• NNPC boss lists damage carried out so far by Avengers, says oil exploration to begin in north

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    Maikanti Baru,the Group Managing Director, (GMD) of the  Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation  has declared in Abuja, before the Chief of Defence Staff , General Gabriel Olonisakin that   it has listed and  recorded the damage so far carried out by the rampaging militants in the oil-rich Niger Delta in the year 2016.

    No fewer than 1,447 incidences of pipeline vandalism resulting in the loss of millions of litres of products worth billions of naira. He made this disclosure when he paid a courtesy call on the Chief of Defence Staff on Thursday.

    Baru added that in 2015, Nigeria lost 643 million litres of Premium Motor Spirit valued at N51.3 billion through pipeline vandalism alone.

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    Niger Delta militants destroyed 1,447 pipelines in 2016 – NNPC boss, BaruBy Daily Post Staff on July 22, 2016@dailypostngr
    The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation says it has recorded 1,447 incidences of pipeline vandalism resulting to the loss of millions of litres of products worth billions of naira in 2016 alone.
    The NNPC’s Group Managing Director, Maikanti Baru, disclosed this when he paid a courtesy call on the Chief of Defence Staff, General Gabriel Olonisakin, in Abuja on Thursday.

    Baru added that in 2015, Nigeria lost 643 million litres of Premium Motor Spirit valued at N51.3 billion through pipeline vandalism alone.

    He said the volume of products lost through vandalism of oil and gas infrastructure alone underscored the need for stakeholders, especially security agencies, to devise more effective strategies to address the menace.

    According to Baru, though security agencies were doing much to address the menace, the persistence of oil thieves and saboteurs was affecting even the 2016 budget implementation.

    Baru, “The supply and distribution of Nigeria’s oil and gas resources remain critical to the survival of our economy, but it is saddening to note that these critical national assets have become targets of vandalism and sabotage.
    “The budget plan of the Federal Government is grossly affected as a result of the development because of the shortage presently estimated at 700,000 barrels per day.

    “The gas to power projections of government is also being hampered due to the activities of the vandals.

    “In 2015 alone, pipeline losses of Premium Motor Spirit in volume of 643 million litres valued at about N51.3 billion was recorded, while 1,447 incidences of vandalism was reported so far in 2016.”

    Baru said the impact of the development on the economy could be seen in the areas of degradation, unnecessary loss of lives and high cost of production among others.

    He said a review of the security architecture of the protection of critical infrastructure in the Niger Delta was required to prevent the economy from further hemorrhage.

    The NNPC GMD sought improved collaboration with security agencies and the military in particular to prevent further damage to oil and gas facilities in the Niger Delta region.

    He also solicited the support of the military for NNPC to resume exploration activities in the Benue trough and the Chad Basin.

    Baru also sought better security arrangement for NNPC’s strategic business partners in the Niger Delta and other parts of the country.

    He pledged NNPC’s support and cooperation for security agencies working to curb activities of vandals and saboteurs in the oil and gas industry.

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  • GAMBIA: See first photo of YAHYA JAMMEH in EQUATORIAL GUINEA who's lost significant weight - BBC reports

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    A pro-democracy activist who played a prominent role during Gambia's post-election crisis has tweeted a photo of the former President Yahya Jammeh him with Equatorial Guinea's President Teodoro Obiang Nguema: 

    Jeffrey Smith‏Verified account 
    Just two despots chatting on the farm: exiled Yahya Jammeh, who's lost significant weight, hanging w/ @PresidentObiang in Equatorial Guinea.

    Mr Jammeh fled to oil-rich Equatorial Guinea in January after regional troops threatened to capture him, following his refusal to accept defeat in presidential elections won by former estate agent Adama Barrow.

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  • BREAKING: Plot to unseat Yahya Jammeh ahead of presidential election uncovered

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    APRIL, APRIL 24, 2016: (DGW) -  ANOTHER plot  by the forces opposed to President Yahya  Jammeh's presidency is  to be hatched across the country and beyond via protest match, a source revealed to our reporter in the Gambian capital of Banjul.

    The planned protest capable of causing total breakdown of law and order is being  financed by some prominent and powerful politicians in the opposition camp within and outside the country  to  woo supporters and canvass for votes in a bid to counter moves and covert operations by the 50 years old Gambian leader to perpetuate himself in power  ahead of  December 1 presidential election.

    It would be recalled that President Yahya Jammeh had called for national prayers  and directed Imams across the country to lead  prayers for peace  in their various domains resulting from the recent protest match by the opposition calling for electoral reforms in the tiny West African state.

    President Yahya Jammeh has been in power since 1994 after taking power in a military coup.

    Daud Jawara reported from Banjul.



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  • GAMBIA: More JAMMEH loyalists 'on the run' as HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH urges President ADAMA BARROW to show strategies for prosecuting JAMMEH's hit men

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    PARIS, APRIL 24, 2017: (DGW) THE Gambia's new government under President Adama Barrow has been urged to by Jim Wormington, West Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch to take urgent steps to develop a strategy showing how it intends to prosecute those implicated in abitrary arrests, torture and enforced disapperances during exiled Jammeh's reign of terror.

    This is a sequel to the letter addressed to the Attorney General and Minister of Justice Abubaccar Tambadou dated March 6, 2017.

    According to the letter which reads in part, "All Gambians deserve to see justice for the terrible crimes committed during Jammeh's rule," 
     "The new government needs to identify the concrete steps it will take to investigate past abuses and ensure fair trials."

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  • GAMBIA: Gambia's Interior Minister,Mai Ahmad Fatty, pays scheduled visit to motoring police officers' accident victims, pledges gov't support

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    PARIS, APRIL 24, 2017: (DGW) GAMBIA's Interior Minister, Mai Ahmad Fatty, has paid a scheduled visit to motoring accident victims in hospital, government sources told our reporter in Gambian capital of Banjul.

    The victims, five of whom are police officers sustained a various degree of injuries as one of the tyres of the vehicle reported burst resulting in complete loss of control by the driver around the Lower River Region killing the driver on the spot.

    In the company of the Interior Minister during the scheduled visit on Monday was the country's Inspector General of Police.

    Speaking to the survivors, he said,  was in the hospital to wish them well and also support them well adding that he was proud for their selfless service to their country while expressing regret at the obviously sad situation.

    He further pledged support in whatever way to the victims.

    His words: “I’m here to show our support and to wish you well. We are very proud of you – and proud of what you’re doing for your country.

    We regret that this happened… and that is to indicate that we will never abandon you.  We will never abandon any of our service men and women.

    We pray Allah restores your health to normal; get back to your feet and return to servicing your country – something you’re very proud to do. We are with you.”

    Reacting to the Minister display of magnanimity, Sulayman Sibi, a police lance corporal expressed appreciation over the visit which he said was timely.

    He said: “We thank you for your visit and I pray thank such incident will never happen again. We would like you and the entire government to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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  • GAMBIA: Seeming tough visa restriction by US to Gambians causes worries, some GAMBIANS demand investigations

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    PARIS, APRIL 24, 2017: (DGW) Visa regime between The Gambia and the US takes a different turn as visa applicants are reportedly turned down even when all requirements have been met.

    Sources told our reporter in the Gambian capital of Banjul that the tiny West African nation is currently under a restricted quota by the US Department of State with no reason or further explanation cited or given.

    DailyGlobeWatch recalls last year the State Department had assured the Gambians that only government workers under exiled Jammeh would be affected by the visa restriction.

    Worried by the sad and unfortunate development, some Gambians have demanded full investigations be launched.

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  • End Times: Bishop Daniel Obinim says he's ordained to fornicate, sleep with people's wives

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    A self-styled man of God and founder of the International God’s Way Church , Bishop Daniel Obinim, said he is ordained to fornicate, The Guardian reports.

    Bishop Obinim  who pastors a church in Ghana, West Africa, granted the newspaper an interview after a video of him whipping teenagers during a live church service for fornication went viral on social media.

    According to reports, the ordination conferred on him by “God” includes sleeping with the unmarried to find God’s favor to get husbands and married women for marital blessings.

    Bishop Obinim gained popularity in Ghana after he was caught sleeping with wives of his junior pastors.

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  • JUST IN: BUHARI vows to remove JAMMEH, commences consultations with others for JAMMEH's ouster

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    PARIS, DECEMBER 24, 2016: (DGW) In reaction to President Jammeh's recent outrage against President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, the Nigerian leader has commenced frantic consultations with other members of the ECOWAS bloc for a possible military action to dethrone Jammeh not later than January 20 should he fail to hand over power on January 19, 2017, sources close to Nigeria's seat of power exclusively revealed.

    In the wide consultations, ECOWAS leaders warned that they would not hesitate to send troops to Banjul, if Jammeh, who lost the election to opposition candidate, Adama Barrow, fails to step down next month.

    Buhari, our source revealed, said he will not bandy words with an 'inexperienced, power drunk little boy until the D-day ' adding that it is normal for one to talk but the ability to back up your threat matters, he was quoted as saying.

    As part of the consultations, our source revealed that Senegal which surrounds much of The Gambia, has been designated to lead the proposed military intervention with troops from other ECOWAS member states.

    “The deadline is January 19 when the mandate of Jammeh ends,” de Souza said.

    “If he doesn’t go, we have a force that is already on alert, and this force will intervene to restore the will of the people.
    “No one has the right to oppose the will of the people.”

    However, Jammeh  is contesting the vote at the Supreme Court alleging gross irregularities and “unacceptable abnormalities”.

    The country’s apex court adjourned the case to 10 January.

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  • JUST IN: Again, JAMMEH spits sends serious warning to Nigeria, Senegal

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    PARIS, DECEMBER 24, 2016: (DGW) In a bitter reaction to the regional bloc ECOWAS to launch a military campaign to restore the peoples' wish, President Yahya Jammeh has defied every threat and sent a very powerful warning to Nigeria and Senegal while reiterating his readiness to defend himself and his country 

    Earlier, Marcel Alain de Souza, chairman of the Ecowas commission, said President Jammeh has no option under the existing circumstances until that date to comply with its mediators or be shamefully dethroned.

    He said:
    "If he is not going, we have standby forces already alerted and these stand-by forces have to be able to intervene to restore the people's wish," he said.

    "Senegal has been selected by its peers to lead the operations but we do not wish to start a conflict," Mr de Souza said.
    "If he loves his people, he has to be able to negotiate an exit door calmly. If it doesn't happen, the most radical means will be used."

    However,  Mr. Jammeh's defiant comments earlier this week has reportedly stoked tensions and drawn angry reactions from Abuja with the Nigerian leader, President Muhammadu Buhari, a retired General drawing the red lines with Jammeh ahead of January 19 after a series of meetings with military chiefs.

    Jammeh, our source revealed, has said he will not be intimidated by any massive military build-up against him or his country for he will ''patriotically, courageously defend his country and win''. 

    ''Nigeria's and Senegal's evil campaign or their show of strength will not cow me and my country into submission'', he warned.

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  • GAMBIA: Jubilation as President ADAMA BARROW makes another solemn pledge, puts smiles on faces of Gambians after 22 yrs of Jammeh's despotic rule

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    PARIS, FEBRUARY 24, 2017: (DGW) THE President of The Gambia, Mr Adama Barrow, has dropped another hint bordering on a solemn pledge that will respect speech freedom throughout the country as part of the sweeping reforms, Africannews reports.

    Uppermost in this plan is to reverse deposed obnoxious Jammeh's announcement of the country quitting the International Criminal Court (ICC).

    According to the new Gambian leader, “Justice will guide our action and this Government intends to maintain that spirit of national unity. The whole world supports us and The Gambia will remain a beacon of peace and hope for others to draw lessons from. Long Live The Republic! Long Live the United People of The Gambia! Forward Ever! Backward Never!” he said in his speech.” 

    His inauguration was seen as a historic end to a long reign of terror for 22 years as a policewoman Adama Manneh reportedly watched the preparations with a mixture of relief and sorrow as her brother Chief Ebrima Manneh, a journalist who was arrested has been missing since 2006.

    When Barrow ordered the release of a number of political detainees soon after his return from exile in Senegal, Adama went to the prisons in Banjul hoping she would finally find her brother.

    Her words: “I went to headquarters where the list was brought to see if your people is there on that detention. Where I went to, his name is not there, so I have to go to the major crime. And lawyer complain that my brother was also arrested from his office and now he’s not seen,” she said.

    Reacting,  however, authorities say they have since launched investigations into the death and disappearance of people who could not be accounted for since Mr Barrow assumed office amid 30 reported cases of missing detainees.

    Manneh also said she would like Jammeh, who is currently in exile in Equatorial Guinea to face justice considering the atrocities carried out on defenceless Gambian during his long reign.

    “We want justice. I want the president (Yahya Jammeh) to tell us why he killed him and why should he kill him. I don’t think he did anything to warrant him his death. He did not need to be killed,” she said

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