FIFA Ranking: Nigeria Move To 53rd Position

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Nigeria has moved up one place in the latest FIFA ranking, announced on October 1, 2015.

The August rankings placed Nigeria at 53rd in world football but after the matches against Tanzania and Niger, which the Super Eagles drew and won respectively, the country was placed at 52nd in the new FIFA/Coca-Cola rankings.

Argentina is still the top-ranked team in the world. Belgium and Germany swapped second and third places with the 2014 World Cup winners reclaiming second place.

Nigeria is still the 10th team in Africa with Algeria still the leaders in Africa at 19th position on the world table. The top 10 teams in Africa are: Algeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Tunisia, Senegal, Cape Verde, Congo, Cameroon, Egypt and Nigeria.

The top 10 in the world are: Argentina, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Columbia, Spain, Brazil, Wales, Chile and Englan.

Source: Daily Independent

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