• Developing countries fuel west Africa as cocaine hub

    24/Jun/2016 // 359 Viewers


    Seizures on the Atlantic island of Cape Verde, in the Gambia, Nigeria and Ghana contributed to a 78 percent increase in cocaine seizures from 2009-2014 compared to the previous period (AFP Photo/Kenzo Tribouillard)

    Dakar (AFP) - Developing markets are fuelling an increase in cocaine trafficking through west Africa, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said Thursday in a new report.

    Seizures on the Atlantic island of Cape Verde, in the Gambia, Nigeria and Ghana contributed to a 78 percent increase in cocaine seizures from 2009-2014 compared to the previous period, UNODC regional representative Pierre Lapaque said at the report's launch in Dakar.

    "Cocaine trafficking through Africa seems to be growing again and we have evidence of increasing trafficking to Asia and the Middle East," Lapaque said.

    The European and North American markets were "saturated" with narcotics, the drug expert said, meaning criminal groups were looking further afield for expansion opportunities.

    "Narco-traffickers have worked out that to develop their businesses, they have to position themselves in developing countries," he said, adding that west Africa offered a young population with a middle class to sell to.

    Lapaque said the link between drug lords and terrorists remained a disturbing feature of the market.

    "We have learned that there are connections even if it is difficult to give figures," he said.

    The UN-linked International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) said in March that Benin and Namibia were experiencing an increase in the number of wealthier drug users.

    Despite this the global cocaine market appears to be "shrinking", according to the report, despite top producer Colombia recently massively upping its output.

    Global coca cultivation fell by more than 30 percent between 1998 and 2014, due in part to nationwide efforts to eradicate the crop and alternative development programmes for affected farmers.

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  • GAMBIA: President ADAMA BARROW embarks on nationwide tour to carry out very important assignment

    24/Mar/2017 // 1175 Viewers


    PARIS, MARCH 24, 2017: (DGW) Gambian President Adama Barrow on Friday began an 11-day nationwide tour to assess the country’s “political situation” ahead of April 6 parliamentary elections.

    Barrow, whose election in December was followed by a political impasse during which former president Yahya Jammeh refused to cede power, is scheduled to hold 36 general meetings in Gambia’s seven regions, starting with the North Bank region.
    The president is expected to use the tour to mobilise voters to cast their ballot for a coalition of political parties that brought him to power.
    Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambadou announced the small West African nation was setting up a truth and reconciliation commission to ensure justice and reparations to victims of Jammeh’s regime.
    Jammeh, who ruled the Islamic Republic for 22 years with an iron fist and now lives in exile in Equatorial Guinea, is widely accused of human rights abuses, including killings, torture and arbitrary arrests.
    The minister also announced an investigation into the financial mismanagement of Jammeh’s regime.
    At the same time, government employees will be audited across the nation, to identify “ghost workers” in the civil and security services, non-existent workers, whose names are included in the payroll, a government spokesman said.
    The audit, scheduled to begin on March 27, will verify identification documents as well as their contracts.

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  • Jubilation as Lagos State, Nigeria bags major International Award

    24/Nov/2016 // 310 Viewers


    The Lagos State Government has been awarded the most security and safety conscious state in West Africa.

    Organised by the Security Watch Africa (SWA), the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of Lagos State Police Command also emerged as the best anti-crime police squad in West Africa at the award ceremony held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Similarly, the RRS Commander, ACP Olatunji Disu took home the award of the most outstanding police operational officer in West Africa.

    The awards were presented to officials of the State Government at the 2016 lecture series of SWA organised in partnership with Security Institute for Governance and Leadership in Africa (SIGLA) and the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

    The lecture, which had the theme: “Tackling Security Challenges In Africa’s Land and Maritime Domains,” was well attended by security experts and officials from across Africa.

    Lagos State and its officials, according to organisers of the awards, were honoured in recognition of the outstanding efforts and achievements in securing residents, especially the massive improvement on security architecture of the State.

    While receiving the award for the State on behalf of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, Secretary to the State Government, Mr Tunji Bello, thanked the organisers for recognising Lagos State, saying that it was gratifying to note that the efforts of government on security were appreciated.

    lagos-awarded-best-safety-conscious-stateHe said ever since emerging as Governor of Lagos State, Mr Ambode has made safety and security one of the focal objectives of his administration as he believes that there cannot be any development in the absence of security.

    “I want to assure this gathering that Governor Ambode is very much committed to the security of lives and property of the people of the State and he is not tired of daily improving the security situation in the State. The Governor believes that businesses cannot thrive in an environment devoid of safety and security, hence the massive efforts and initiatives geared toward security,” Bello said.

    On his part, RRS Commander, who took the time to lecture the gathering on the duties of the RRS, said being a unit of the Lagos State Police Command, the Squad is responsible for robberies and emergencies like collapsed building and other related situations.

    He said the RRS is usually the first responders in an emergency situation, adding that the Unit was also blessed with highly dedicated officials who carry out 24-hour job on a daily basis.

    Speaking of the awards to RRS and to him, Disu said: “We like to appreciate the awards given to us and this will surely go a long way in motivating our men back home to know that everything they do is appreciated because the belief of an average policeman in Nigeria is that police job is a thankless job and nobody appreciates what they do, but the awards will also spur us to better serve the people,” the RRS Commander said.

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  • Reps fire back @ Obasanjo, 'you're Nigeria's most corrupt President'

    24/Nov/2016 // 349 Viewers


    PARIS, NOVEMBER 24, 2016: (DGW) NIGERIA'S House of Representatives' members have fired back at former President Olusegun Obasanjo describing him as Nigeria's most corrupt president.

    The attack was in reaction to  to Obasanjo's comments that the National Assembly is as 'a den of corruption inhabited by a gang of unarmed robbers and stinking worse than the judiciary.''

    The House spokesman, Abdulrazak Namdas  addressing a press conference on Thursday, November 24, accused Obasanjo of being a mischief maker and a life time opposition leader, who blackmails every government that he is not part of, Daily Trust reports.

    Namdas alleged that the former leader is effectively plotting to derail the government of Muhammadu Buhari in the same manner he allegedly did to successive presidents since 1979.

    "It is unfortunate that he has started his very familiar method of bringing down governments. He did it to Alhaji Shehu Shagari, he did it to Gen. Buhari, he did same to Gen. Babangida, he attempted to bring down Gen. Abacha before he imprisoned him for treason; he made frantic efforts to derail the government of President Ya’ardua when he couldn’t use him.

    "He supported President Goodluck Jonathan but when he refused to take dictation, he turned against him. He supported President Buhari, but since he has sensed that Nigeria is having economic difficulties under him, he has pounced to derail his government.

    "The way Chief Obasanjo talks gives the impression that he is a lifetime opposition leader who has never held any office. What did he do about the issues he raised in his 8 years as President?

    "We have repeatedly maintained that there was no “padding” of the 2016 Appropriation Act, which is a legitimate document passed by the National Assembly, authenticated by the Clerk to the National Assembly as provided in the Acts Authentication Act and assented to by Mr. President.

    "It is most unfortunate that a former President of Chief Obasanjo’s stature would allow himself to be hoodwinked and procured by a renegade member of the House, who embarked on massive propaganda and lies just because he was removed from office," Namdas  said.

    Recall that former president who has  in time past criticised previous administration on Wednesday slammed President Muhammadu Buhari and urged him to fix the country’s economy as he promised during electioneering rather than expressing frustration at the gloomy economic situation.

    Speaking at a lecture he delivered at the First Akintola Williams Annual Lecture in Lagos titled, “Nigeria yesterday, today and tomorrow: Governance and accountability, Obasanjo also faulted the proposed borrowing of US$30bn by the Buhari administration.

    The former president who described the National Assembly members as lawbreakers accused them of allocating to themselves huge allowances.

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  • GAMBIA: Anti-drug crack squad blows hot, smashes major drug trafficking ring, makes massive arrests (see names of detained suspects)

    25/Apr/2017 // 1679 Viewers


    PARIS, APRIL 24, 2017: (DGW) Gambia's anti-drug unit, the Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DLEAG) has cracked down on drug traffickers in the country with many arrests reported.

    This was disclosed by the Public Relations Officer, Ousman Saidybah, of (DLEAG) during a press briefing while speaking to newsmen in Banjul.

    The arrest reportedly took place in the West Coast Region (WCR) and suspects arrested were found to be in possession of cannabis Sativa.

    Among those arrested who are currently being detained are Siaka Camara, Alieu Jammeh and Sarja Bojang with 15 bundles of the hard drugs each somewhere at Bullock Forest Park after a tip-off and a thorough search conducted vehicles used in the operation.

    Others also arrested are Adama Jallow, Landing Jarjue and Sulayman Trawally and Modou Faalall.

    All the above-named, Police sources reveal, are all Gambians. 

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  • GAMBIA: Former Crime Management Coordinator, Pa AMADY JALLOW, breaks silence on sensational murder of 44 W'Africans

    25/Apr/2017 // 3219 Viewers


    PARIS, APRIL 25, 2017: (DGW) The UN Peacekeeper Police Commissioner, Pa Amady Jallow, has written a piece culled from his Facebook page reacting extensively to his freedom which has been misinterpreted to mean romancing with the new government for a possible political appointment.

    While quoting a source that dealt extensively on a reign of terror where no fewer than 44 west Africans were killed, Pa Amady Jallow has written a rejoinder to set records straight in his capacity as the Crime Management Coordinator at the time. 

    According to him, ''I want to remind people that there is nothing new said about the killing of the Ghanaians and this issue had been reported severally around the world. I have never denied the fact that I was the CMC and anytime I am requested to shed light on the issue, I will do so without any reservations. It was a divine intervention that I was not fired during those days, but god in his infinite saved and opened another opportunity for me.''

    Pa Nderry, he said, blasted him for what he described as 'new banter online', a move wrongly interpreted to mean seeking favour from the new government of President Adama Barrow.

    He said, ''Pa Nderry went further to say according to his source, my banter online is to seek favour from the new Government to be appointed as IGP and I am not in good terms with Abdoulie Sanyang. Ridiculous!

    Continuing, he went on to correct the erroneous impression on what his banter online was all about which he said was none other than a celebration of his freedom which eluded him for many years.

    His words: ''Well, I want to let everyone know that my banter online is my new found freedom, which I had never had for many, many years. I want to be on record to mention that I had never had any issues with Abdoulie Sanyang and whilst I was on an international appointment, Abdoulie Sanyang was the Commissioner in charge of Administration and we had an excellent and professional working relationship, given my position at United Nations. Assisting in the deployment of hundreds of Gambian Peace Keepers to Darfur was one of my objectives, but purely off my mandate. Abdoulie Sanyang is my friend and brother. I was the first he contacted immediately after his reinstatement.''

    ''The assertions attributed to me on my relationship with Abdoulie Sanyang are malicious and calculated to sow seeds of discord between the two of us.''

    ''Furthermore, I am more than comfortable with my current status and I have no intentions what so ever to lobby to the new Government for the Position of Inspector General of Police. I stand by the current IGP against all odds and I will remain to do so. Yankuba Sonko is my course mate and undoubtedly, we are more than friends. He is quoted as having said ‘if the new government felt that I am inefficient, let them sack me ‘.What is more dignifying and honourable than this?''

    ''I am on travel status to return to the UN System after a break and let me be counted out as a ‘potential’ IGP. I can better serve The Gambia in another way. I served as the Special Assistant to 5 Police Commissioners in the UN Mission in Darfur a post equivalent to Permanent Secretary. I acted as the Chief of Staff of the Police Component, holding forth for the incumbent many times in a row. Why seek attention for promotion again?'', he queried.

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  • Liberian VP urges African leaders to unite against corruption

    25/Aug/2016 // 399 Viewers


    The Vice-President of Liberia, Joseph Boakai, has called on African leaders to unite against corruption to enhance sustainable economic development in the continent.

    He also expressed worries at the rising rate of youth unemployment in Africa and called for quality investment in them to secure the future of the continent.

    Boakai, who said this on Wednesday during his courtesy visit to former President Olusegun Obasanjo at his Presidential Hilltop residence in Abeokuta, Ogun State, called on African leaders to stop stashing away African wealth in Europe and other continents of the world.

    He was in Nigeria for an international conference organised by the Save Democracy Group Africa.

    The Liberian VP expressed  worries at the increased rate of capital flight from the continent while many African countries remained underdeveloped and their youths unemployed.

    He said, “We should begin to invest in our youths. We should begin to do away with corruption and stop taking money out of our country and sending it elsewhere when our youths need employment.

    “I think if we begin to invest more in our country and demonstrate that our youths are entitled to the resources, then they will feel a sense of belonging and Africa will be open to all.”

    He urged the leaders to be prudent in the management of the resources of their respective countries for the benefit of all in order to develop a sense of belonging among the citizens.

    Boakai said Nigeria was not just a sister country to Liberia but a dependable ally who made the necessary sacrifice to ensure that Liberia survived its civil war.

    Boakai, who had earlier visited the Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, said his meetings with Nigerian leaders had given him confidence that Liberia could continue to count on Nigeria for support.

    He said, “I think Nigeria is not just a sister country but a country that has been showing true love, making the ultimate sacrifice to make Liberia a free country where people can move freely again.”

    He described Obasanjo as a special friend of Liberia and commended him for strengthening the cordial relationship between Nigeria and his country.

    On his part, Obasanjo assured his visitor of his continued support for everything that would be in the best interest of Nigeria and Liberia.

    He said, “You can count on us that we would continue to support your country because the development of Liberia is paramount to us. If any country in West Africa is lagging behind, then West Africa is disturbed.”

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  • Islamic Republic Of Gambia: Bishop Ellison’s 2015 Christmas Message

    25/Dec/2015 // 466 Viewers


    Being the full text of 2015 Christmas message celebrations message delivered to DailyGlobeWatch by Bishop Ellison of the Roman Catholic Mission in Banjul, the Islamic Republic of Gambia. 


    I still have a Christmas card that was sent to me from a friend in Malawi some time ago. It contained a picture of five young boys – each of them about six to eight years old. They were gazing in wonder and awe at the sight of the newborn child – in the centre of a Crib. It is still a most moving picture. It seemed to me that each one of them was so focused on that child that none of them was aware of the presence of the other. And yet they were simply looking at a fragile clay statue. It reminds me of the words of Jesus: ‘unless you become like little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    In all our Churches, during the Midnight Mass, and after the reading of the Gospel, the priest celebrating the Mass will place the image of the child Jesus in the centre of the Crib with Mary and Joseph on each side of the child. It will remain there until the end of the Christmas season. Some Churches go to a lot of trouble to attract our attention to this extraordinary mystery of our faith – the mystery of the Incarnation. God became man.

    ‘And while they were there (in Bethlehem), the time came for her to be delivered. And she gave birth to her first-born son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn’ (Luke, 2,6). ‘No room in the Inn’: this unfortunate situation for Mary and Joseph came about because the Roman Emperor had decided to call a population census for the whole world. Joseph had to go back to his town of origin – Bethlehem – to enroll with Mary his betrothed who was expecting a child. And so it was that the Prince of Peace was born in such harsh conditions – in a manger, in a stable or cave where animals came for their food. It was a most unworthy place.

    On the other hand, it provided the necessary privacy for such a sacred event. And as it turned out, Bethlehem was the place foretold by the prophet Micah for the birth of the Messiah. St. John tells us at the opening of his Gospel: ‘He came to his own home, but his own people received him not’.

    From the very moment of his birth, his social status placed him among the poorer class (or the ‘marginalised’). He was a stranger to those who would be recognized as the important, the powerful, or even the ruthless in society. In the Gospel of St. Matthew, we read: ‘Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head’ (Matt. 8, 20). These words were given by Jesus as a reply to a young man who said to him: ‘Master, I will follow you wherever you go’. He was telling the would-be disciple to be sure about his choice of a vocation.

    The teaching and the lifestyle of Jesus call on us to reflect on the contrast between the wealthy and the powerful of our world today and the example given to us by this man Jesus of Nazareth. When his parents brought him to the Temple in Jerusalem to be presented to God, the prophet Simeon took him in his arms and said to his mother: ‘You see this child; he is destined for the fall and for the rising of many in Israel, destined to be a sign of contradiction’. Yes, a sign of contradiction! He would turn so many attitudes or values upside down, inside out and back to front!

    After his first visit to the Passover in Jerusalem as a boy of 12 years, he ran into trouble even with his mother! ‘Did you not know that I must be about my Father’s business’! Then he went back to Nazareth with his parents and lived under their authority until he was about 30 years of age. This must be one of the greatest mysteries of his short life on earth: that he spent 18 years in Nazareth before taking up the mission his Father had given him (though we don’t call it a mystery). And so, he spent just three years of his short 33 years on earth fulfilling the mission that the Father had given him. Not a very profitable use of his time on earth! He was finally put to death because ‘his own would not accept Him’. But, by dying he destroyed our death; and by rising he restored our life; and now we await his coming again in glory.

    This, very briefly, is the story of the life of the child we look at in the Crib.

    Every Christmas, we celebrate not only his birth but also his whole life – given up for us, especially his triumph over death and the evil one.

    It all began on that night in Bethlehem when an Angel spoke to shepherds: ‘I bring you good news of great joy, a joy to be shared by all  peoples. Today, a Saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.’ Then a throng of the heavenly host praised God singing: Glory to God in the highest heaven and peace among his people on earth.

    Let us remember, however, that he has come and he has gone and he has given his life for us.

    Now, it is our turn to be witnesses to his birth, his life, his death and resurrection. What must we do?

    Unless we become like little children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Let us take time to look at that child in the crib and ponder in our hearts the story of his life. This year, we celebrate a Year of Mercy! Let us pray for our families, our communities and our homeland….that we may strive and work and pray, that all may live in unity, freedom and peace each day.

    Peace and blessings to all people of goodwill and may you have a very happy Christmas 2015. Amen.

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  • Deaf Scots pupils form pen pal link with Gambian children who share same disability

    25/Dec/2015 // 458 Viewers

    Pupils at Saint John’s School for the Deaf in Gambia

    DEAF Scots pupils have become pen pals with children in Africa who have the same disability.

    Dozens of letters were delivered to Saint John’s School for the Deaf in Gambia, where kids are being fed by a Lanarkshire-based charity.

    As well as battling hunger and poverty, the 284 pupils attending classes in Serrekunda suffer discrimination and social isolation because of their deafness.

    Hamilton School for the Deaf, St Gerard’s Primary in Bellshill and Calderside Academy in Blantyre’s hearing impaired unit teamed up with Project Gambia: People Feeding People.

    Project Gambia volunteers

    Teachers at the Scots schools said the letter link-up gave their students insight into how disadvantaged youngsters cope with the same condition.

    The letters were taken out by Project Gambia volunteers Frank Devine, Paul Lafferty and Charlie Docherty, who returned with messages written by the Gambian youngsters.


    Source: EIN

    *Got  news stories, photo news, viewpoints  or article for publication on Gambia?  Send to editor@dailyglobewatch.com


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  • GAMBIA: President ADAMA BARROW becomes increasingly popular over promises of a 'Forward-ever, Backward-never GAMBIA!'

    25/Feb/2017 // 2521 Viewers


    PARIS, FEBRUARY 25, 2017: (DGW) PRESIDENT Adama Barrow of the Republic of Gambia in his sweeping reforms programme has taken moves to sanitize the rot in all sectors created by 22 years of Jammeh's reign over the tiny West African state.

    Prominent among his decision was to reverse Jammeh’s announcement that Gambia would leave the International Criminal Court (ICC).

    According to the new Gambia leader, “Justice will guide our action and this Government intends to maintain that spirit of national unity. The whole world supports us and The Gambia will remain a beacon of peace and hope for others to draw lessons from. Long Live The Republic! Long Live the United People of The Gambia! Forward Ever! Backward Never!” 

    His inauguration as the president of Gambia symbolises the end of the brutal 22-year rule of former president Yahya Jammeh which Human Rights groups both local and foreign accused of  torturing and killing opponents during his time in power.

    However, it would be recalled that a former editor-in-chief of The Independent – a Gambian newspaper, Musa Saidykhan was arrested by Jammeh's secret agents, tortured and kept in a most dehumanizing condition before he by a twist of fate reportedly escaped from detention and fled to the United States from where he has been watching events back home.

    Reports say the country's secret service National Intelligence Agency  (NIA) agents electrocuted his genitals, beat him with batons, suffocated him with a plastic bag and broke his right hand.

    All these injustice and many others, reports say, are what the new Gambian leader has vowed to redress, our source revealed.

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