Nigerian Senate President, Bukola Saraki, Faces False Assets Declaration Charge

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Nigerian Senate president,  Mr. Bukola Saraki has been dragged by the Code Of Conduct Bureau for assets declaration to the Code of conduct Tribunal on a 13-count charge, the Senior Special Assistant to the Senate President confirmed to Daily Globe Watch in Abuja, Nigeria. The trial, our reporter,  was told will commence tomorrow, Friday 18, 2015. 

M.S. Hassan, the Deputy Director in the office of the Attorney-General of the federation filed the charges on September 11 which has duly been served to the respondent, sources told our reporter.

Mr. Bukola Saraki in the charge report is being indicted for false assets declaration, alleged assets acquisition beyond his legitimate earnings. Others include running a foreign bank account while still holding public office as a governor and later as a senator of the Federal Republic.

''“That you, Dr. Bukola Saraki, whilst being the governor of Kwara State on or about 16th September, 2003 within the jurisdiction of this honourable tribunal did make a false declaration in the asset declaration form for public officers on assumption of office as Governor of Kwara State by an anticipatory asset declaration,”  the charge read in part.

Reacting Mr. Saraki said the charges are frivolous and would not distract him from his call to lead.

''“There is no doubt that it is mischievous. It is not current. The issues are not true. As far as we are concerned, we are not shaken. We will focus on what we have come to do as elected by my colleagues to do in the interest of the country.”

Chances, however, are that Mr. Saraki might be forced step down if the case is examined and he is  found guilty.

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