told me the lecturers were justified in going on strike as they had waited eight months for their pay, but he thinks the decision to close the university was harsh. 

Some say they come from far outside the capital, Kampala, and it’s difficult for them to go home so abruptly. 
Others are disappointed that they're losing studying time so soon into the academic year, which started in August. 

They say they’ve already lost a month as it was non-teaching staff who were striking before the lecturers.   

The main building of the campus, also known as "the Ivory Tower" is now almost deserted

Foreign students studying at Uganda's Makerere University's main campus in the capital, Kampala, have been left stranded after the university closed following a government order.

Students at the University of MakerereStudents at the University of MakerereThe Ivory Tower is the main building at Makerere UniversityThe Ivory Tower is the main building at Makerere UniversityThe Ivory Tower is the main building at Makerere UniversityGabriel Deng, 23, from South Sudan is one of thousands of foreign students at the university. He's a first-year student studying veterinary medicine.   

He comes from Bor in Jonglei State, north of South Sudan's capital, Juba.

He stays in a private hostel near the university which has also been directed to close because the police say the presence of students there is a security threat .  - BBC

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