Tinubu's falls for Buhari-Aisha tricks as Buhari hold talks with Tinubu top aides, set to pacify him with ministerial slots

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PARIS, OCTOBER 23, 2016: (DGW) The National Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress has doubtless fallen for the political gimmick employed by President Muhammadu Buhari to woo him in order to get his support ahead of 2019 presidential elections.

Recall DailyGlobeWatch had earlier published a story on October 18, 2016  headlined 'JUST IN: Shock as an aggrieved Nigerian reacts, attacks, exposes Buhari in France Buhari before the Int.Community'' 'following an interview conducted in Paris, France where the interviewee, a renowned scholar, social critic and public commentator on national and global issues, Iyoha John Darlington ,  dismissed  the feigned outbursts between Buhari and his wife as a political gimmick to end the feud between him and Tinubu to enable him get his support and backing ahead of 2019 presidential election.

That , he said , was why the couple decided to employ bedroom tricks to fool Nigerians particularly Bola Ahmed Tinubu when she said those who worked for his husband's victory have been shut out of her husband led  government adding that her husband Muhammadu Buhari barely knows those in his cabinet.

However, reports reaching our Paris newsroom say the move to broker peace as our interviewee rightly said has commenced as President Buhari on return from Germany called the former National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Bisi Akande  and Governor Aregbesola of Osun State to broker peace between him and Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Buhari , our source, revealed had before now become jittery over rumour making the rounds that Tinubu's aides have decided to dump the APC to resurrect Alliance for Democracy in order to maintain his stronghold on the southwest.

This rumour was reinforced when Tinubu was also said to be backing Oke who defected to Alliance for Democracy from the All Progressives Congress  since his preferred candidate  was edged out of the recent Ondo gubernatorial primaries , a move which did not go down well Tinubu. This , our source , revealed informed his interest and desire to back Oke who Tinubu had reportedly doled out huge sums of money to running into several billions of naira to see him to victory in the forthcoming Ondo State governorship election.

Buhari's fear that he may not be able to stay beyond 2019 if he loses Tinubu's support who he believes maintains a stronghold on the southwest decided to call a meeting with Tinubu top aides and loyalists with a making peace with him for support ahead of 2019 presidential election.

Grievances tendered on behalf Tinubu  by the two men namely Bisi Akande and Aregbesola ranged from sidelining Tinubu immediately after the 2015 general election in which Tinubu's invaluable efforts saw his emergence as the president to the recent alleged plot against the emergence of Abraham Oke , his preferred candidate to fly the party's flag in the forthcoming Ondo State governorship election.

Tinubu had chastised Odigie Oyegun for being behind the plot against his preferred candidate which saw the trading of words between the two party leaders. Our source also said that Tinubu had vowed that he will do everything within his powers to ensure that APC loses the forthcoming election in Ondo State. 

This coupled with Buhari's 2019 re-election bid informed him to employ the gimmick with his wife in order to reach out to  Tinubu with a view to ending the cold war  for his support.

Our source further revealed that Tinubu's men are likely to fill  Buhari's cabinet in the impending  cabinet shakeup as one of the conditions given him  by the du of Bisi Akande and Gov Aregbesola of Osun State.


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