NIGERIA: The Milan Declaration

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We, the undersigned, having resolved to rescue our country from the death throes of the present overlords and grandees who have had us conquered and kept under permanent subjugation hereby in all honesty decide to come together under the auspices of "THE DIASPORA MOVEMENT FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF NIGERIA (DMAN), an apt appellation put forward by one of the founding members, Honourable Bruce Okuoimose Idahosa.


Having carefully examined the struggles of our people under military dictatorship over the years before returning to civil democratic rule some sixteen years ago resolved to further free our people from the ongoing tsarist repressions via advocating structures and stronger democratic institutions with a view to overcoming the 'three basic problems'' underpinning the oppressive conditions of our society.

It is not in dispute that our sordid past has been replete with military abuses made up of taskmasters from which political dynasties emerged. It is against this background that we deem the creation of a mass revolutionary movement of a national democratic character absolutely necessary comprising Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora under the apt appellation above.

Fellow Nigerians, DMAN, a product of intellectual political discourse became a child of necessity to wage a national democratic revolution via public enlightenment and orientation with a view to mobilizing in a truly nationalistic sense the totality of the broad spectrum of over 170 million Nigerians.
We condemn in its entirety the present concrete conditions of Africa's biggest democracy which, we dare say, is semi-colonial and semi-feudal. What is certain brethren is that the central authority and its federating units have become paralysed by political upheavals, social maladministration, intrigues, witch-hunting, high-profile deception, persecution of perceived opposition and dissenting voices, jihadist insurgency, militancy resulting from the gross incompetence of the ruling 'dynasty' and these promote crimes particularly violent ones.

It is very obvious today that our common patrimony has been ruthlessly plundered and hijacked by a tribe of hydra-headed dragons, the Unicorn, the Yeti, political eunuchs and a host of other mythical monsters that make up the Nigerian regime in Abuja while we the heirs thrive in dirt and dirty surroundings!
DMAN has the magic wand to both revitalize and regenerate Nigeria, God willing, by retaining the services of competent technocrats , its leadership which is proletarian seeks to advance national democracy, freedom and justice to check the abuse of government powers that remains endemic in the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

Fellow Nigerians DMAN , if we need reminding , is among the multitudes that comprises and overlaps with other progressives which is also interwoven with a larger global alliance - The International League of Peoples' Struggles - which advocates fundamental changes via scouting for credible leaders with impressive pedigrees to lead Nigeria in the coming years.

Nigerians in the Diaspora who have excelled in their chosen fields of human endeavour, are worth turning and reaching out to contribute their meagre quota towards regenerating our fatherland and it is on this score we deem this mass revolutionary movement absolutely necessary and we hereby solicit for your cooperation in this regard.

September 26, 2015.


                                                                        Founding Members

Hon. Bruce Okuoimose,  Vice President, Edo National Association, Italy & the Secretary, Council of Elders, Nigerian Union, Milan, Italy.CEO, Bidahosa Global Resources srl, Milan.

Iredia Osakue , Journalist and political analyst, Publisher & the Editor-in-chief, Klass news magazine, Turin, Italy.

Iyoha John Darlington, Political analyst, public commentator, opinion leader on national and global issues, Turin, Italy. Manufacturers, Chairman/Chief Executive, Jolington International Co. Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria.

Ezenwan Nwanokoro,Vice President, Nigerian Union, Milan, General Secretary, National Union of Nigerian Association, Italy, (NUNA) Mr. Ezenwan has carved a niche for himself in the temple of fame as a writer.

Alhaji Muhammad Talith Musa,General Secretary, Nigerian Union, Milan.Lecturer, British Institutes, Milan, Eni Coporate University, Piemonte, Italy.

Engr. George Omo Iduhon, President, Edo State Cultural Association, Rome. Ex-P.R.O Nigeria Community Rome. Managing Director APEX Promotion Inc.


                                                                     DMAN FOUNDERS AT A GLANCE



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