Ibafon Market traders in Apapa, Lagos decry incessant police harassment, detention and extortion

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PARIS, JANUARY 22, 2016: (DGW) - All is not well with traders who have barely enough to eat to keep the body and soul together as men of the Nigeria Police unleash fury on traders and their customers alike at Ibafon Main Market in Olodi Apapa area of Nigeria's commercial capital of Lagos.

Reports reaching our Paris newsroom have it that policemen from the Lagos State Police Command often invade the market and swoop on victims who they haul away to the  police station in the city for illegal detention, extortion and harassment. This incident our reporter said informed the traders' desire to storm the corporate headquarters of Vanguard Media Ltd. on a delegation as the infamous raids continue to rear its ugly head on the ascending order of magnitude.

One of the traders who spoke to our reporter on the condition of anonymity said that the anti-vice crack squad who storm the market on regular basis often make indiscriminate arrests, haul their victims away mostly traders, have them detained and ask for huge sum of money up to the tune of half a million Naira about (1,650 euros)  before releasing them on bail for crimes of varying degree that were never committed.

Speaking further, he said the policemen who often indulge in this wicked act are mostly policemen from  Trinity, Panti and other  Area Commands. Patronage from customers, he said,  suffers a  decline as they are scared to visit the market for fear of being harassed, arrested and extorted for non-existent crimes by the invading  policemen in the market.

He, therefore, pleaded with the state Governor and  Lagos State Police Commissioner to  come to their rescue by calling the policemen to order as this frequent harassment, detention and extortion  gravely affect business in the market in this hard times.



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