Breaking: Again, another NOLLYWOOD actress dies (See photo)

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PARIS, NOVEMBER 16, 2016: (DGW) ANOTHER Nollywood actress, Ansa Bassey Kpokpogri has passed away. She reportedly died from complications linked to peptic ulcer, DailyGlobeWatch has reliably gathered.

The death of Ansa was disclosed by filmmaker Uduak Isong Oguamanam, younger sister of Emem Isong while paying glowing tribute in her Facebook  describing  as a friend, partner, and colleague;


“Grief. It makes you remember things. Minute details, like the sound of their feet, the colour of their hair and the sweet smell of their body spray. It makes you regret. The holidays you never took, the movies you never watched together, the visits you kept planning to but never made.It reminds you.


''Of your own mortality. You wonder if there’s a row call and what your number is on the list. Death doesn’t warn you. One moment you’re laughing with a loved one, your head thrown back, with wanton abandon, the next your eyes are bloodshot from weeping for a loss so deep no one can understand.

I’ll never understand, never come to terms with your death. You were many things to me; Friend. Sister. Business partner. Supporter. Colleague. My life was better because you were in it. Sleep well my beautiful ,adorable ,amazing Ansa. Till we meet again to part no more”



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