Edo Decides 2016: The day the broom failed

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It is a common knowledge that name in the life of man has a great importance and significance - and maybe shapes the existence of man on earth. 

Some traditions believe that name-giving is divine and any attempt to fail in giving a befitting name to a child has fatal consequences. 

This also applies to the bible, upon baptism a person's name is changed for good and on several occasions in the bible, names were changed either to fit the responsibility the person is assigned or the circumstances surrounding the purpose of the name change.  So it is with other religion on earth.  

Those with traditional inclination also agree to the importance of name-giving and the royal family is not exempted as the Oba gets a new name prior to his ascension to the throne.  The socio-cultural and sentimental attachment to name cannot be over emphasized in the journey of man on earth. 

Let me narrow my narration to logos, symbols or slogans that represent the image of companies, associations, political parties, schools etc. No wonder logos or symbols  are patented and there are experts in this area that suggest to corporate bodies how their logos should look like so that it can reflect the   Interest, purpose and what they represent. 

For example, anybody that sees the five interlocking rings knows that it represents sports or Olympic Games, so it is with coca-cola, Adidas and many more even without names, people easily identify the product, company, group or association.  

The registered political parties in Nigeria have their identifications and they jealously guide and respect symbols that reflect their personality.  The All Progressives Congress has the "broom" as their identity and wherever they go, they brandish their brooms as a sign of allegiance. 

The People's Democratic Party has "umbrella" as their symbol and identity,  and when asked,  they can at all times explain the emergence of the umbrella as their identity and what it means.  And so it is with all other political parties. 

But what prompted this write-up was borne out of the picture I saw on one social media.  The APC candidate, Mr. Godwin Obaseki and other members of his party or supporters were seriously drenched as a result of the downpour of rain. And what came to my mind was why did any of his supporters fail to help him with an umbrella, because such gesture is common to personalities of his kind.
On second thoughts I concluded that it will be an egregious error if an umbrella is put over his head because by inference it will amount to representing the PDP.  But, the question is; why did the party not take the broom symbol into consideration when they agreed to use it as their identity and symbol?  Knowing full well that campaigns are done publicly and even during the raining season. 

This brings to mind the need to have the presence of mind in taking some decisions so that in the long run it will not have any adverse consequences. 

Mr. Godwin Obaseki allowed himself to be drenched  all in an attempt  to show to the people that he is "down to earth" by feigning "holier than thou" attitude. 

Nevertheless, those with discerning minds knows that the reason behind his action was to completely avoid the use of umbrella that represents his opponent from the PDP irrespective of the fact that those on board with him were oblivious of his ulterior motive  - and they suffered  for pride sake. 
Iredia Osakue, JP , Founder, Edo State Patriots, Italy Chapter,  a political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues  wrote from Benin City, Nigeria.

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