$16million Scandal: Plot to impeach President Zuma thickens as a motion begins on Tuesday

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PARIS, APRIL 3, 2016: (DGW) PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma of South Africa faces  trying times as plots by the opposition to impeach him thicken. The country's parliament will debate on Tuesday after a South African court ruling on the president unauthorized spending - a  violation of the constitution -  $16 million to renovate his private residence, Speaker Baleka told news reporters.

The embattled South African leader has faced severe criticisms from opposition party leaders who are calling on him to step down following the indictment by the country's apex court.

 Democratic Alliance (DA) the country's leading opposition through its leader Maimane has tabled the motion to have Zuma impeached and the  debate on that motion has been scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, DailyGlobeWatch reliably gathered.

This motion, political analysts say will result in a ding-dong battle as African National Congress members are in the majority in the parliament who are likely to frustrate the opposition in a bid to impeach him.

This is unarguably the biggest scandal to hit a sitting South African president since the return to multiracial rule in the former apartheid enclave.

 President Zuma is said to have apologized to South Africans in a nation-wide televised address promising to pay back the money as ordered by the court, a plea which the opposition has vowed to use against him as the debate on the motion commences on Tuesday.

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