Breaking News: Early election results hand victory to Ivory Coast incumbent Ouattara

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© AFP | Incumbent Ivory Coast president Alassane Ouattara pictured in Abidjan on October 25, 2015.
Ivory Coast’s incumbent president, Alassane Ouattara, has a commanding lead in last weekend’s election, early results released on Tuesday showed.
Ouattara, the clear favourite to win a second five-year term, won between 85.07 and 99.26 percent of votes in results for the first six of 31 regions, announced by the electoral commission on state television.
Peaceful, transparent elections could help the West African country to turn the page on a 2011 civil war and a decade-long political crisis.
Since Ouattara took power in 2011, the world’s top cocoa grower has become a regional economic powerhouse, luring in investors where other African economies have struggled under a global slump in commodities prices.
Several opposition candidates had alleged fraud in the run-up to Sunday’s vote, but observers have given the election a clean bill of health.

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