Czech Republic shows magnanimity, resettles 153 Iraqi Christians

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PARIS, DECEMBER 14, 2015: Reports reaching our news desk say the Czech Republic has shown its readiness to grant asylum to about 153 Iraqi Christians who run the risk of being hit by some extremist groups in the country, DailyGlobeWatch has been reliably told.

This move is occasioned by the current conflict in the country where a good number of Christians have been killed recently by extremist groups which informed their interest and desire to approach the Czech government for protection. The Iraqis are expected to arrive in the country between January and April, DailyGlobeWatch understands.

Accepting the request, the Czech authorities while extending magnanimity to the group said they will enlist the help of other NGOs and religious organizations in the country to help resettle them in the country and could stay even after the conflict is over. 


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