EDITORIAL: Curbing Nigeria's official graft

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PARIS, JANUARY 26, 2016: (DGW) - Nigerians voted to change the erstwhile ruling Peoples' Democratic Party generally believed to be corrupt. All eyes on the continent and beyond were focused on Africa's biggest democracy and most populous nation. The elections the world had thought will precipitate a political crisis in Nigeria and put the country on the brink but the world was proved wrong, thanks to the  statesmanlike game played  by the former leader who cast pride overboard and conceded defeat.

The world had thought Nigeria would disintegrate at the period under review to help the Americans actualize their prediction that Nigeria will break up into fragmentary republics in 2015. As luck would have it, that ill-conceived prediction was neutralized  and the hope that Nigeria will degenerate into another Syria was punched by the wisdom of one man who far from playing the divider played the uniter. 

I think Nigeria's former leader Dr. Goodluck Jonathan deserves a pat on the back for a rare display of diplomacy and  statesmanship by jettisoning the sit-tight syndrome typical of most African leaders.

Today, a new government has been installed in Nigeria with Mr. Muhammadu Buhari as the president. Eight calendar months into the first tenure, the government is busy cleansing the Augean stables left behind by the former ruling party. Many of the party members that served under the former president  have been implicated in high-profile stealing especially the criminal diversion of $2.1 billion arms procurement fund.

While the cleansing continues we do hope that Nigerians stand behind their leader to ensure that every Tom, Dick and Harry that is involved in this criminal diversion is brought to justice and not only that, it  is our fervent hope that the present Nigerian government wield the big stick on every erring Cain without fear or favour, entertain  petitions, carry out exhaustive inquiries, investigations and mete out appropriate punishment on conviction.

While commending the President of Nigeria for this laudable initiative, we advise that this campaign be extended to the past administrations in a bid to genuinely cleanse the rot in the system because the challenges besetting Nigeria today like a series of devastating plague did not start with the immediate past administration alone that is why the war must be extended to the states and local governments if the government of Mr. Buhari is genuinely poised to fight corruption in Nigeria. 

The problems and challenges Nigeria faces today were actually caused years back hence the war, we make bold to say, should be all inclusive as it is done in civilized societies.

Proofs and evidence abound of the missing funds stolen by past civilian and military rulers that were stashed away in foreign bank accounts, some of which have been repatriated. The services of foreign governments and investigators must be retained in this regard and ensure the country's past leaders both civilian and military are investigated and prevailed upon to refund every cent that has been misappropriated under their stewardship or stolen from the government coffers. There should be no sacred cow or favouring party partisans in the ongoing campaign.

Tasking and time consuming  as this may seem but it appears the right thing to do under the existing circumstances to reposition the country on the path of socio-politico development and economic prosperity.


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