TheList: Femi Kuti Slams PMB Over 'Questionable' Nominees

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First son of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, late afrobeat legend, Femi Kuti has blasted President Muhammadu Buhari over the ministerial nominees presented to the National Assembly, stating that he has deceived Nigerians.

The Nigerian music maestro, who was speaking with journalists today at the Afrika Shrine in Ikeja, the Lagos state capital during the annual Felabration ceremony, questioned the credibility of the list submitted to the National Assembly by the Nigerian president, noting that the portfolios of each of the nominees was not stated.

He insisted that the president was not prepared as at the time he put the list forward, and Nigerians have just accepted him the way he has presented himself.

“Former governor Fashola, you are here and we are screening you as what? Health? Or agriculture? 

“The president should not have put that list forward, he was not prepared, that’s what I see. And everyone has just accepted it like that. Our rights are being abused, because if we knew our rights, people would be saying ‘No, we won’t accept it’.

“This government won the last election because Nigerians were fed up with the corruption of the last government,” Femi ranted.

In an emotion-laden tone, the musician who has been nominated for Grammy awards in the past, stated that former president, Goodluck Jonathan is not the most corrupt Nigerian leader.

He noted that former president, Olusegun Obasanjo is seen everywhere these days, hugging the Nigerian president, as if he was not corrupt in the eight years he spent in government.

“This government promised us that they will fix everything but they got into government and are now asking us to slow down, let us be patient, we need to take our time now.

Femi Kuti speaking with journalists during this year’s Felabration ceremony in Ikeja, the Lagos state capital

“This is a government that does not even know what they want except fighting corruption.

“We have discovered that some members of the party are corrupt, how will they fight corruption with corrupt people?

“And when you are talking about corruption, was it just Jonathan’s government that was corrupt? Now, they are making it seem as if Jonathan is the biggest, baddesr corrupt person in Nigeria.

“We have gone through Gowon’s regime, Gowon still sits in Independence as if he’s a saint and Nigerians have accepted it like that.

“We have gone through Abacha, we have gone through Babangida, we have gone through Obasanjo two times, we have gone through Shonekan, Abubakar and everybody is just making it look as if Jonathan’s six year-government is the most corrupt in Nigeria.

“We see former president Obasanjo there, always hugging our president today as if he was not part and parcel of PDP, as if he was not corrupt in eight years.

“That is an abuse of our intellectual human right as citizens of this country because many of us know this history.

“We need to realise that in 1970, there was a time that the Naira was two naira to one dollar, Nigerians don’t believe that the naira was stronger than the dollar at one time.

“Nigerians don’t believe that it cost only N250 to travel to Europe, but we are paying over $2,000 now to travel. Nigerians don’t believe that tuition fee was N10 at one time because that history is not being taught in our schools,” the late African legend retorted.

Meanwhile, facts emerged about one hour ago, that the president has sent the second batch of the ministerial nominees to the National Assembly, while it was also gathered that former governor, Rotimi Amaechi’s name may be removed from from the list on recommendation.



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