Port Harcourt engulfed in pro-Biafran protest, soldier shot dead unarmed supporter

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Happening Now!!! Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital is engulfed in wild protest as pro-Biafran agitators march through major streets in the state capital. What appeared to be a peaceful protest has just been marred by an armed soldier that shot dead one of the unarmed demonstrators.

DailyGlobeWatch could not get the army spokesperson to comment on the incident at the time of filing this report. However, this has sparked off a wild outrage by the supporters and vowed to continue the protest.

This attack on defenceless civilians carrying out a peaceful protest especially the death of this supporter seems to have worsened the obviously sad situation which is drawing the attention of the world press.

See pix below: 

                            Mortal remains of the unarmed supporter!


Image result for images of   pro-biafran protest in Port Harcourt today




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