Alamieyeseigha Is In Heaven - Doyin Okupe

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Doyin Okupe

The Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Dr. Doyin Okupe, says he is sure that the late former Governor of Bayelsa State, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, is in heaven and is now wearing, “a crown of glory”.

Okupe said this in a tribute he posted on his official Facebook page on Sunday.

He said the deceased was a good Christian as he forgave his jailer, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, under whose administration, Alamieyeseigha was convicted for embezzling state funds


He said, “Also like a good Christian he openly, publicly and sincerely forgave President Obasanjo who was his jailer.

“DSP you have run a good race and fought a good fight. A sure crown awaits you with our Lord, your maker. As the crown prince of the Ijaw nation bows out May the God of Almighty who till this day still stands with His people, stand by and bless your people you have left behind.”

However, soon after Okupe had posted the comment, several comments began to filter in against his stance.

A commentator, Angela Olunloyo, wrote, “‘Like a good Christian he openly, publicly and sincerely forgave President Obasanjo who was his jailer?’ If this is what is meant to be a good Christian I would rather remain a pagan.

“Somebody was found guilty for corruption and jailed and then he forgave his supposed jailer as if his jailer wronged him. Okupe, no one is saying you shouldn’t pay tribute to your friend, but please do not say things that are irritating and are anything but the truth. Nowhere in your tribute did you mention that DSP apologised to Bayelsans for looting the resources that would have benefitted the poor masses if judiciously used. May he rest in peace.”

Another commentator, Edwin Ochojila, wrote, “Alams was jailed by a court of competent jurisdiction based on facts before it. Why are you sounding like Obasanjo put Alams in jail? Nigerians must change this mentality. If you are jailed for an offence it is not because of your enemies but you chose to be an enemy to yourself by committing a crime against the state. May God Grant Alams eternal rest.”

However, Okupe, who was not happy with some of the comments, said he never claimed that Alamieyeseigha was saint.

He, however, slammed Nigerians for passing judgement on their leaders, insisting that only God can judge.

He said, “I am amazed at the degree of disrespect, lack of etiquette, and complete loss of decorum among our people. This is my Facebook page where as a free citizen I freely express my feelings.

“What I feel is real and personal. Some may like it, some may not but why the abuse and insult? Not even the dead is spared!

“Alamieyeseigha was my friend till he died. He was not a saint and neither am I. He is dead and gone. He has nothing to prove, justify or defend anymore. All is now between him and his creator who knows the hearts of men and will judge us all in spite of our pretences and hypocrisy.”

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