Is God Kenyan? Woman trapped in rubble found alive after 6 days!

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PARIS, MAY 5, 2016: (DGW) - SIX  days after being trapped in the  rubble of a collapsed building in Kenya , military engineers broke through slabs of concrete on Thursday and found a woman alive, local media have reported.

This attracted a crowd which was thrown into celebration. After the rescue operation, she was carried away on a stretcher in a blanket with a life support oxygen tank by her into a Red Cross ambulance.

Said Abbas Gullet  one of the  Red Cross officials who put the death toll at 36 with 70 still missing, 'the woman was given oxygen while she was trapped in a small corner of her room; we are very happy that even after six days someone has been found alive''.

Corroborating this story, the head of the Kenyan Disaster Management Unit Pius Massai said, ''her survival is a miracle''.

On inquiry, as to what led to the collapse of the building, the Kenyan Disaster Management Unit blamed the incident on the criminal activities of unscrupulous developers who bypass regulations in order to cut costs and maximize profits.


Meanwhile, the owners of the collapsed  building who were arrested after the incident have been released on bail and would soon be arraigned in court, DailyGlobeWatch reliably gathered.




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