Buhari criticized for refusal to shake hands with female ministers

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NECC boss Mrs Nkechi Ali-Balogun the Chief Executive Officer of a public relations firm has criticized President Buhari's refusal to shake hands with the female ministers after swearing them in, Vanguard has reported.

Nkechi while frowning on this unfortunate  incident said : “It is unethical in  public relations because it portrayed the female ministers as inferior in eyes of the general public. If Hillary Clinton  (US presidential hopeful and former Secretary of State) is to visit Nigeria today, will our President refuse to shake hands with her in the name of religion?

“ If you are working for the President, you must be able to advise him in such a way that he will know that your advice  is due to the office you holding which you must do with boldness in such a way that the President will earn the respect of the public'', she added

She however advised that ''An  expert in public relations should have told him that it is unethical even before the congratulatory hand shake which he gave to the male ministers. A public relations person must not be scared to tell him what will boost the President image and acceptability to the public”.

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