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PARIS, OCTOBER 18, 2016: (DGW) A Nigerian in the diaspora, a social critic, renowned scholar , political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues, Iyoha John Darlington, has advised Nigerians against being taken in by the recent feigned outburst and comments traded by the president and his wife.

While speaking to our correspondent in Paris, France over the weekend , he said , the comments made by both Aisha and her husband, President Buhari were  designed by the couple to test Buhari's popularity ahead of 2019 presidential election following a rumour on the grapevine that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu,  may not back his re-election bid in 2019 calling to mind an alleged plan by Tinubu's aides to resurrect the Alliance for Democracy, (AD).

Speaking further, he said Buhari's fear is predicated upon a possible loss of support and votes in the southwest should the silent feud between him and the Asiwaju continues. Tinubu , he said , has a stronghold on southwest politics and without the southwest, the chances of Buhari returning to power in 2019 are hopelessly slim. 

That, above all, informed his interest and desire to test his popularity by  not only plotting and planning but also scheming with his wife to cook up what he described as an ''adventures yarns'' that a few cabal has hijacked power while those who fought to install the present government , such as Tinubu and others, have been shut out , a ploy, he added  to extenuate his role  for sidelining Tinubu on the scheme of things in his government and  assuaging the discontent of  the aggrieved APC National Leader as Ondo gubernatorial election also draws near.

He said Buhari , as a matter of fact , is framing plans to broker peace with the Asiwaju all in a bid to hoodwink him into supporting his bid to run for 2019 presidency and also to woo him to ensure APC victory in Ondo governorship election.

He condemned in the strongest terms Buhari's crave for power at the expense of the well-being of Nigerians. Buhari, he said, may have good intentions for Nigeria but lacked the wherewithal  to run the economy to better the lives of Nigerians.

His words: ''Nigeria is larger than any individual.  Buhari, as a matter of fact, should not be seen as the proverbial Homer that never nods by his apologists and loyalists particularly in the core Muslim north.  There is no denying the fact that I am impressed by his  anti-corruption war - the only thing he appears good at under the existing circumstances. ''

''I think Nigeria would have been better off with him as an anti-corruption Czar and certainly not the president because events playing out in Nigeria today have marvelously shown that he lacks the wherewithal to assemble a good economic team to salvage the country''

''Frankly, what Buhari's crying  ineptitude has given birth to is none other than a faltering economy coupled with a devastating famine back home  which hangs over the heads of our relatives' and non-relatives alike like the ancient sword of Damocles''

Asked where Buhari would have fit on to, he said, 'Buhari as an ex-soldier should have resigned himself to playing an advisory role not getting involved in running the country because as he ages, he  definitely becomes senile and, therefore, incapable of formulating viable economic policies to reconstruct and regenerate Nigeria.

He, however, advised that Buhari should not bother to recontest in 2019 and also advised the Asiwaju in his capacity as the most prominent politician in Nigeria today that has a nationwide  following   not to allow himself  be wooed or deceived further.

According to him, ''Buhari is only hankering  after that appellation  ''the President''  but  wants to serve two terms without minding what his ineptitude has and will cost the country in the coming years with a  population of over 180 million people''

'' Only about one year ago, we saved 6000 euros as N1000,000 when the Naira exchanged for N220. But today the Nigerian Naira  has so reduced in value that N1000,000 now exchange for 1,900 euros''

''How much have we lost, if one may ask? A whopping 4,100 euros! And this is doubtless a lot of money. 4,100 euros, you will agree with me, is not easy to come by again in today's Europe'', he lamented.





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