Buhari’s Presidency: Obasanjo Surprises Everyone, Makes Major U-Turn

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Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has said that he is afraid to criticize the performance of President Muhammadu Buhari, adding that the administration was on the right track, though more work needed to be done on the economy.

Obasanjo, who was answering questions from Journalists in Jalingo, Taraba State, on Friday, August 19, said he was aware of what Buhari was doing and therefore, satisfied with his performance.

“I know what Buhari is capable of doing, and l also know what he is not capable of doing,” he declared.

Obasanjo, also denied media reports that he expressed disappointment over the performance of Buhari, stating that:
“Whoever reported that I was disappointed with the administration of President Buhari is a murderer”.

He also expressed satisfaction over the commitment being shown by the present administration towards executing the Mambilla Hydro Power Project.

The former President said, the Mambilla Power Project was very vital to the nation’s quest for economic transformation, urging President Buhari to ensure its actualization.

Obasanjo, further stated that he did his best to ensure the take-off of the project, lamenting that his successors did not accord the project serious attention.

“The Mambilla Hydro Power Project is capable of generating 50 percent of electricity need of the country, therefore, there is the need to do,” the former President stated.

When asked to comment on the on-going crisis in his former party, the PDP, Obasanjo simply said, “in the part of the country where I come from, there is a saying that you cannot say ‘good night’ and come to say ‘good evening’ in the same place.

“So for me, it is good night for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and that’s all,” he said.

Recall, that Obasanjo, who was one time Chairman, Board of Trustees, BoT, of the party, had torn his membership certificate before the 2015 elections, denouncing the party in its entirety.

Meanwhile, Obasanjo has said that the country has no option than to shift emphasis on agriculture, as a panacea for the unreliable oil based revenue.

He stressed that with current economic realities which came as a result of fallen oil price, emphasis should be shifted to the agricultural sector as the only solution to the problem.

Obasanjo, also maintained that all Nigerians must put hands on deck to develop an agriculturally based economy for Nigeria.

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