Drug Trafficking: Nigerian pastor Chukudi Okechukwu jailed for 30 years in Tanzania

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A Nigerian pastor by name Chukwudi Okechukwu is to spend 30 years in Tanzanian prison after  he was convicted of trafficking in hard drugs, DailyGlobeWatch has learnt.

Pastor Okechukwu Chukwudi was jailed along with two other men namely Stan Hycent, South African and Shoiab Mohammad, Pakistani. Luck ran out of them when police rounded up the trio after a tip-off  in a house at Kuduchi Mtontgani,  Dar es Salam suburb.

The judge while handing the sentence ordered the accused to pay Sh9 billion in fines. According to Dar es Salam police records, Mr Okechukwu has been part of the criminal underworld smuggling hard drugs from Nigeria to Tanzania and on to South Africa.

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