BREAKING: 'Starving to death, the hidden crisis in northern Nigeria' - Again, BBC exposes Nigerian Govt to the Int Community in new VIDEO

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Weak, starving, malnourished Nigerian children in the northeast

PARIS, DECEMBER 30, 2016: The humanitarian crisis being shielded by the Nigerian government from the international community has eventually been exposed by the video footage below published on December 28, 2016 by the BBC.

In the video, it is all a sorry sight of children and women who have been reduced to bags of bones which evokes pity but the Nigerian government has consistently denied this saying that the people in the IDP camps all over the country are well provided for but the Internally Displaced Persons told BBC they ''eat in every three days.''

But the BBC took a giant step to nail this lie by representing the true situation of things in the IDP camps to the world showing a people hit by a beggarly existence which,  in fact, remains one of the worst humanitarian crisis on the African continent.

Watch video below:

Link to news source: BBC WORLD SERVICE

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