Gambia Election: Counting commences, results expected before midnight

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PARIS, DECEMBER 1, 2016: (DGW) VOTING  has reportedly closed in virtually all the polling stations which has been reportedly peaceful throughout the country. Reports reaching DailyGlobeWatch say that  there has not been  reported incidents of any breakdown of law and order.

Results according to the Gambia electoral commission  are beginning to trickle in and other things being equal would be released earlier than the previous presidential elections in 2011.

Reports further say that there is a presidential ban on post-election violence or demonstration throughout the country. Armed men are said to be deployed in strategic locations throughout the country. 

The turnout , according to reports, was quite impressive by Gambia voters and counting of results have earnestly started. 

We will give you details as results begin to trickle in. Stay connected,

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