Female Genital Mutilation: New Law in Gambia prescribes a 3-year jail term

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BANJUL, JANUARY 1, 2016: (DGW)  A bill has been passed into law by the Gambian Parliament outlawing female circumcision otherwise known as Female Genital Mutilation, (FGM).

Violation of the new law attracts a three-year jail term or a fine of fifty thousand US dollars, (50USD). Research conducted in the country showed that over 80% of Gambian women including young girls have suffered genital mutilation which informed President Yahya Jammeh's interest and desire to frown on the practice sometimes last year seeing that it has no place in modern society.

Rights Groups in Gambia, DailyGlobeWatch understands, have campaigned vigorously against the dangerous, anti-social practice which probably led to the speedy passage of the bill in the parliament.

The partial or full removal of the female genitalia, an antiquated tradition has been criminalized by no fewer than 20 countries in Africa and Gambia's proscription of the practice only swells the number.


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