Prince Audu ressurrects?

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Wonders, they say, will never cease as the Nigerian  confluence city of Lokoja goes agog with curiosity and  wild jubilation as news of the  late Prince Audu Abubakar's sudden resurrection from the dead  like the Christian Jesus Christ filtered in.

This is in the wake of the  arrival of a band of prophets who promised to revive him but fortunately or unfortunately, the mortal remains of the late Audu is still lying lifeless in his country home at Ogbonicha, DailyGlobeWatch can authoritatively reveal.

As of the time of filing this report, his country home was besieged with a swarm of sympathizers and youths who hoped to see the corpse revived at all costs by the prophets who had vowed  to do the miracle. This led to a forced entry where laid the corpse against the family's wish.

All in all, it was to demonstrate their unflinching love and loyalty to the departed Audu.



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