• Bizarre! Read what Nollywood actress says about sexual harassment @ Nollywood, says they ask for it!

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    Although she has not featured in movies lately, beautiful actress, Opeyemi Ayeola Owolomose says that she’s still relevant in the industry. The screen diva who shares a different view about poverty in the sector of Nollywood speaks with ADEWOYIN ADENIYI about her upcoming projects, family, career and some other issues. Excerpts…

    YOU’VE been off the scene for a while now; your fans must have missed you on their television screen…

    I want to sincerely thank my fans and every lovely supporter who never stopped showing love and undying support for the Opeyemi Aiyeola Owolomonse brand. You all, through the grace of God, made me the success I am today. And yes, I realized and appreciate the fact that they all missed me, as the calls, messages, SMS and consistent communication on my social media handles shows that indeed am loved and still very much accepted.

    But I wouldn’t say I was ever out or that I quit acting. I’m very much an actor and still a major stakeholder in the movie making profession. But sometimes, some matters require your attention which will automatically disturb your initial movement.  And to God be the glory, it’s all been a success story so far.

    Are you working on any project presently?
    Yes of course. I’m at the concluding stages of my various projects, which are not only about movies. Any moment from now, my fans will once again have a feel of me they have always known.  And like I did say, I never left the movie making world, as my movies and the coming ones will always prove that indeed, I’m a born entertainer.

    But don’t you think a comeback wouldn’t be so easy because fresh talents have taken over the industry since you left?

    Interestingly, I’m this very loving soul who derives pleasure and happiness each time I see growing talents around me, and in the circumstance that I spot any, I nurture and encourage them as well. So, I don’t feel threatened or sad about it. Opeyemi Aiyeola has never been in contention with anyone and never will I be. Why should I be bothered about fresh talents taking over?

    Remember, I told you I never quit, neither did I leave the stage. I’m not on anyone’s lane, but I’m thankful to God that as at today I’m globally regarded as one of Nigeria’s pace setting entertainment role model and that’s fulfillment.

    What is your reaction whenever you watch any movie you starred


    Seeing or watching myself in any movie just makes me smile and fulfilled. It gives me a sense that I have been blessed to do what I’m gifted at; acting.

    What is the most memorable role you have played?

    Actually I don’t even have any precise role as favourite. I’m a humble actor, and a complete role/script interpreter. I fit in perfectly and deliver anywhere. Check my previous works, and you will agree with me on that.

    How true is the allegation that actresses suffer sexual harassment?

    I wouldn’t totally agree that it’s true as much as I wouldn’t deny it. Because it’s not happened where I am doesn’t mean it does not exist. From day one it’s always the case when men get attracted to women and vice versa. When you claim men harasses women, are you saying women too don’t torment or grease the male even with their sexy moves? So, for me, it’s a matter of choice. It becomes an issue when the two of them don’t agree before anything is done.

    How were you able to turn down sexual advances from producers/ directors while starting your acting career?

    I’m a woman, and a beautiful one at that. But I will never position myself at that corner where you will have the courage or momentum to even offer me such desire. I grew up as a very nurtured and disciplined woman and I’m never desperate at getting to the top. A man will only have the desire to sexually molest you if and when he sees you as just too loose and desperate. Once you don’t place yourself in such corners, I believe such would be convincingly avoided.

    How has family life been since you got married?

    It has been a wonderful experience sustaining a home. Though it is sometimes challenging, but I’m thankful and loving it every day. Just like every woman who has made up her mind to make it work, so am I, through the grace of God and with the ever loving support of my darling husband, my marriage has been more of a home, a peaceful family and a very healthy one at that.

    How did you meet your husband?

    No comment, but like a destined lucky woman I met him, and it’s been wonderful all the way.

    Has marriage affected your acting career in anyway?

    Marriage has not in any way affected my career as an actor, neither has it affected my personality as a celebrity. Because it’s been God all the way, and to the glory of God Almighty, I have a husband who believes in me, and has always been supportive of my journey in life. My kids as well, have been darlings in this too.

    How have you been able to keep your family issues away from

    the public eye?

    I don’t think that can be done. Remember we are celebrities? And the spotlight is always on us. You can’t claim to be a public figure and more so, a role model to so many, and expect that people won’t talk about you. All I have tried to do as a person is to live a good life and stay away from trouble and controversies. And I thank God that so far so good; it’s been a good one.

    Will you encourage your kids to go into acting?

    Choosing a career for them is something I actually don’t encourage. But as a parent, one should just help and guide their decisions and as well help to nurture them to make the right one. If they chose to do acting, all well and good, and if otherwise, still I will always be there for them. Mind you, acting made me the Opeyemi Aiyeola Owolomonse you all know today, and despite the exposure, I’m still a good wife to my husband and a perfect mother to my kids.

    Some actors recently said that there is poverty in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood; do you think that is true?

    The word poverty, to me is just a mind set, and No, I won’t agree there is poverty ravaging the Yoruba sector of Nollywood. It’s all a matter of orientation and belief, and basically how you see it. Who says the rich too don’t cry? Of course they do. Maybe what you don’t know is that, the English actors have only packaged themselves. We all are rich, and we all have our challenges. Let’s just respect that, and be more standard in what we do.

    In what way do you think poverty can be eradicated in the industry?

    Answering that means admitting truly it does exist. The world economy itself has suffered one challenge or another, and these challenges are not only limited to the entertainment sector alone. My advice to the government is just to support the industry with policies that would help sustain the actors, to boost them financially, give them a sense of belonging, protect their today and the future, and most importantly help eradicate piracy. With all these, definitely the future will be brighter.

    What is your educational background?

    I studied accountancy at Ogun State Polytechnic, before proceeding to Lagos State University to pursue the same course.

    What is your favourite memory schooling?

    My most memorable school time would be when I graduated from university. But before then I had a memorable, though challenging experience. But of course, it was a lovely ideal school days.

    In your opinion, why do celebrity marriages crash?

    Not all celebrity marriages crash. But the truth remains that we are celebrities, and the spotlight is always on us. It becomes an issue when attention on celebrities are not properly managed and most times controlled.

    What do you think of the present state of the Nigerian movie industry ?

    The Nollywood industry as of today has really matured, and has grown up from what it used to be. No doubt there is still much to be done, but yes I can confidently say we are getting there.

    Some clerics recently rejected the Federal Government’s proposal to build a film village in Kano state. What advice will you give the government concerning that?

    That wouldn’t be the first of such cases. I’m sure you still remember the Miss World beauty pageant of some years back which was slated to be hosted in Nigeria, but was widely rejected. Well, everyone is entitled to their religious belief and personal orientations. Much as we may say, it shouldn’t have been so, but every action is with at least a reason. If the intention of the government is for the greater good of everyone, they can as well pick a different location and get it done. It doesn’t have to be at the initial proposed site. But like I said, let’s us always try to respect ourselves.

    Like some of your colleagues, will you also own an NGO to support the less privileged some day?

    I will plead not to comment much on that, but wish my friends, fans including you to just keep your fingers crossed. Soon you will find out.

    Is there any of your movies you are not proud watching with your kids?

    Every movie I have both acted and starred in are projects I am proud of. I will never be part of unhealthy contents that don’t preach value, ideals, wisdom and good virtue. I take my time to read the scripts, and in my own self projects, I ensure the content are proper. So, on that, there is none of my movies I can’t watch with my kids.

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  • PHOTOS: American, British groups arrive Lagos for Beat FM Christmas concert

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    Migos, an American hip-hop group and WSTRN, a West London based group, have arrived Lagos, Nigeria for the Beat FM 2016 Christmas concert.

    Migos, a 2015 BET Awards Best Group nominee, is composed of three family members ‘Quavok, ‘Takeoff’, and ‘Offset’

    The trio is famous for the breakthrough single ‘Versace’, which was released in 2013.

    WSTRN is made up of Akelle Charles, Haile and Louis Rei.

    The Beat FM concert is set to take place on December 20 at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.

    The Nigerian artistes who’ll perform are 2Baba, Davido, Phyno, Ice Prince, Falz, Lil Kesh, Adekunle Gold, Chidinma, Patoranking, Burna Boy, Seyi Shay, Praiz, Wande Coal, Ycee, Skales and Simi.

    Others are Koker, Sugar Boy, Lola Rae, Shaydee, Maleek Berry, Mayorkun, Dremo, Niniola, Aramide, Terry Apala, Zorro, Lax, Kach, Moelogo, Dotman, Ike Chuks and many more.






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  • Port Harcourt-based Pastor Winning blows hot, places curse on everyone sponsoring Big Brother Nigeria

    20/Feb/2017 // 399 Viewers


    PARIS, FEBRUARY 20, 2017: (DGW) Irked by the alleged immorality the show 'Big Brother Naija' promotes, a certain Port Harcourt-based Church Pastor Mike Winning of Dominion Glory Assembly has descended on the promoters, organizers and sponsors of the show.
    Pastor Winning publicly placed a curse  wrote in his Facebook account now deleted that the pockets of the sponsors or anyone who attempts to sponsor it again will go dry.

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  • Inside The Secret Life Of Michael Jackson! 10 Shocking Revelations You'll Learn From This New Tell-All Book!

    20/Jul/2016 // 487 Viewers


    Some truly incredible stories are being shared in a new tell-all book by Michael Jackson’s former bodyguards!

    Remember The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days was written by Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard. And while both men say they have no intention of tarnishing the King of Pop’s persona, they’re recalling some jaw-dropping details about working for the late entertainer!

    We’ve put together the ten most shocking revelations we learned from the book. Find out the inconceivable deets…AFTER THE JUMP!!!
    - Michael was estranged from most of his family, including his sister Janet Jackson! Janet was forced to make appointments to see him and he most often times refused!

    - MJ’s security guards carried A TON of guns! They claimed to have semiautomatic Glock pistols with extended magazines, Tasers that could deliver 1.2 million volts, MP5 fully automatic submachine guns, military style AR15s, 12-guage automatic shotguns, and close to 3000 rounds of ammunition!

    - Michael had secret affairs with two women whom he "made out with" in the back of a limousine!
    - He was a insatiable reader and loved to listen to English classical music!

    - Michael was obsessed with his looks. He would be constantly late for meetings and scheduled events because he would see something about himself that he needed to fix. He often spent up to 3 hours with his stylist to make sure he looked just right.

    - His kids’ education was a top priority for Jackson! All three were home-schooled by a private tutor but he still made them wear uniforms! School started at 8am sharp in a room in the house dedicated to serving as their classroom. Michael checked in with the teacher every week to discuss their lesson plan and he was constantly helping the children with the homework and quizzing them on what they learned!

    - Michael did his own laundry! He once ran out of detergent and asked his house staff to go and buy him some more so that he could clean the kids’ clothes!
    - Prince, Paris and Blanket wore masks with Michael not because he was concerned about germs but so that they could stay anonymous. He wanted them to be able to have a normal childhood when they went out without him. They only wore masks when he was at their side.

    - Michael organized elaborate birthday parties for his children but they would be the only kids there since none of them had any friends growing up!

    - Despite being raised a Jehovah’s Witness, Christmas was a big deal in the Jackson household. One year, Michael went to a toy store after hours and spent $10,000 worth of gifts for his kids. He had them wrapped and put under the tree before dawn on Christmas morning!

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  • Breaking News: First ever national tourism queen from Ebonyi state is dead! (See Photo)

    20/Jun/2016 // 1849 Viewers


    PARIS, JUNE 20, 2016: (DGW) - The first ever national tourism beauty queen from Ebonyi State is dead.

    Maureen Onu, aged  20-years is one of the contestants in the 2016 Miss Tourism Nigeria.

    The paegent, according to sources is scheduled to hold on July 9, 2016.

    Maureen died in the early hours of Thursday last week.

    Santiago Roberts, CEO of the Miss Tourism Nigeria Organization, while speaking to journalists on the sudden death of Maureen says “the brand has lost a true and a great gem; Maureen was one of the brightest who was always prompt to carry out instructions/tasks giving and willing to learn; she was looking forward to representing her state with pride during this year’s finals and with the hopes of becoming the first-ever national tourism queen from Ebonyi state.”



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  • Cristiano Ronaldo in a gay relationship with a hunky Moroccan kickboxer (photos)

    21/Nov/2016 // 347 Viewers


     CRISTIANO RONALDO is in a gay relationship with a hunky Moroccan kickboxer, it has been sensationally claimed. It is alleged the Real Madrid star, 30, regularly jets to Morocco after training for ‘cuddles’ with friend Badr Hari.

    I am a rich gay - Ronaldo (photos)Cristiano Ronaldo pictured with Badr Hari and Irina Shayk

    Cristiano Ronaldo pictured with Badr Hari and Irina Shayk

    According to Spanish press, the Portuguese forward has frequently been flying to North Africa after training sessions on his £14million private jet to spend time with Hari, 30.

    And Daniel Riolo — a contributor on French television show ‘Touche pas a mon sport’ — hinted that pair were more than just friends.

    The studio audience was heard gasping when Riolo said: “Ronaldo takes three or four jets a week to see a friend in Morocco to cuddle.”

    Cristiano Ronaldo in the arms of friend Badr Hari It was also claimed that Ronaldo has had cosmetic surgery on his nose.

    The daily sports chat-show, presented by Estelle Denis, has an audience of up to 400,000. The three-time Ballon d’Or winner — who has been linked with a mega-money return to Manchester United — recently shared a series of photos on a holiday he took with Hari.

    He was pictured lifted in Hari’s arms with the caption “Just married. Always there to pick you up, bro”.

    Cristiano Ronaldo in the arms of friend Badr Hari

    Other snaps of the trip included a candle-lit image of a traditional Moroccan meal, as well as a picture of the pair captioned post “wedding”.

    The unfounded claims were made despite Ronaldo being linked with a number of beauties throughout his career.

    Ronaldo famously had a five-year relationship with Russian beauty Irina Shayk but the pair split after he admitted to sending various flirty messages to women across the globe .

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  • Breaking News: Michael Jackson's 'Dark Side' Exposed! - Los Angeles Police Report

    22/Jun/2016 // 5915 Viewers


    LOS ANGELES: Radar Online recently exposed a police reports about disturbing details of Michael Jackson's alleged pornography collection.

    According to the AFP, the reports related to a 2003 raid which appeared from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department records. The reports contained details about various books, magazines and documents.

    During the raid, the authorities found pictures of nude young adults, children’s faces on adult bodies, as well as images of animal and child torture.
    The documents also exposed Jackson as a manipulative, drug-and-sex-crazed predator who used blood, gore, sexually explicit images of animal sacrifice and perverse adult sex acts to bend children to his will.

    Jackson, who died in June 25, 2009, was acquitted in 2005 following a 14-week child molesting trial, where a jury heard testimony about his life and relationships with young boys.

    He was charged after Gavin Arvizo, a 13-year-old boy Jackson had befriended, came forward.

    However, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department made a statement that it had not publicly released the documents, which was submitted to the prosecution and the defense during the 2005 trial.

    While the documents were not considered as illegal, the department clarified that “this type of material can be used as part of a ‘grooming’ process by which people (those seeking to molest children) are able to lower the inhibitions of their intended victims and facilitate the molestation of said victims.”

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  • ‘I almost committed suicide after converting to Islam' - Janet Jackson reveals

    22/Mar/2016 // 71490 Viewers


    SISTER to the late legendary pop icon and music artist Michael Jackson was last month reported to be quitting the entertainment industry because of her new religion.

    Janet who is married to Qatari  Muslim billionaire Wissam Al-Manna  disclosed that she almost committed suicide because of the restrictions and burden her new life and religion brought upon her saying it was not an easy transformation.

    According to MTV News, she revealed that she had been deprived of everything in life as she could not listen to music, drive a car, wear designer clothes but only the 'Black Abaya' and could not even move outside her residential home in Doha as she was always  surrounded by heavily-armed security men.

    MUST READ! :BREAKING: Janet Jackson bounces back, stuns the world with #JANET UNBREAKABLE!

    Janet said her new song feat J. Cole , 'No Sleep' says it all from her marriage about the difficulties involved in adapting to her new life, the stress involved in being a Muslim wife and the regrets she had due to the choices she made.

    Jackson patriarch, Joe Jackson, recently suffered a stroke after taking three Viagra pills in San Paulo, Brazil - Naijaopoint

    Read: These 12 Things Will Happen When You Make Love To Your Partner Daily

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  • THE 10 BEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD: Find out which countries made the top 10

    22/Mar/2016 // 473 Viewers

    A new ranking of the best countries in the world released by U.S. News and World Report. Find out which countries made the top ten. Updated January 21, 2016.

    #1 Germany

    Germany, the most populous nation in the European Union, leads the overall ranking because of its entrepreneurship, power and citizenship. File photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI | License Photo

    #2 Canada


    Canada, the second largest country in the word, came in second on the overall list, but was ranked No. 1 for its quality of life. The country also got high rankings for its citizenship and openness for business. File photo by Molly Riley/UPI | License Photo

    #3 United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom, which is comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and the northern portion of Ireland, came in number four with high scores for entrepreneurship, cultural influence and power. Photo by Rune Hellestad/UPI | License Photo

    #4 United States

    The land of the free and the home of the brave occupies the fourth spot on the overall list, but ranked No. 1 in power. The U.S. also fares in the top 5 for cultural influence and entrepreneurship. Photo by Brian Kersey/UPI | License Photo

    #5 Sweeden

    The Kingdom of Sweden rounds up the top five spots on the list with the No. 1 ranking for citizenship and No. 2 rankings for quality of life and openness for business. Photo by Gary C. Caskey/UPI | License Photo

    #6 Australia

    The Commonwealth of Australia occupies the sixth spot overall with notable rankings for adventure, quality of life and citizenship. Photo by Arthur Thill/UPI | License Photo

    #7 Japan

    Japan came in seventh on the overall list and featured high scores for entrepreneurship and movers. Photo by Phil McCarten/UPI | License Photo

    #8 France

    The Western European nation took the eight place in the overall ranking but placed No. 1 for cultural influence and No. 4 for heritage. Photo by David Silpa/UPI | License Photo

    #9 Netherlands

    The Netherlands came number nine on the overall ranking with high scores for citizenship, quality of life and entrepreneurship. Photo by Joe Marino/Bill Cantrell/UPI | License Photo

    #10 Denmark

    Denmark completes the top 10 spots on the overall ranking namely for its citizenship, quality of life and openness for business. File photo/UPI | License Photo





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  • Nollywood actress reveals why their marriages don't last

    22/Nov/2016 // 180 Viewers


    A thespian, Tessy Ijeh, says that marriage breakups often experienced by actresses are mainly caused by the herculean task of combining the home front and acting.

    Delta-born Ijeh, a Continuity Manager at Nollywood, told the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday in Lagos that combining the homefront and acting was a task many actresses found difficult to manage.

    “Acting really takes a woman out of her home because it is tasking; most of our husbands don’t recognise this as they mount pressure on us.

    “Some actresses, unable to cope with this task, often abandon their homes to face their career because even the husbands cannot provide all that their wives need.

    “Children are the most affected in relationship breakups, because once the parents are divorced, and the mother still goes on with her career, the children are left uncared for.

    “The children will miss their mother’s affection more and this is one thing that we have yet to find solution to in this part of the world; but others have gone ahead,’’ Ijeh said.

    The actress, who had her secondary education at Eko Girls Grammar School, Okota, Isolo in Lagos, said that sexual harassment in the entertainment industry was real.

    She said that she had faced one before but she took her stand.

    “Sexual harassment is real in our business but everybody has a choice to make. I once faced the devil and the deep blue sea before and I chose the one that I felt was right.

    “I was faced with sexual harassment when I first joined the industry. It is a sacrifice that I have to make because I started as a model.

    “The director made a pass at me and I told him if this is what I will face to be popular, I will rather remain in the background and I left.

    “Sometimes, some film directors ask for our bodies in return for a role, but it’s unfortunate that some ladies will even throw themselves at the directors. It is wrong on both sides,’’ she said.

    Ijeh said that roles played by actors and actresses in a film might have some spiritual undertone, while some might not, adding that it takes courage to stay off roles.

    “Roles that we play in movies sometimes come with some spiritual undertones which I have an experience about.

    “I acted in a movie called `No Money, No Sex’, and in the movie, I acted as a bi-sexual which I have to put myself in it; later I discovered that I’m having strange sexual feelings.

    “I quickly readjusted and pray against it and stayed off. It also affected me when I played the role of a witch in a film. There is spiritual side of every act,’’ she said.

    Ijeh, a product of Institute of Management Technology, Enugu, and a former teacher, said that though some roles in a film come with its inherent dangers, the dangers could be averted if adequate caution was adhere to.

    “The roles we often play in films are sometimes dangerous of which we should be extra careful in dealing with; nevertheless, we can take
    precaution to counter the dangers.

    “Actors get roles based on their interpretation of previous roles played. This particular role may stick to them and be their favoured roles; but actors must be dynamic.

    “For some playing the role of a gateman, it may be their strong point and they may never get other roles; likewise a witch or wicked person in the case of Patient Ozokwo.

    “Roles sometimes also define how far an actress will go. If an actor continues to get a role of a gatekeeper, how many gatekeeper roles will he get to make it,’’ she said. (NAN)

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