Breaking News: Nigeria's foreign reserves spirals down to $26.33 billion

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PARIS, JULY 1, 2016:Nigeria's external reserves have dropped abysmally to $26.33 billion as of June 29, 2016, Central Bank of Nigeria official figures show on Thursday.

DailyGlobeWatch can authoritatively reveal that between May 24 and 27,2016, Nigeria's foreign reserves stood at $26.6 billion
While between May 31 and June 7, the external reserves stood at  $26.3bn  and rose again to the $26.4bn mark on June 8, a level it maintained till June 24. On June 27, it fell back to $26.36bn.

Within six calendar months alone, over $2 billion has disappeared without any trace from Nigeria's external reserves

Confirming these figures further, the Minister of Budget and National Planning Senator Udo Udoma said on March 23, that Nigeria's foreign  reserves reduced by a whopping $6.7 billion within a period of 21 calendar months.

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