• Jay Z just released his first single in years and you can listen to it right here

    09/Jul/2016 // 750 Viewers


    Jay Z says "spiritual" is a work in progress that he never quite had the time to finish, but the track was released anyway late on Thursday night for good reason. The song, which marks the first new single the famed rapper has released in years, discusses what it's like to be a black person in America right now. It's particularly poignant in light of the recent killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and, sadly, many more. The release also comes on the same evening as the horrific shooting of 11 police officers who took sniper fire while guarding a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, TX.

    Jay Z released the following text alongside the new single:

    I made this song a while ago, I never got to finish it.
    Punch (TDE) told me I should drop it when Mike Brown died, sadly I told him, “this issue will always be relevant.” I’m hurt that I knew his death wouldn’t be the last......
    I’m saddened and disappointed in THIS America - we should be further along.
    I trust God and know everything that happens is for our greatest good, but man.... it’s tough right now.
    Blessings to all the families that have lost loved ones to police brutality.

    The new song is available to stream exclusively on Tidal, of which Jay Z is part owner, and its artwork is a black square. You'll find the track embedded below in its entirety. If the embedded player fails (which it will, because WordPress) you can stream it right here.

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  • BREAKING: Popular and pretty Nollywood actress says she's single, searching for husband! [See photo]

    09/Jul/2016 // 840 Viewers


    Popular Nollywood actress officially breaks the silence surrounding her love life and exclusively tells THISDAY  ‘Entertainment File’ that she is single and searching. She also talks about what to expect from her new movie “Memory Lane” and more in this chat with Akpor Gbemre.

    Ruth Kadiri is popular for her role in “Matters Arising”, “Heart of a Fighter”, “Circle of Trust”, “Boys Cot”, among others. She runs a charity organisation called Ruth Kadiri Foundation, which reaches out to orphans and less privileged kids

    Tell us more about your new movie “Memory Lane”?
    “Memory Lane” talks about the story of unequal love within families and there is a lot of morals to be learnt from it. A family is thrown into chaos when the head of the family dies and the children are left feeling they’ve been deprived of true love by the other.

    How long have you been acting and at what point did you decide to go into movie production?
    I have been in the industry since 2006. I started as a script writer which later paved way for me to be on the screen. I started producing in 2013. It always gets to a point when you know you have what it takes to move to the next level, that point was three years ago. I took the chance and it has been worth it.

    How does it feel to be a ‘big fish’ in Nollywood?
    I won’t consider myself a big fish just yet, I work hard every day and I’m glad at the height I have attained so far.

    Is Nollywood truly the second biggest movie industry after Hollywood?  What’s your take on this rating?
    It depends on the angle you view it from. Rating the industry is done in different aspect of the industry, but overall I think we are the third largest industry which isn’t a bad thing. What’s encouraging and inspiring is that, the Nollywood of today is certainly not the Nollywood of few years back. The quality of production and the level of technicalities involved in Nollywood of today is certainly way higher than it used to be, and the level of distribution and showcase have reached an appreciable level going by the set standards at the cinemas, online promotions, marketing and distribution, brand investment and recognition, even actors recognition in light of endorsement deals and campaign strategies. I will certainly say we are walking our way up even faster in a positive light.

    Do you see yourself doing some Hollywood production in future?
    Well, by the grace of God, everyone aspires to be big. I didn’t see myself where I am today few years back and I pray everyday to find myself even in a better place in the future. So being on the big screens of Hollywood is a reality I am positive about. It will happen someday by God’s grace.

    How do you unwind and where’s your favorite vacation spot ?
    (Laughs) Well, when I’m not working, I just relax or watch a movie with  my friends. I really don’t have a particular vacation spot, where my heart finds joy is where I relax. If I have a man who wants to go to Kenya for fun, he is the essence of the fun not the location.

    Who are your favorite Nollywood and Hollywood personalities?
    In Nollyood, Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade Ekehinde. In Hollywood, I love Melissa McCarty and Kevin Hart. They are really good at what they do and I look forward to working with them some day.

    How do you cope with all the advances from male and female fans considering the fact that you are a sexy lady?
    Well, I just strike a balance all the time. I am not a loose girl. I am someone who really likes her privacy but still tries to keep the balance.

    Are you presently in a relationship?
    No, I am not. I was in a relationship but not anymore, and I thank God I’m out of it. So right now, I am single and searching.

    When you say you thank God you are out of a relationship, what do you mean?
    Can we not talk about it please? (Laughs)

    Ruth Kadiri

    Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years ?
    I see Ruth Kadiri as a big brand. I see fulfillment all around  me and I see me being strong enough to handle situations I cant handle today.

    What’s your advice to young people out there who want to be a Nollywood star like you?
    Go for it. A lot of people will try to discourage and bring you down but be strong and focus… Everything good doesn’t come easy.

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  • NOLLYWOOD!: Movie marketer weds actress in extravagant wedding (photos) Buhari must not see this!

    10/Jul/2016 // 3198 Viewers

    *This wedding looks more like a scene from a Nollywood movie but it is for real.

    Couple Prince Iyke Olisa and Sylvia

    Nollywood actress cum model Sylvia Chinwe Anyanwu weds popular actor, movie marketer Prince Iyke Olisa in a grand wedding on Saturday, July 2, 2016.


    The wedding was extravagant and boasts of cash. The couple went to church in a Range Rover limousine car that left many mouth agapes. Even the bridesmaids and groomsmen were not left out of the range rover limousine treat.

     Bride being led into the church by her father

    And the couple floor when dancing is very envious with the large amount of cash on it. The happy bride even noted that her floor was not bad on Instagram.

    Angela Okorie and a guest

    Olisa is the C.E.O Prime World Production International and the producer cum marketer of the bestselling movie The Return of Shina Rambo.

    Faces at Iyke and Sylvia wedding

    Source: Naij.com

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  • From playboy to president: Trump's past crude sex talk collides with White House bid

    10/May/2016 // 665 Viewers


    Over 15 years, radio shock jock Howard Stern and his buddy Donald Trump periodically carried on like towel-snapping "bros" in a locker room, rating women's tops and bottoms, debating whether oral sex is "important," and egging each other on about whether they would like to go to bed with a number of people, from Cindy Crawford to Diane Sawyer.

    "You could've gotten her, right?" Stern asked Trump on-air shortly after Princess Diana's death in 1997. "You could've nailed her."

    "I think I could have," Trump said.

    How about singer Mariah Carey? "Would you bang her?" Stern asked. Trump replied, "I would do it without hesitation."

    Trump's crude talk on-air with Stern between 1990 and 2005 was part of an image he cultivated as a Manhattan playboy who had so many women that he barely had time to sleep. He was often seen at trendy nightclubs with different women, appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine, wrote in his books about all the women chasing him and publicly boasted about his sex life.

    That reputation was useful as Trump, in his 40s and 50s, built a brand designed to equate his name with success and the high life. But it is problematic as Trump, 69, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, tries to wash away his tabloid past and fashion a more dignified persona – as a potential commander in chief and leader of the free world.

    Although Trump promises to be "more presidential," his past statements have contributed to high negative ratings from women. Democrats have signaled they will make Trump's history a centerpiece of their campaign against him and other Republicans this fall.

    Trump's exchanges with Stern, many of which BuzzFeed posted online earlier this year, are featured in a new ad by the Democratic candidate in the U.S. Senate race in Arkansas.

    The contrast between Trump's past and present behavior underscores the extent to which he has shaped and reshaped his identity as he has moved between business, entertainment and politics. And it points to a fundamental question about his candidacy: Which version of Trump might America send to the Oval Office?

    "Defining Donald Trump will be one of the real challenges of this campaign," said Ed Rollins, a veteran GOP consultant who last week began working for a pro-Trump super PAC. "Ten or 20 years ago, Trump was a rogue character . . . a younger version of Hugh Hefner. Today he is a seen as a successful businessman and a celebrity and a good father."

    Trump, in an interview, played down the significance of some of his past behavior.

    "I never anticipated running for office or being a politician, so I could have fun with Howard on the radio and everyone would love it. People do love it," Trump said, sitting behind his Trump Tower desk piled with magazines featuring his face on the cover. "I could say whatever I wanted when I was an entrepreneur, a business guy."

    Trump also said his work was so "all-consuming" that he could not have been the libidinous playboy portrayed in the media.

    "People may be surprised that my life is much simpler than they thought," said Trump, with a Diet Coke in a plastic cup on his desk. "And they may be surprised that my life is much less glamorous than they thought, including every story about a supermodel."

    Trump said the media coverage of his personal life was "overblown."

    But it is clear that Trump played a role in shaping public perceptions.

    He wrote in his best-selling books that a parade of famous women wanted to date him. In his 1997 "Art of the Comeback," he wrote, "If I told the real stories of my experiences with women, often seemingly very happily married and important women, this book would be a guaranteed best-seller (which it will be anyway!)." He also wrote in that book about being "linked to dozens of other women. . . . It was incredible, being intimately associated with women I had never heard of. Women themselves - some very famous - were linking themselves to me. I guess they wanted some of the publicity. They were calling. Their agents were calling. It was a circus! It was sick!"

    After his public split with his first wife, Ivana, in 1990, Trump often got more media attention for his dates than his deals. From then until 2005, when he married his third and current wife, Melania Knauss, Trump's social life was a tabloid staple. During that time, he had a second tumultuous marriage, to beauty contestant Marla Maples, who was quoted on the cover of the New York Post as saying about Trump: "Best Sex I Ever Had."

    In between his marriages, a string of celebrities, including Madonna and Kim Basinger, were reported to have been chasing Trump - these women denied that, though. The rumors, even if not true, along with a string of women whom Trump showed up with at high-profile events, left the impression that he was a man about town.

    All of the attention differentiated Trump from other wealthy real estate developers. And Trump reveled in it, according to several longtime associates. Those people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Trump made a point of surrounding himself with young, attractive women. When he threw parties at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla., they said, Trump got his friends at modeling agencies to send women who floated around his pool and piled into his limousine.

    After he bought the Miss Universe pageant in 1996, Trump was seen by a national TV audience in a sea of contestants in bathing suits and high heels.

    "There's 100 beautiful women and 10 guys. Look, how cool are we?" said Roger Stone, a political adviser who has known Trump for decades, recalling the Palm Beach parties. "I was happy to be invited. I mean it was great."

    Trump's own comments focused attention on his libido, not just his skyscrapers.

    When asked by Playboy magazine in 2004 about Viagra, Trump boasted: "I just have never needed it." He went on to say that what he really needed was an "anti-Viagra, something with the opposite effect."

    "I'm not bragging," he bragged. "I'm just lucky."

    Trump's rise as a figure in popular culture helped propel him from business into television stardom when, in 2004, he debuted in his NBC reality show, "The Apprentice." During one season of the show, Trump drove up to Hefner's mansion in a limousine and was on TV surrounded by Playboy bunnies wearing pink ears and little else.

    Some of Trump's most raw language came during his appearances with Stern, when the two would critique women's looks.

    The BuzzFeed list included one clip in which Trump said: "Her boob job is terrible. They look like two light posts coming out of a body." In another clip, Trump said, "A person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10."

    Stern had a huge national audience and made a name for himself with off-color questions, like this one, to Trump: "Is oral sex important to you? Man to man, and I've had this discussion with many men."

    Trump responded, "No, it's not important to me."

    In his recent interview with The Washington Post, Trump said he and Stern "had great moments" on the air, but he acknowledged he would not have said certain things had he known then that he would eventually be running for office. "Or I wouldn't have gone on the show because that is the easier way of doing it," Trump said.

    Trump said Stern is a good friend, "a really good guy and a very different guy when you take the radio microphone away." Stern declined to comment.

    With the Republican nomination in his grasp, Trump has projected a more familiar image for a possible president - that of a family man.

    His children, particularly the older ones, are constantly with him on the campaign trail and speak out on his behalf. His daughter Ivanka, 34, an executive vice president of the Trump Organization, is the star of many ads aired across the country in which she says her father told her that she could do anything - same as her brothers - if she worked hard.

    Candidate Trump recently sold the Miss Universe pageant.

    Trump told The Post that his record of promoting women to high-level positions in his business is more relevant than any past comment.

    "I greatly respect women," Trump said.

    Asked whether he is obsessed by women's looks given the frequent comments he makes about them, Trump said, "Much less so than people would think."

    Some who knew Trump in the 1990s say he was not an overheated Casanova. Rather, he was a workaholic aware of the value of being perceived as such.

    "I never heard him speak romantically about a woman," said Trump's former attorney Jay Goldberg, who was often by his side during those years. "I heard him speak romantically about his work."

    "Give him a Hershey's bar and let him watch television," Goldberg said. "I only remember him finishing the day [by] going home, not necessarily with a woman but with a bag of candy . . . not Godiva, just something from the newsstand."

    Kate Bohner, co-author of "The Art of the Comeback," said, "There were times when I'd see him chatting up a bevy of gorgeous creatures, and I can see how an outsider might think he was in it to win it, so to speak. But never did I feel that it was anything other than part of his shtick to fuel the Trump brand. I saw Mr. Trump being more paternal toward women than playboy."

    Peter Osnos, who edited Trump's 1987 "The Art of the Deal," said that Trump "cultivated celebrity" but that "his lifestyle was surprisingly unglamorous."

    "He's quite disciplined in some ways," Osnos said. "Doesn't smoke, doesn't drink."

    Trump's effort to adjust his image was apparent in the fall, when, as a candidate, he appeared again on the air with his old pal Stern.

    The radio host brought up Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. She had just asked Trump during a presidential debate about all of the negative words he used to describe women over the years, including "fat pigs," "dogs" and "slobs."

    Stern seemed ready to relive the old days with his friend, baiting Trump to rate Kelly's looks.

    "What is she on a scale of 1 to 10?" Stern asked.

    But playboy Trump had left the room. The question, instead, was handled by candidate Trump.

    "In the old days," he said, "I wouldn't have minded answering that question. Today, I will take a pass." - Washington Post

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  • Amb. John Fashanu and Amb. Rachel Bakam make headlines again acting as Trump and Hillary

    10/Nov/2016 // 302 Viewers


    The inseperable duo, Ambassadors John Fashanu and Rachel Bakam, thrilled everyone present as they took up the interesting roles of acting as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a Mock Presidential Debate and Election Night organised by the IVLP ALUMNI and the US Embassy at the  Yar’Adua center  in Abuja.

    The results of the election of the USA 2016 shook the whole World. This result was announced

    the next day after the mock debate Abuja and elections in the US . After putting up a great act emulating the actual candidates, the Duo had alot to say about the results of the real election. Amb. John Fashanu; “I followed and studied Donald Trump for many years. I predicted all through that Donald Trump will win. I am delighted with his victory and both Rachel and I look forward to meeting Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump  in Washington.DC.”

    Following the victory of Trump over Hillary, Amb. Rachel expressed; ” In Hillary’s voice “Oh what didn’t we get right?” She continues in her natural voice; “We still congratulate Donald. He proves that it pays to venture boldly and fiercely. One can win even when not qualified. It’js all about faith, zeal, will and the power to push through against all odds.  Understudying the Character of Hillary in order to act as her allowed me to experience what a GREAT WOMAN SHE IS. YES TRUMP WINS BUT WE STILL LIFT OUR HATS TO HILLARY. YOU ARE A GREAT WOMAN. TRUMP YOU ARE A GREAT MAN TOO. CONGRATULATIONS. Hope the best comes through for the good of humanity.”

    It will be recalled that Amb. John Fashanu and Amb. Rachel Bakam recently acted in a Movie in Washington.DC. The US seems to be falling in love with these two. Congratulations and more strides.

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  • Once married, now super single ladies

    11/Apr/2016 // 783 Viewers


    Source: Kemi Lawal - Nigeriafilms.com

    Kemi Lawal

    Once upon a time, these ladies enjoyed the comfort of matrimony. But for reasons best known to them, they became single again. Many years after, they are yet to find soul mates who will restore them to their former positions. Here are some of the most celebrated of the lot:

    - Biola Otufale

    Biola Otufale is an epitome of beauty. Her striking looks and alluring physique is one that gives her away easily. You can't miss her in a crowd. 

    Her charm however failed to prevent her crashed marriage. She used to be married to an Ijebu born chief, Otunba Kayode Otufale.

    - Nikki Khiran

    One of Lagos finest fashion designers, Nikki Khiran is a testimony in beauty. Well endowed, the amiable woman is one of several known faces who are enjoying spinsterhood again.

    - Enitan Bamigboye

    Yet another pretty face, Enitan Bamigboye used to be married to former military administrator, Colonel Theophilus Bamigboye. The marriage which was assumed to be made-in-heaven, lasted a few years before the duo went their separate ways; to the consternation of those privy to the union.

    - Adaobi Nwakuche

    Adaobi Nwakuche's wedding to Fred Nwaeme was characterised by fanfare. A no-expense-spared celebration, it had all the trappings of glamour and was discussed openly long after it was hosted. 

    The marriage suffered several hiccups that led to its eventual demise barely three years after it was first contracted. While the latter has remarried, the former is still savouring the gains of spinsterhood.

    - Bobby Taylor

    Not many people know that American returnee and public relations expert, Bobby Taylor, used to be married. A mother of one, the vivacious entrepreneur is single and not searching. 

    Already an item with Gogo Karibi-Whyte, who was widowed some years ago, there are indications that the duo are considering tying the knots again, judging by amount of time they spend together.

     - Rosemary Okeke

    A former beauty queen, Rosemary Okeke remains one of Nigeria's most popular former beauty queens. Already in her 40s, Okeke used to be married to Adekunle Wright. 

    The union, which produced a child, hit the rocks after efforts to salvage it did not yield fruit. Efforts to contract a second marriage has not yielded much.

    - Biola Okoya

    Beautiful and stylish, Biola Okoya is the most celebrated daughter of Alhaji Rasaq Okoya of the Eleganza fame. 

    Previously married to Akinwande Johnson, not only is Okoya yet to remarry many years after her first marriage ended, she has also shunned the limelight for up to three years, which has raised eyebrows.

    - Deola Sagoe

    Another gifted designer, Deola Sagoe, is one of Nigeria's finest creative minds. A wave making clothier, her immense talents failed to come in handy when it mattered most. A lot of people received with shock the crisis that rocked her union with Kofi Sagoe. 

    While it is not known if the union has been officially annulled by the court of law, the duo, however do not co-habit again.

    - Funke Kuti

    No one envisaged that Funke Kuti, the estranged wife of Afro beat prince, Femi Kuti, would one day have a crashed marriage. A former dancer in his band, all was well, or so it seemed, until the cracks in their union became visible. 

    The duo have lived apart for several years and are currently in court seeking dissolution of their marriage.

    - Gbemisola Saraki

    A governorship candidate in Kwara State at the last election, Gbemisola Saraki is the daughter of Dr Olusola Saraki. A mother of three, she used to be married to Segun Fowora. The marriage ended more than five years ago and she has remained single ever since.

    - Edith Jibunoh

    One of the daughters of Dr Newton Jibunoh, Edith Jibunoh's marriage to Stan Rerri was short-lived to the utmost surprise of many who witnessed it. The couple parted ways less than a year after the wedding was contracted and Rerri is reported to have found his missing 

    rib yet again.

    Edith Jibunoh

    Funke Kuti

    Gbemisola Saraki

    Nikki Khiran

    Rosemary Okeke

    Biola Okoya

    Biola Otufale

    Bobby Taylo


    Bobby Taylor

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  • Pete Edochie very angry, speaks again, reveals annoying secrets

    13/Aug/2016 // 1086 Viewers


    PARIS, AUGUST 13, 2016: (DGW) Renowned Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie, has again spoken to Nigerians resulting from the fraudulent activities of people who presumably want to drag his name through the mud.

    The actor, DailyGlobeWatch gathered,  has lamented the number of social media accounts being opened in his name.

    Pete Edochie said he does not run any social media account but often surprised to see so many which have been opened by fraudsters in his name.

    The actor while speaking exclusively to PUNCH said it has become necessary for him to speak out to enable his numerous fans and non-fans alike know what is on the ground.

    His words: 

    “From time to time, you would hear or read that Pete Edochie died in London or on location. In our culture, if people wish you dead, you’d attend the person’s funeral. I’m satisfied with what life has given me. I don’t envy anybody and I don’t want to be anybody. I just want to be left alone as Pete Edochie.

    “Right now, I’m watching football in my house, but as I speak to you, some people are posting on Facebook or Twitter, using my name and picture.

    “There was a day I was sitting in my house and I started receiving messages of sympathy, that they heard my son had an accident and died while on set. I just took my phone and called him, and he told me he was on location, shooting a movie. He came to my house when he finished, whereas people had spread wrong information around.

    “It’s either they are talking about politics, state of the nation, ascribing series of proverbs to me or using my name to counsel people about marriage. Someone asked me how I had time to put plenty proverbs on Facebook. I told the person I wasn’t responsible for them and that I didn’t even have a Facebook account, and she couldn’t believe it.

    “Some people said I sat with Mourhino in one of the profile pictures and that I was telling him the gods were angry with him. Then, they posted another one that Buhari came to consult with me in my shrine.

    “Somebody woke me up a few days ago and pointed my attention to what was written in my name about (Senator Ike) Ekweremadu. I was surprised. I don’t know him neither do I have any issue with him. Again, few days ago, it was also posted that Federal Government needed me for something. All the nonsense people write about me, I’m not happy about it.

    “I’m not a politician, and I am not the only actor in this country. Throughout the campaign during the last general election, I didn’t campaign for anybody, yet on the social media you see people using my name to express support for one candidate or the other.

    “I speak very good English, and those posting those things in my name write in the way I can never write. That is the saving grace. Just recently, someone informed me that he saw somewhere in my name that I wrote on one of these platforms that people should come and pay N50, 000, as according to them, I was organising a programme. What programme?

    “If you begin to reply to all of that false information about you, you will make it a habit, and so anytime you don’t issue a disclaimer on a particular post, they assume you are the one speaking.

    “Somebody told me he saw in the newspaper that my wife supported me when I started acting and that I divorced her when I started making money and I started running after a girl whom they said I bought a car for. In the post, they even put the number plate of the car, and that happened to be my wife’s car.

    “During the Valentine’s Day, I was in my house, but they wrote on the social media that I was in Lagos. They said they wanted to interview me, they knocked on the door but l was busy inside. Again, there was a time a boy from Kenya wrote on Facebook that I was his father. How is that possible? The boy did not even say where I met his mother,” the actor wondered.

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  • 5 Signs That Point Out Your Spouse Doesn’t Love You Anymore

    13/May/2016 // 303 Viewers


    For many couples, it can be exciting to begin a life together after falling in love. Unfortunately, it can be easy to suffer from difficult times or become busy with careers and daily responsibilities. When you’re wondering how stable your marriage is, there are a few signs that your spouse has fallen out of love.

    5 Signs That Point Out Your Spouse Doesn’t Love You Anymore

    1. Less Quality Time

    Your relationship may have started out strong by spending every waking moment together, but you now may only spend a few minutes with your spouse each day. Your significant other may not make an effort to schedule date nights or even sit down together for dinner. If you notice that your spouse is too busy or preoccupied to have quality time, it may be a sign that they no longer have the same feelings for you.

    You may also notice a lack of gifts or surprises that you receive compared to the earlier years that you spent together. This may mean that your partner doesn’t want to make the effort to allow you to feel loved due to a change in their feelings. You may even receive generic gifts on your birthday or anniversary.

    2. A Lack of Eye Contact

    Your partner may have a difficult time making eye contact with you when you’re talking to one another, which could mean that they’re not listening or don’t care about having communication with you. A lack of communication can easily cause the relationship to crumble over time and make it easy to feel distant from one another.

    Your spouse may also not want to make eye contact with you because they may be hiding an addiction or an affair. This can often hint that they are no longer in love with you and don’t want to share personal struggles or issues that they’re dealing with.

    3. You Don’t See Change

    Most couples have different issues that they work through in marriage, whether it’s trying to make time for one another or having a lack of trust. For those who may be in a loveless marriage, it can be easy to see a lack of improvement with how your spouse grows in your relationship with one another. You may feel as if you’re always nagging for your spouse to change without seeing much effort. The other person may not seem as if they want to help the marriage thrive and may not seem to be worried if the relationship stays intact.

    4. A Change in the Physical Appearance

    You may notice that your spouse begins to have a change in their appearance as you grow distant from one another. They may have gained weight in recent months or are no longer making an effort with dressing up to impress you. Men may neglect to shave throughout the week or styling their hair while women may avoid putting as much makeup on. This can mean they are no longer worried about your attraction to their appearance.

    5. You Don’t Get a Response

    When you’re in love, it can be easy to send text messages or receive phone calls throughout the day with your spouse without waiting very long. You may notice that your spouse no longer answers your phone calls or doesn’t return them at all. Any text messages that you send may also not be returned promptly. It can be easy to feel as if you’re always waiting by the phone or are double-checking your text messages to see if the other person cares.

    Marriages are prone to enduring different seasons and changes throughout the years. Many people are able to survive challenging times and still remain in love while others lose interest in the relationship. When you’re questioning how your spouse truly feels about you, there are a few signs to look for to read between the lines. -www.englandlove.co.uk

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  • If He Asks You THESE 5 Questions- He’s Amazing in Bed

    13/May/2016 // 433 Viewers


    Most modern relationship-help guides focus on communication, but rarely do these texts delve into how important communication is when it comes to physical closeness. While relationship advice tends to focus on conflict resolution, perhaps more focus should go into communication concerning the act of lovemaking.
    Men and women who take the time to communicate with their partners about closeness are better lovers because they are concerned about the happiness of their partners. Some partners avoid asking these questions or feel awkward talking about such a private act. In fact, one therapist recently revealed on her blog that some of her patients admitted to being comfortable talking to her about lovemaking, but not to their partners! Even though it can be difficult or even embarrassing to talk about such a private matter, it can only benefit you if you know what your partner likes and doesn’t like. In fact, knowing these things honors your partner and can deepen your committed relationship. People who are comfortable with their partners and confident in their lovemaking will often ask the following questions to ensure that their partner is happy with their physical relationship:
    1. What are some of your most-liked physical experiences and what did you like so much about those experiences?
    A man who asks this question is showing that he is open-minded and is happy to recreate his partner’s best experiences. When answering this, think back on your experience with lovemaking, and remember which moments you remember as the most satisfying. When someone asks you this question, they are showing that they are comfortable enough to ask about your entire history and are more concerned with your needs than his or her ego. This person is ready to find out what you enjoy and make sure you are happy. You may need time to answer this question, so feel free to take time to answer. You may even wish to take the time to write down your experiences before you share them.
    2. What does your idea of a perfect !nt!mate relationship look like?
    When your partner asks you this question, try to think about the following: frequency that you would enjoy closeness, what kinds of acts you would enjoy performing, and how emotional you would like your sessions to be. Having an idea of what kind of physical relationship you would like to have ensures that you are ready to ask for that kind of relationship.
    3. What do you like about your current physical relationship?
    Because people are often embarrassed to talk to one another about their needs, couples are often surprised by their partner’s answer to this question. Even if you and your partner have been together for a long period of time, he or she won’t know what they are doing right unless you tell them!
    4. Is there anything you would like to do more together?
    If your girlfriend or wife takes the time to ask you this question, do not be afraid to answer! It’s good to talk about the specific physical acts you would like to enjoy with your partner. Talking about this will help you and your partner to find out what you enjoy together, and trying something new or revisiting a favorite experience can only bring you closer.
    5. Is there anything new you would like to try?
    It is unfortunate that we often feel uncomfortable expressing our desires to our partner. Be open and honest when answering this question. You’ll never know if you’d like a certain physical act unless you try it!
    Remember that when answering the above questions, you should use “I” statements as much as possible so that your partner is sure to get the most honest answers from you. Don’t be embarrassed or feel awkward! Adults with a healthy romantic life shouldn’t feel any shame in expressing their thoughts and feelings about closeness with their partners. In fact, feeling comfortable about lovemaking makes it more enjoyable. If your partner asks you any of the above questions, you have a keeper!

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  • I'm naturally endowed, my butt is natural - Super Yoruba actress, Biodun Okeowo lashes out at critics

    13/Nov/2016 // 475 Viewers


    Super Yoruba actress, Biodun Okeowo, aka Tolani Oshirin, has come out to debunk rumours that her butt is not natural.

    The curvy mother of two while addressing journalists at a recent event refutes the report, claiming her butt is a God-given asset, “My butt is very real, it’s given to me by God. It is not a crime flaunting what you got!

    I have never done any butt enlargement and I don’t wear butt-pads, for what? I am so endowed naturally. Most of those who peddle these rumours are people who have never met me in person before, they see you from a distance and conclude on your person, I don’t really blame them” she said.

    The light skinned actress also addressed issues concerning negative comments on her social media page, “I am a very free and playful person but I think there is this mentality that Nigerians have about dressing.

    They believe you can’t dress the way you like. But I am an advocate of ‘dress in whatever you are comfortable in.’ If I feel like rocking my bikini, I will do just that without minding whatever people are saying.

    When next I travel to Miami, I am going to rock my bikini. As for the comments on Instagram, sometimes, I laugh and at other times I just respond but I don’t sound bitter or angry. I reply playfully and make my point that they have no right to judge me” she quipped.

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