OMG, £1 is now N505 and $1 is N385. Will Nigeria not become the new Zimbabwe?

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By Okunsokan Olabunmi

Chai! Una don enter am no be joke...
Seriously, someone needs to slap that old man to reality. We are going down too fast.
By next month, March, Nigerian government won't be able to pay workers salary anymore. Our foreign reserves is getting depleted everyday but Nigerians are not being told anything.

After Buhari gave the state's over 600billion to pay their outstanding salary arrears, he also gave them chance to borrow over N400billion to augment their other financial obligations.
My fellow Nigerians, more that 30 state governors have submitted proposals for another loan of hundreds of billions of Naira from Buhari and the CBN. They want him to withdraw more billions of dollars from our foreign reserve the past government left. I heard Buhari told them to go and present their case to Nigerians before he can do anything.
Despite giving the states over N1trillion as a life-saving gesture; the states like Osun and Imo are still owing their workers months of unpaid salaries.
More workers are been laid off by these criminals in government houses across Nigeria because of their insatiable greed that our money seems unable to quench!
They got billions in loans from banks, abroad, gets regular federal allocation, subventions from foreign donors, they even generate billions of Naira in tax; but still prefers to just make life more difficult for an ordinary man.
If Naira should become N1000 to a dollar, someone should endeavor to put Nigeria on the eBay for a buyer. A better manager needs to come on board.
This is not the change you voted for!

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