FG To Cut Gas Supply To Ghana

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Ghana is owing Nigeria 100 million Ghanaian cedis. The Federal Government has, therefore decided to cut gas supply to the country’s power plants.

According to a former Chief Executive Officer of the Volta River Authority Dr. Charles Wireku-Brobbey, Nigeria’s decision to cut gas supply to Ghana’s Aboadze thermal plant was due to the failure of the government to settle its indebtedness to the Nigerian gas authorities and this might worsen power supply in Ghana.

Wireku-Brobbey told a Ghanaian news medium that contrary to expectation, the constant power supply in the country is not dependent on the incoming power barges from Turkey.

“The problem for us not the arrival or non-arrival of the power barges. As we speak the government owes Nigeria over GHC100 million, which we are yet to settle, and that is the problem that should concern us,” he said.

Ghana currently receives gas in excess of 140 million standard cubic feet per day from Nigeria. Although not enough, the gas supply has greatly enhanced power supply in the country over the last few weeks.

When Nigeria breached its agreement to supply gas to Ghana in 2014, the country paid a compensation of $10 million to the fellow West African nation.

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