Senator Ali Ndume speaks again, read what he says about Nigeria

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PARIS, JULY 30, 2016: (DGW) NIGERIA  is at war with hunger poverty, and malnutrition following Boko Haram reign of terror in the country's north-east, Senator Ali Ndume has declared.

He made this disclosure while answering questions from State House correspondents in Abuja.

Senator Ndume sent an SOS message to well-meaning individuals, agencies, non-governmental organizations and the international community to help address the hunger crisis in the north east.

He commended the efforts of the Federal Government so far for tackling the crisis and asked other stakeholders to complement government's efforts.

“The fight against Boko Haram, with the determination and seriousness from this government, is almost over.

“We are facing another war and that is fight against hunger, malnutrition and poverty, and that too, government is bracing up to it.

“We are crying out, we are looking up to you to help us in the North East particularly.

“Particularly in Borno, the aftermath of the insurgency, which is almost over, is the issue of hunger, poverty and malnutrition.

“For three years our people who mostly depended on subsistence farming, did not go to their farms, and government alone cannot feed the whole North East or Borno state alone, and that is our greatest challenge.

“We are calling on all non-governmental agencies, individuals, all Nigerians and even the international community to join hands in helping our people no matter how little it is.’’

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