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The Edo indigenes in the Diaspora under the auspices of The Diasporan Movement For The Advancement Of Nigeria (DMAN)  without fear or favour adjure the Party Leadership of PDP and APC in the state to allow a free and fair primaries as the gubernatorial election in the state draws near. Under no circumstances should personal differences be allowed to affect party chances. We deem this call absolutely necessary to pave the way for the emergence of the best candidates.
Sentiments, we dare say, have no role to play here and  must, therefore, be cast overboard. The interest of our great state must be the determinant factor in the choice or selection of our leader to reposition our state in the path of economic development and prosperity. A free and fair primaries, DMAN insists, with all emphasis, will give our people a healthy ground to exercise their choice seeing that  primaries marred by irregularities will leave our great people with no option but a possible Hobson's choice.
Only today November 9, 2015, Benin City residents stormed the major streets in a peaceful protest against the state government sapping and debilitating policies ranging from taxation, poor roads some of which are gradually falling into disuse. Arbitrary hike in school fees also featured in their grievances.

                     Comrade Bruce Okuoimose Idahosa, President, DMAN.
The state governor alleged dictatorial tendencies was another contentious issue during the peaceful demonstration. My dear people of Edo State, it  has indeed become our bounden duty to widen the scope in our search for replacement under the platforms of the three major political parties in the state  that will be ready to deliver the goods  when given the tools.  This is where DMAN irrevocably stand. DMAN, I repeat here, is non-partisan.
The people have the power to say who rules over them and it is on this basis that DMAN under my able leadership has resolved to send this message to the major contenders to set every machinery in motion to allow the best candidate to emerge during the primaries who are well disposed towards the wishes  and aspirations of the people.
The growing sophistication of electoral fraud and manipulation in Nigeria has been a cause for concern and DMAN condemns this in its entirety and warns that it will not accept any electoral process marred by irregularities in forthcoming gubernatorial primaries in the state.
In the light of the above we call for appropriate and well-enforced election laws and regulations to ensure transparency during and after the primaries. DMAN further frowns on any likely electoral fraud and manipulation ranging from disrupted campaigns to altered voter-registration lists further aimed at subverting the  electoral process.
Party leaders are hereby enjoined to ensure a level playing field for the best candidates to emerge during the forthcoming primaries in the hope of fielding the best aspirant in the long run.


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