VIDEO: I saw JESUS 4 minutes after death in hospital - Woman gives shocking testimony

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A woman claims she saw Jesus when she was just four minutes from death after suffering an ectopic miscarriage.

The unnamed lady said that she screamed for Jesus and begged him not to let her baby die after being taken into hospital.She then claimed, that she saw a huge light in the corner of the room and made out legs, arms and a head.In a now viral video recording,she said

“I felt like i was dying,”It tasted like death. I felt like life was leaving my body, I was ready to die, I thought ‘OK, this is it’.I was laying down, and in the corner of the room, something appeared. 

''It was made of thunder, it was made out of fire,”It was like the biggest light emanating from this really tall being. I couldn’t see his face, but I could see it was two arms, two legs and a head.”It was coming towards me and all around its body was a kind of gas. I was so scared.”

The doctors told the woman that she had less than four minutes to live before her alleged visit from Christ.

She was then taken down to the operating theatre where doctors managed to save her, but sadly her baby had already died.

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