Indian all-woman UN peacekeepers to depart Liberia in February

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JANUARY 28, 2016: (DGW) The Indian contingent of  all-woman UN peacekeepers deployed to the war-torn West African nation of Liberia has prepared to depart the country next month, DailyGlobeWatch can authoritatively reveal.

The Indian contingent, sources told our reporter in Monrovia,  has been in the country on a tour of duty for the past nine years and in fact the first ever all-woman police unit in  UN peace-keeping history.

In a valedictory ceremony held on Tuesday, President Ellen Johnson thanked the Indian women peacekeepers for their invaluable contribution in inspiring Liberian women since their arrival in the country since 2007.

Her words:''The contribution you have made in inspiring Liberian women, imparting in them the spirit of professionalism and encouraging them to join operations that protect the nation; for that we will always be grateful. Our security service now has 17 per cent women – we owe all that to you because it was not even one percent a few years ago. And these women want to emulate you in the way you’ve served this country.

Also speaking at the ceremony organized to honour the departing contingent, Banki Moon UN Secretary General represented by Farid Zarif commended the all-woman police unit for the legacy of dedicated service it gave the Liberia National Police and indeed the Liberian people.

Said Zarif, “You should be proud that by your presence, you have made a tremendous contribution to bringing greater stability, confidence and assisting in the strengthening of the capacities of the Liberia National Police.

Continuing the Liberian President Ellen Johnson said, “If I had my will, I would have recommended for another unit of the United Nations Mission in Liberia to leave so that the Indian Formed Police Unit would continue its stay in the country for the time being.



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