VIDEO: President-elect Donald Trump, fires first salvo, issues stern warning to Arabs, Muslims on Israel

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PARIS, DECEMBER 1, 2016: (DGW) Amid the growing tension in the Middle East on Arab-Israeli relations, the United States of America President-elect, Mr. Donald Trump  in his historic campaign speech vowed to open a new page in American-Israeli relations by voicing solidarity with the state of Israel.

Donald Trump who was declared the duly elected President of the United States after a hotly contested presidential election last month among other things read the Riot Act to Arab states on Israel vowing to fight and end the days of treating Israelis as second-class citizens when he becomes the President of the world's most powerful country.

Speaking further, Donald Trump , reminded everyone that when he says anything, it must not be dismissed with a trivial hand.

According to him, ''when I say something, I mean it'', he said.

He told the cheering audience that he will meet the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately having known him for many years with a view to bringing  peace and stability to Israel and the entire region.

He further warned the Arabs that the hatred for Israel has to stop henceforth. 

He criticized the Palestinian society adding that the heroes there are the ones that murder the Jews, but he warned that Donald Trump presidency can not let that continue or happen any longer.

The Palestinians, he warned , must end their education of hatred and that has to be now.

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