• Celebrities wish South Africans a merry Xmas

    26/Dec/2015 // 773 Viewers


    South African celebrities have taken to social media to send their Christmas wishes to their fans. The likes of Mi Casa, Jessica Nkosi and Jack Parrow have posted photos and messages on Twitter and Instagram wishing their followers a Merry Christmas.

    Presenter, Minnie Dlamini celebrated Christmas day with her family.

    Pop group, Mi Casa, posted their messages early this morning - thanking their fans for supporting them in 2015.

    LeeAnne Liebenberg shared a picture of her two young daughters dressed in cute red frocks with the caption Merry Christmas accompanied by heart emojis.
    Somizi - who's in Swaziland on a family holiday - posted his wishes with his signature phrase "WoooShem". Jack Parrow advised his followers to ensure the day is filled gammon and lots of Bloody Marys.
    Meanwhile, presenter, Minnie Dlamini shared a picture of the gift she got her mother. Masterchef contestants, Penny Fitchet and Ndumiso Mncwabe were called in to Dlamini home to prepare this year's feast to rescue Mommy from slaving in a hot kitchen.
    Source: EIN

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  • South Africa’s Zuma denies dishonesty over property scandal

    02/Apr/2016 // 487 Viewers


    South African President Jacob Zuma on Friday denied acting dishonestly in a scandal over improper state spending at his private home, after a scathing court ruling prompted calls for him to resign.

    The scandal is arguably the biggest yet to hit Zuma, who has fended off accusations of corruption, influence peddling and even rape since before he took office in 2009. It comes ahead of local elections that could see the ruling African National Congress (ANC) lose support.

    South Africa’s top court on Thursday held that Zuma had failed to uphold the constitution by ignoring instructions to pay back some of the $16 million in state funds spent on renovations at his sprawling residence at Nkandla.

    In a televised address to the nation on Friday evening, an apparently contrite Zuma apologised and said he would pay back some of the money, as ordered.

    A report in 2014 identified a swimming pool, cattle enclosure, chicken run, amphitheatre and visitor centre as upgrades to the compound that were not related to security and that Zuma must pay for. Early estimates suggest he will have to pay about $680,000.

    “I wish to emphasise that I never knowingly or deliberately set out to violate the constitution,” Zuma said.

    “Any action that has been found not to be in keeping with the constitution happened because of a different approach and different legal advice,” he said, before issuing an apology for the “frustration and confusion” caused by the scandal.

    Zuma, who has an earthy manner and can be combative in the political arena, looked shaken at times and his tone throughout was sombre.

    It was a sharp contrast to his past utterances on the issue, including one in parliament where he mocked the way non-Zulu members of the house pronounced “Nkandla.”

    Opposition parties, who have been calling for the 73-year-old to resign, dismissed his remarks.

    “The president is misleading South Africa. He said repeatedly he always wanted to pay. He never wanted to pay,” Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane told Reuters after the televised address.


    Analysts were also unimpressed.

    “It’s a gutless whitewash. And it was an opportunity missed to take the country into his confidence and say I messed up and this is how we are going to deal with it,” said Gary van Staden, political analyst at NKC African Economics.

    “It also means the politics of this will drag on, which is not good for the country because it means a period of uncertainty that we don’t need,” he said.

    The opposition has launched impeachment proceedings against Zuma but these are unlikely to be successful because of the ANC’s strong majority in parliament.

    However, some South Africans believe the scandal could still bring Zuma down by persuading some in the ANC, which has run South Africa since the end of apartheid in 1994, to abandon him.

    ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe quashed that speculation, telling a news conference after Zuma’s address that the party’s top leadership was united behind its leader.

    He also accused the opposition of over-reacting in their calls for Zuma’s impeachment, adding that the party was weary of external attempts to get it “to tear itself apart” over Nkandla.

    The rand, which has been pummelled since December by a string of Zuma-related scandals, was 1 percent stronger against the dollar as he started to speak but fell back as market speculation he might resign diminished. - Reuters

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  • Dozens 'stranded' in Addis Ababa airport after US deportations

    02/Feb/2017 // 874 Viewers


    About 100 people are stranded in Addis Ababa international airport after being deported from the US, the Ethiopian information minister has said. 

    It follows an executive order by President Trump to halt the US refugee programme and deny entry to nationals of seven mainly Muslim countries including Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. 

    A BBC team is trying to get access to the airport.The deportees arrived overnight and are currently in the transit area. (BBC)

    *Click to watch video below:

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  • Breaking News: Protests rock South Africa over release of corruption report, protesters want Zuma to go

    02/Nov/2016 // 540 Viewers


    An investigation into South Africa's President Jacob Zuma has found evidence of possible corruption at the top level of his government. In the report, former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela recommends Mr Zuma establish a judicial commission of inquiry within 30 days.

    Mr Zuma is accused of an improper relationship with wealthy businessmen. He had tried to block the release of the report, but dropped his court bid on Wednesday.
    The 355-page report calls for further investigation into potential abuses, including the purchase of a mine by Tegeta, co-owned by the president's son, Duduzane Zuma.
    "If [Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi] Zwane travelled in his official capacity to support Tegeta's bid to buy the mine his conduct would give Tegeta an unfair advantage over other interested buyers," the report notes.

    "Further, it is potentially unlawful for the Minister to use his official position of authority to unfairly and unduly influence a contract for a friend... This scenario would be further complicated if his actions were sanctioned by the President."

    The president and ANC leader has been dogged by corruption allegations for more than a decade, but has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. Ms Madonsela investigated allegations that he let the wealthy Gupta family - who co-own Tegeta - wield undue influence in his government.

    The Guptas were accused of trying to nominate cabinet ministers in exchange for business favours. Both Mr Zuma and the Gupta family have denied the allegation.
    But the report reveals Deputy Minister of Finance Mcebisi Jonas told the public protector he was offered 600m rand (£36.2m/$44.6m) in an account of his choice by Mr A Gupta if he agreed to become finance minister.

    The report continues: "He asked if Mr Jonas had a bag which he could use to receive and carry R600,000 in cash immediately, which he declined."

    Mr Zuma's office said the decision to abandon a court bid to block the report's release was made "in the interest of justice and speedy resolution of the matter".

    "The president will give consideration to the contents of the report in order to ascertain whether it should be a subject of a court challenge," the statement added.
    Opposition parties, who had challenged Mr Zuma's move, are now demanding that he pays their legal costs.
    Thousands of people gathered in the capital Pretoria and in other cities on Wednesday ahead of the report's publication, demanding Mr Zuma's resignation. Police fired water cannon to disperse protesters.

    The protesters, supporters of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, had gathered outside Mr Zuma's main administrative offices in Pretoria.
    Opposition groups are also rallying in South Africa's other major cities.

    Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Musi Maimane said state coffers were being "plundered" by "crooks", but the "good guys" were winning in the battle to safeguard the democracy which emerged in South Africa at the end of minority rule in 1994.

    "This is about letting Zuma, the Guptas and all their useful idiots know that their days are numbered," Mr Maimane said.
    President Zuma's move was unexpected but it has been welcomed. So why the U-turn?

    "He's acknowledging that he has no grounds to prevent the release of the Report on State Capture," said constitutional expert Lawson Naidoo.
    For many South Africans who have harboured doubts about whether Mr Zuma should stay in power, his close relationship with the wealthy Gupta family is the final straw.

    Although all concerned have denied any wrongdoing, many feel Mr Zuma can no longer be trusted to act in the best interests of the country and its hard-fought constitution.

    This is why thousands of people from various opposition parties marched through the streets of Pretoria, calling for Mr Zuma to go.
    It is not clear what Mr Zuma's next move is, but he is under pressure from all sides, even many in the governing African National Congress (ANC).
    As for South Africans, they say the time of sitting idly by is over - they are fighting back. Ms Madonsela's investigation was triggered by allegations in March by Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas that the Gupta family had made "a mockery of our hard-earned democracy" by offering him the finance minister's post last year.
    Mr Jonas said he rejected the offer; the Guptas denied the allegation and accused him of political point-scoring.

    Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor also alleged that the family offered her the powerful public enterprise minister's post in 2010 in exchange for business favours.

    Ms Mentor alleged that Mr Zuma was in another part of the Guptas' family home in Johannesburg when the offer was made. Mr Zuma's office said at the time that he had no "recollection" of Ms Mentor, while the family strongly denied her allegation. - BBC

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  • Breaking News: University deserted after President announces closure, foreign students stranded

    02/Nov/2016 // 1179 Viewers


    Students have been packing up and leaving their halls of residence at the main campus after the president ordered its closure in the wake of lecturers' strike.

    One of the students of Makerere University ,  Uganda told me the lecturers were justified in going on strike as they had waited eight months for their pay, but he thinks the decision to close the university was harsh. 

    Some say they come from far outside the capital, Kampala, and it’s difficult for them to go home so abruptly. 
    Others are disappointed that they're losing studying time so soon into the academic year, which started in August. 

    They say they’ve already lost a month as it was non-teaching staff who were striking before the lecturers.   

    The main building of the campus, also known as "the Ivory Tower" is now almost deserted

    Foreign students studying at Uganda's Makerere University's main campus in the capital, Kampala, have been left stranded after the university closed following a government order.

    Students at the University of MakerereStudents at the University of MakerereThe Ivory Tower is the main building at Makerere UniversityThe Ivory Tower is the main building at Makerere UniversityThe Ivory Tower is the main building at Makerere UniversityGabriel Deng, 23, from South Sudan is one of thousands of foreign students at the university. He's a first-year student studying veterinary medicine.   

    He comes from Bor in Jonglei State, north of South Sudan's capital, Juba.

    He stays in a private hostel near the university which has also been directed to close because the police say the presence of students there is a security threat .  - BBC

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  • $16million Scandal: Plot to impeach President Zuma thickens as a motion begins on Tuesday

    03/Apr/2016 // 510 Viewers


    PARIS, APRIL 3, 2016: (DGW) PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma of South Africa faces  trying times as plots by the opposition to impeach him thicken. The country's parliament will debate on Tuesday after a South African court ruling on the president unauthorized spending - a  violation of the constitution -  $16 million to renovate his private residence, Speaker Baleka told news reporters.

    The embattled South African leader has faced severe criticisms from opposition party leaders who are calling on him to step down following the indictment by the country's apex court.

     Democratic Alliance (DA) the country's leading opposition through its leader Maimane has tabled the motion to have Zuma impeached and the  debate on that motion has been scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, DailyGlobeWatch reliably gathered.

    This motion, political analysts say will result in a ding-dong battle as African National Congress members are in the majority in the parliament who are likely to frustrate the opposition in a bid to impeach him.

    This is unarguably the biggest scandal to hit a sitting South African president since the return to multiracial rule in the former apartheid enclave.

     President Zuma is said to have apologized to South Africans in a nation-wide televised address promising to pay back the money as ordered by the court, a plea which the opposition has vowed to use against him as the debate on the motion commences on Tuesday.

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  • Breaking: Multiple auto crash kill 20, injured several others

    03/Jul/2016 // 7498 Viewers


    PARIS, JULY 3, 2016: (DGW) - No fewer than 20 people died on Sunday and several others seriously injured in  multiple auto crash on an ever busy highway outside Kampala, Uganda, Police sources revealed.

    “Twenty people have so far died and several are in hospital with major injuries,” area police spokesman Phillip Mukasa told AFP.

    “Five vehicles were involved in the accident on the Kampala-Masaka highway when a private car was overtaking many vehicles at a busy section of the road” some 150 kilometres (95 miles) south-west of the capital, he added

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  • Is God Kenyan? Woman trapped in rubble found alive after 6 days!

    05/May/2016 // 537 Viewers


    PARIS, MAY 5, 2016: (DGW) - SIX  days after being trapped in the  rubble of a collapsed building in Kenya , military engineers broke through slabs of concrete on Thursday and found a woman alive, local media have reported.

    This attracted a crowd which was thrown into celebration. After the rescue operation, she was carried away on a stretcher in a blanket with a life support oxygen tank by her into a Red Cross ambulance.

    Said Abbas Gullet  one of the  Red Cross officials who put the death toll at 36 with 70 still missing, 'the woman was given oxygen while she was trapped in a small corner of her room; we are very happy that even after six days someone has been found alive''.

    Corroborating this story, the head of the Kenyan Disaster Management Unit Pius Massai said, ''her survival is a miracle''.

    On inquiry, as to what led to the collapse of the building, the Kenyan Disaster Management Unit blamed the incident on the criminal activities of unscrupulous developers who bypass regulations in order to cut costs and maximize profits.


    Meanwhile, the owners of the collapsed  building who were arrested after the incident have been released on bail and would soon be arraigned in court, DailyGlobeWatch reliably gathered.




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  • Six-Year-Old Boy Snatched By Leopard At South African Park

    06/May/2016 // 666 Viewers


    A leopard at a South African game reserve snatched a six-year-old boy and ran off with him.

    Little Kellan Denny was attacked and dragged away by the big cat at Kruger National Park.

    As the male leopard ran off with the youngster, his father Justin chased the big cat and screamed out: “No! No! No! This can’t be happening.”

    Kellan was dragged 30 metres by the leopard who had sunk his teeth into the boy’s shoulder before he was recovered.

    Justin was able to retrieve his son after the leopard dropped the boy from his jaws. Kellan, who is said to be ‘quite traumatised’ is now recovering at home.

    He had been playing with his eight-year-old brother near a wall when he was attacked and dragged off by the big cat.

    Officials at Kruger think the leopard was hunting at the time which is why he attacked the youngster.

    Kellan was running along the wall when he was called back for lunch, Justin told the local Cape Argus newspaper. But Kellan ran along the wall one more time which is when he was attacked.

    His frantic father gave chase after the leopard shouting: “No! No! No! This can’t be happening.”

    He said: “By the grace of God, it dropped him.”

    “I picked him up and rushed him back to the rondavel (African-style hut). A neighbour arrived with his wife who is a nurse.”

    The boy was eventually taken to hospital and received stitches as well as a tetanus injection.

    He has now been dubbed “leopard boy” by his family.

    Officials at the park, which is north-eastern South Africa, said nothing like this had happened before in over 40 years.

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  • UN: Woman Or Child Raped Every 26 Seconds

    07/Jan/2016 // 446 Viewers

                                   A Town Where Child Rape Is The Norm


    Alex Crawford speaks to the women, children and perpetrators for whom rape and violence is a way of life in South Africa.

    It is estimated that a woman or girl is raped every 26 seconds in South Africa - and violence against women is an "almost accepted social phenomenon", according to the United Nations.

    Dubravka Simonovic, the UN's Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, will publish recommendations in June following her investigation - but in the meantime children such as 'Ruth' continue to suffer.

    She is a 10-year-old girl raped in her family's shack who has told her distressing story to Sky News.

    She describes to Sky's Special Correspondent Alex Crawford how she was raped in the toilet of her parents' shack in the settlement of Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg.

    Her mother then broke down in tears as she told how her daughter had suffered since.

    "Even now it's painful," said mum Grace. "I brought her here to learn because there are no parents at home. She was good in school but now she's not right. She's confused.

    "She said, 'At school they are laughing at me, they said to me I'm raped.'"

    Crawford also spoke to a man who raped his own niece.

    The man was not reported and still lives a few shacks from the six-year-old's mother - a story that seems to confirm the veracity of the UN findings.

    The Diepsloot Civil Society Group told Sky News that rape is often considered "a family matter" in the settlement. They are campaigning for greater awareness.

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