• Tinubu, Atiku, Ribadu attend wedding of Buhari’s daughter

    16/Dec/2016 // 690 Viewers


    President Muhammadu Buhari gave out his daughter, Zahra, in marriage to Ahmed Indimi on Friday.
    The wedding took place after Sheikh Ibrahim Makari, deputy chief Imam of the national mosque, performed the  Jumma’at prayer.
    The ceremony began with traditional rites before the wedding reception was held. Yemi Osinbajo, vice president, gave the vote of thanks at the reception.
    News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that a representative of the Indimi family, whose name was not disclosed, paid 12 gold coins which were converted and valued at N250,000, for Zahra’s dowry.
    Yusuf Sani, the Sarkin Fulanin Daura, gave out Zahra on behalf of the Buhari family.
    Some of the dignitaries who attended the ceremony were Bola Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos,  Namadi Sambo, former vice president, Bukola Saraki, the senate president.
    Rauf Aregbesola, Nasir El-rufai, Umaru Almakura, Yahaya Bello, Akinwumi Ambode and Aminu Masari were some of the governors in attendance.
    Zahra, the 21-year-old first daughter, graduated from the University of Surrey in England earlier this year.
    Ahmed Indimi, the groom, is the son of Mohammed Indimi, Nigerian businessman and the founder of Oriental Energy Resources.
    He had his tertiary education at the American InterContinental University, Atlanta, USA, and is currently the head of crude oil marketing in his father’s company.

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  • Breaking: Again, another NOLLYWOOD actress dies (See photo)

    16/Nov/2016 // 1613 Viewers


    PARIS, NOVEMBER 16, 2016: (DGW) ANOTHER Nollywood actress, Ansa Bassey Kpokpogri has passed away. She reportedly died from complications linked to peptic ulcer, DailyGlobeWatch has reliably gathered.

    The death of Ansa was disclosed by filmmaker Uduak Isong Oguamanam, younger sister of Emem Isong while paying glowing tribute in her Facebook  describing  as a friend, partner, and colleague;


    “Grief. It makes you remember things. Minute details, like the sound of their feet, the colour of their hair and the sweet smell of their body spray. It makes you regret. The holidays you never took, the movies you never watched together, the visits you kept planning to but never made.It reminds you.


    ''Of your own mortality. You wonder if there’s a row call and what your number is on the list. Death doesn’t warn you. One moment you’re laughing with a loved one, your head thrown back, with wanton abandon, the next your eyes are bloodshot from weeping for a loss so deep no one can understand.

    I’ll never understand, never come to terms with your death. You were many things to me; Friend. Sister. Business partner. Supporter. Colleague. My life was better because you were in it. Sleep well my beautiful ,adorable ,amazing Ansa. Till we meet again to part no more”



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  • INCEST!!! I seduced my father , Lord have mercy on me!

    17/Apr/2016 // 1629 Viewers

    My name is Stella and I am 25 years of age. I started having
    an Intimate feeling for my dad when I was 21 years old while in
    my finals at the university . My parents got married at a very
    young age so they had us on time and we grew with them. I
    was the most favourite of dad’s and I loved him so much.

    Despite the number of children my parents had, my dad was
    still looking charming, tall, a very sexy physique and most
    importantly, very rich. I was so attached to my dad even as a
    child but when I became an adult, the feelings became Intimate.
    I lived off camp in a 3-bedroom flat alone while in my finals,
    so on that fateful day; my dad paid me a visit since he was
    around the neighbourhood. I have been having funny
    imagination of being in bed with my dad and praying to have
    at least one opportunity to fulfill my heart desire.

    He already called an hour before to inform so I was prepared
    and bent on carrying out my plan of seducing him that day.
    Eventually he arrived and we exchanged pleasantries. He
    inquired about my well being after he had settled comfortably
    on one of the cushions in the sitting room, I sat close to him
    with my head on his shoulder while we talked.

    While in the middle of our discussion, I started frolicking with
    my dad’s chest, caressing him as he spoke. At first he didn’t
    understand what I doing until my hand got to his manhood
    area. He pushed me away forcefully and asked what was that
    about, I started crying where I was on the floor and he moved
    with compassion to calm me down and quickly apologized for
    being so hard on me.

    As he spoke, I wasn’t really listening to what he was saying,
    my eyes was just fixed on his face as I thought of how much in
    love with him I am. He lifted me up to rest on his shoulder that
    was when I quickly locked lips with him. He became so
    shocked and asked amidst shouting, ‘Stella are you going
    crazy?’ why the strange act? I answered him by confessing my
    long overdue feelings for him.

    I said ‘Dad I know it’s kinda odd but I am crazy about you, I
    love you dad, I am deeply in love with you. I can’t seem to get
    you off my mind’. I didn’t know how to approach you at home
    because of mummy and I wasn’t having enough courage to
    but when you called to inform about your visit, I made up my
    mind to show you in my actions what I feel for you”. I said. He
    stood there both shocked and dumbfounded.

    After what seems like he was deaf and didn’t hear a word of
    what I said, he picked up his phone to leave, I broke down in
    tears which was his weakest point. He doesn’t like to see me
    cry. He sat down, cuddled me on his lap and asked me to
    repeat what I just said. I told him to allows us give it a trial
    because obviously, it was like he felt the same way. I promised
    him that it will be our darkest secret and mum won’t ever find

    While talking, my hands were already unzipping his trouser
    unknowingly to him. The next second, my his dick was already
    in my mouth before he could make any move. I gave him a
    hard suck and weakened him completely though I know my
    mum doesn’t do that to him. I continued with the suck until I
    made sure he would not resist me any longer. I quickly
    undressed him and sat on him.

    I was already wet so penetrating wasn’t that difficult. I made
    love to him like I have never done in a long while. At this point,
    his mouth was already on my sumptuous boobs, he sucked
    and smooched my boobs so hard while I gave him the
    pleasure of his life. My dad has it all. His dick was like 6ft long;
    it almost got to my navel. He bleeped me so hard like no one
    has ever done even my young boyfriend.

    I know it’s an abominable act but at that moment, I really
    didn’t give a damn. After hours of a rough love making, he
    gave a hard release inside me and we were both exhausted. He
    smiled at me and told me that I was the sweetest woman he
    had ever been with in his entire life; even my mum could not
    meet a match with me.

    He gave in to my request of having a secret love affair so that
    made him to visit me every weekend. My boyfriend, Michael
    started suspecting me and at a point got fed up and broke up
    with me, I still didn’t care. My dad gave me the whole world; he
    showered me with gifts and cars. After my graduation, he
    bought me a house in one of the private estates despite my
    mum’s complains which he gave deaf ears to her.

    My dad arranged a trip to Dubai for just him and I secretly, we
    spent one week in the hotel fucking and shopping. It was the
    best week of life. 2 months after we returned from Dubai, I felt
    sick. At first I thought it was normal malaria until I visited the
    clinic and conducted a test, I discovered the shocking
    bombshell of my entire life, I was pregnant for my dad.

    That was when it dawned on me what I’ve done to myself. My
    dad found out the next weekend when he visited and insisted
    that I must keep the baby. I pleaded with him to allow me abort
    the child but all fell to his deaf ears. I started making plans to
    leave the country but my dad used his resources to hold me

    Now I’m 6 months pregnant and have gone into hiding
    because of my mum, who is at the verge of killing herself if she
    doesn’t see me. Please I need help, can someone help me to
    convince my dad that I cannot have this child.
    What do I do? How do I get myself out of this calamity that has
    befalling on me and is almost claiming my life? -  naij.com

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  • I want you back - Janet Jackson estranged husband pleads

    17/Apr/2017 // 811 Viewers


    PARIS, APRIL 17, 2017: (DGW) Ex-husband of American singer, Janet Jackson, Al Mana is asking to have his estranged wife back.

    He reportedly went public  in a highly sentimental letter about the singer on his website.

    “To the most beautiful person in the world, thank you for your divine love, your eternal support and for being my best friend,” he wrote next to a black-and-white picture of Jackson.
    “I love you so much, inshallah [which means “if Allah wills it”],” the note continued, “we will be together in the Great Forever x.

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  • 5 things only modern Yoruba natives can relate to

    17/Dec/2016 // 313 Viewers


    The Yoruba people, who make up about one-third of the entire population in Nigeria, are unique in not just the way they express culture and tradition but also in the way they carry on themselves in their everyday life. Over the years, they have passed on these unique traditions and behaviors from generation to generations, and now, even the younger and more modern of the generations find they have to abide by these norms and endure the consequences, no matter how uncomfortable or dire.
    1. The confusion that comes when you are hungry and you don’t know if your aunty  asked you to “heat” or “eat” the food.

    2. Hours in the toilet after eating the pepper-saturated ewagoyin  at your grandparent’s home.


    3. The pain that comes with you having to pay heavily for Asoebi almost every month because all members of family have to.

    4. When you travel home for Christmas and your knees are bruised from having to bend or kneel when greeting every older person you meet.

    5. The embarrassment when your teacher picks up the register and starts to read out all the  Yoruba names your parents, grandparents and ancestors not only gave you, but felt the need to include in your school records.

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  • Turkey Coup: Nigerian entertainers, celebrities get caught out in Turkey [See photos]

    17/Jul/2016 // 1109 Viewers


    PARIS, JULY 17, 2016: (DGW) Some Nigerian celebrities who have traveled to Turkey to perform at the 10th anniversary of international footballer Samuel Eto'os foundation in Antalya , Turkey have been caught up in the unrest currently ravaging the country, Naij.com has reported.

    They include Kanu Nwankwo, Jay jay Okocha, Emmanuel Adebayor and Ronaldo who would be featuring in the charity match to grace the event.

    Others are Ayo Makun,the comedian, and Nollywood actor Osita Iheme alias Paw Paw. Peter Okoye, the popular Nigerian singer of the famous P-Square will be performing in the charity match.  

    Naij.com further reports that on their arrival before the failed coup the duo shared their warm reception on their Instagram pages. “So much love here in Turkey Antalya ❤️🇹🇷 Join me for @etoocharitymatch tomorrow here in Antalya, Turkey. Let’s celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the foundation @fpsetoo of my friend @setoo. Hurry and get your tickets at www.etoocharitymatch.com #Etoo #EtooCharityMatch #FundaciónPrivadaSamuelEtoo #Charity”

    Fans, family members, and friends have begun to express fear and anxiety over their safety  following the failed coup in the country which prompted a barrage of calls.

    Pix below:

    Osita IhemeComedian AYAY, OSitia Iheme, Peter Okoye and Yomi Casual in TurkeyPeter Okoye and Papi J being welcomed to Turkey

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  • Lawyer-turned banker, Christabel Onyejekwe dares the men's world, read her advice to Nigerian women!

    17/Sep/2016 // 607 Viewers


    PARIS, SEPTEMBER 17, 2016: (DGW)  Lawyer-turned banker, Mrs. Christabel  Onyejekwe doubtless is a woman of many parts, a lawyer, banker, economist etc. 

    In this interview with syndicated through Effects and she  spoke  amid other things on the biting economic recession ravaging Nigeria and to navigate through stormy waters with particularly with particular reference to women who she said ha no business depending on men when they can fend for themselves

    Below is the abridged version of her interview with Effects culled from DAILY SUN


    What is your success tip as a career woman?

    Hard work, focus and balance. To succeed, women must unleash the qualities and talents within them and stretch them beyond limitations to achieve career goals and objectives. A good way to do this is to choose the right profession, adapt to work environment but never change who you are. You are to also work hard and persevere. Most importantly, people should balance work and life in a well-planned way that suits you. It appears like a tall order but achievable.

    What inspired that aspect of yours that mentors women?

    I believe in giving back to the society. There is no amount of teaching that will be enough. Most women will be unfortunate not to hit the glass ceiling. Since some of us are privileged to have achieved something so far, the best thing to do is to impact younger women to do better and rise above their challenges.

    Did your upbringing play a role in shaping your life as an extraordinary motivational speaker?

    My upbringing helped a lot.  My parents were good Christians and the fact that I was raised religiously served as a spiritual guide to my growing up. As I grew older and began to understand the world better, I realized that I needed to make a difference; beginning with myself, then others. My father believed that what a man can do, a woman can do also; so I had a voice early in life. I love seeing women working hard, breaking barriers and crossing boundaries in  the so-called “man’s world”. It really hurts seeing a woman being dependent when she can easily fend for herself. So, I tell whoever is willing to listen, “you can do it”

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  • #BREAK UP GRIEVE: How low can you sink just because you’re in love?

    18/Apr/2016 // 419 Viewers


    Riyike’s story is a stranger-than-fiction type which sent me, a self-confessed seen-it-all, reeling with indignation at how stupid some people would stoop to keep a love they are obsessed with. According to Riyike, when she met Ben five years ago, he was on the rebound.

    His girlfriend of three years suddenly threw him over for a man she confessed she was in love with. “It was obvious that Ben was still hurting from the humiliation of rejection,” said Riyike.

    “I had gone to the accounting firm ‘he worked with for my one-year attachment programme from the polytechnic I attended and he was more or less my direct boss. He was happy to show me the ropes and we went to the office canteen together often.

    “He talked a lot about his ex, how much he loved her, how much time and money he’d lavished on her; and how she had no guts to tell him about her new find until someone sent him a text anonymously, that she was virtually sleeping in his ‘house! Armed with an address from the text, be laid siege at the man’s house and it didn’t take time for both of them to walk in together.

    She didn’t come out all the four hours he waited for her to do so. When she visited the next day and he confronted her, she was really angry that ‘he’d been ‘spying’ on her. Now that ‘he’d found out, what did he intend to do? Beat her up? Have her arrested? She then flounced off in a huff. He tried to win her back, ‘but she said she was happy with her new love.

    “When you see someone long enough, they sort of grow on you and it didn’t take time for both of us to become an item. We went to parties together and visited each other once in a while. Inevitably, we started a relationship and he confessed it was over with Kadijat, his ex. I eventually moved in with him against my mother’s wish.

    My dad passed away a few years ago, otherwise I wouldn’t have dared spend the night with any man, let alone move in with him. Then, out of the blues, Kadijat came back. She just walked in one evening, gave me a casual glance and demanded to speak with Ben in private. Later, Ben came to tell me she wanted somewhere to stay for a while as she’d just been kicked out by her Mr. Wonderful.

    He’d told her I was now-living with him, but that she could sleep on the couch until she found her feet. I was livid.  I wanted to pack my bag there and then, but I loved Ben and if I left, Kadijat would move in. So, 1 shrugged after my protests fell on deaf ears. She moved in and treated me as the odd one out.

    “A couple of days later, Kadijat complained of being disturbed by rats and mosquitoes in the living room – and Ben suggested, she could sleep with us in the bed! 1 was really stunned. In my head I knew it wasn’t a good idea, but I would do ‘ anything to ‘keep Ben away from Kadijat, so 1 agreed, Ben slept on the outside of the bed with me in the middle, his arm around me. One night, as if in a trance, 1 realised

    Ben’s hand had reached furtively towards Kadfjat’s face and he was actually stroking her cheek! What on earth did he think he was doing? Yet I let him carry on instead of kicking him out of the bed. I could have left too. But I had read about this sort of thing in some smutty books and magazines and had discussed it with friends. But to think I would ever find myself involved in a three-in-a-bed-romp! What would

    my mum think of this type of behaviour? The next morning, I felt so ashamed, but Ben was happier than I’d ever seen him – he was actually humming and whistling. He’d obviously-had too much of a good thing. ‘How are you?’ he wanted to know. But I told him I wasn’t myself. ‘Let’s give what happened last night a try,’ he begged. That way, we can all stay together,’ The mild threat was in his words – take it or leave. So I stayed.

    “We soon got into the routine of the three of us sleeping together but I gradually realised I was the odd one out. Most evenings, Ben and Kadijat would sit on the couch; sipping stout. I never touched alcohol, so 1 would sit in a chair until Ben would urge me to have an early night if I felt like it. They would continue boozing, laughing and whispering long into the night and of course having it off on the couch. It then dawned on me that if I had any shred of dignity left, 1 would ‘have to leave.

    “Thank goodness my one-year attachment was over, I packed everything I had and moved back to the campus. Ben begged me to leave a few things, but I told him I could always visit with whatever I’d need but never went back to that sinful flat.

    He begged and pleaded for me to come back, even promised to kick out Kadijat. But the respect I had for him had gone. You can’t love anyone, and bring home an ex who once humiliated you, for regular romps on the same bed.  I couldn’t tell anyone how low I sank when I didn’t even realize the madness that came over me. One thing I’m sure of is that I’ll never sink that low again.”

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  • Nollywood actress allegedly attempts suicide after losing fiance to close friend [See photo]

    18/Aug/2016 // 1029 Viewers


    PARIS, AUGUST 18, 2016: (DGW) - A certain Nollywood actress  allegedly attempted suicide after she was after a shocking discovery that her lover was also into a deep affair with her close friend and colleague in the Nigerian fantasy world, Nigeriafilms.com has reported.

    Ruth Eze, according to sources, disclosed exclusively to nigeriafilms.com that on  visiting her fiancee  in Abuja , made a shocking discovery that  he was also into a deep affair with her close friend and colleague which left a scar of distress on her fragile heart. 

    “Ruth couldn’t stand the pain because she had thought that her lover had forgiven her after she was slammed with lesbianism scandal. To make matters worse, they had been making plans to go pay her bride price this coming Christmas and her family members have approved the marriage. The relationship is over 4 years old.

    “After she saw her friend in her fiance’s arms, Ruth was stuck in her hotel room for over 24 hours. She was not picking her calls. It was later discovered that she had bought overdose of sleeping pills in attempt to take her life but for the timely intervention of another actress who had accompanied her to Abuja.

    That her friend is suspected to have poisoned the mind of Ruth’s husband-to-be to abandon her. She is husband-snatcher, that is what is reigning in Nollywood now. They snatch and brainwash people’s lovers, even husbands” the source squealed.

                                         Ruth Eze

    She also added that Ruth, has been under close observation since the incidence but she has been wetting her pillows with midnight tears.

    Recall that Ruth Eze had earlier debunked the reports that she was into ladies: “I am not a lesbian and I can never be a lesbian. My mother is a devout Christian and she is an evangelist. I can never be a lesbian. I never said that; all I said in the interview was that I love Genny very much and I still love her till date. I don’t care about what anybody says. I don’t judge anyone whether they are a lesbian or not. It is between you and God because the bible says we should not judge.” - 

    Credit: nigeriafilms.com

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  • 4 signs your wife is sleeping with other men

    18/Nov/2016 // 2078 Viewers

    When a person gets married, some may think a sure way to have a partner for live but these days, your spouse's eyes can wander. Once eyes wander, body parts may follow.

    Society has taught us to expect men to cheat but what about when the woman is the one cheating? It usually takes a lot for a woman to cheat outside her marriage but it is a possibility.

    Women will be able to hide it very well but everything has tell-signs that will make the man catch unto her cheating. Here are four sings she is enjoying another man:

    1. She no longer wants to have sex with you

    4 signs your wife is sleeping with other men

    If she used to be a she machine but these days she doesn't send, it could be that she is getting her satisfaction elsewhere. It could also be that she is not in the mood but if you can't remember the last time you had sex with her, it might be time to get a clue.

    2. She doesn't mind your annoying habits so much

    4 signs your wife is sleeping with other men
    When women have sex people, they feel connected to the person completely. This is why tiny annoying things you do will upset her and she will voice it out.
    If she suddenly doesn't give a crap about all the things she used to hate before, you may think this is good but think again. It may be because she is already sexually connected with another person and doesn't care about what you do anymore.
    3. She's going out of the house more often and you don't know who with
    4 signs your wife is sleeping with other men
    It's not cool being the overbearing hub and so you will allow your wife have a life too. However, if you find her suddenly going out more and coming back later or coming back happier than she left, you should be concerned.
    She is clearly having fun elsewhere and if she refuses to have sex on top of that, it may be because she has already been fulfilled and doesn't need you for sexual pleasure.

    4. You've seen evidence of her cheating
    4 signs your wife is sleeping with other men

    When a spouse cheats, they have a tendency of being sloppy. She may have kept a gift he gave her or you saw a text or you heard a phone conversation that alerted you to it.
    Don't take it lightly. Women are emotional creatures and once they care for someone and then start having sex with them, that bond will be very difficult to break. If you want your wife back, sit and talk with her about how you guys can mend your marriage


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