Nigeria remains one and indivisible - President Buhari

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President Buhari today while launching the Armed Forces Remembrance Day Emblem and Appeal Fund said Nigeria remains one, indivisibly united despite the agitation for secession sweeping across some parts of the country.
Nigerians, he pointed out, since 55 years of Independence have shown their readiness to remain one, indivisible entity in spite of the civil war that nearly broke up the country.
Speaking further, the President said that “Our nation has recently celebrated 55 years of political independence and continues to remain as one indivisible entity despite several grievous challenges. Since independence, Nigeria has witnessed a lot of internal strife, survived a civil war and has remained united. This feat achieved by the country is an eloquent testimony to the determination of our citizens to remain as one people.”
He concluded by saying that the sacrifices made by the nation's fallen heroes who fought to keep the country one will never be in vain.

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