''Igbos Hate Me Because Of The Biafran War But I Will Never Apologize To Them In fact I Will Kill Them Again To Save Nigeria" Gen. Muhammadu Buhari on BBC Hausa Service

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Maj Gen Muhammadu Buhari has dropped the bombshell, on the reason he has been losing election in Igboland and parts of Nigeria where Igbos are residing, stating that it is because he was involved in the Nigerian civil war.

The former dictator speaking today on BBC Hausa services monitored in kaduna, said with regrets that, "the igbos hate him for what happened during the Biafran war". "I don't have any regret, and at such do not owe any apology to them, infact if there is a repeat of the civil war again, I will kill more Igbos to save the country".

The APC presidential candidate, added that this was the reason they never bothered to vote for him anywhere in Nigeria.

It is shame, that a man that is aspiring to rule the whole country, not part of it, will talk in this manner.

Source: BBC Hausa Service monitored in Kaduna, north central  Nigeria.

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