• Finally, powerful Man of God , Bishop David Oyedepo, breaks silence amid separatist feelings, aspirations ravaging Nigeria

    23/Oct/2016 // 4054 Viewers


    PARIS, OCTOBER, 23, 2016: (DGW) Amid separatist feelings and aspirations ravaging the country, the Founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide and Chancellor of Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Bishop David Oyedepo has assuaged feelings by expressing his belief in Nigeria as a strong, indivisible and united entity.

    He called on Nigerians to believe in themselves to overcome the present challenges bedeviling the country.

    He made the call over the weekend while speaking at the presentation of the University’s 7th Inaugural Lecture, which was part of activities marking the 14th edition of the annual Founder’s Day Ceremony.

    He said although Nigeria appears troubled and unsettled at the moment, but the country is naturally endowed with abundant human and natural resources to overcome its present challenges.

    The call to patronize items made in Nigeria featured prominently in his speech adding that despising Nigerian-made goods would compound the problems on the ground rather than proffer effective solutions.

    He said: “I believe in Nigeria and I know for sure that Nigeria will survive. Nigeria will not collapse and we will rise again as a people. But we must believe in ourselves, by patronizing things made by our people. “He has endowed us with a large deposit of human and natural resources, we only need to maximize the opportunities.

    'I have always said it that it doesn’t have to be white to be right. We must invest in education because no nation can rise above the education of her people.” 

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  • 7 years after Maryam, here's former President Ibrahim Babangida alleged's new wife ( Photos)

    24/Nov/2016 // 1863 Viewers


    (NAIJ)  Ummi Ibrahim Zeezee is a beautiful Kannywood actress who is in love with former military ruler, Ibrahim Babaginda. The charming actress shows her love for her alleged fiance on social media every chance she gets. The former president has been single for 7 solid years after the passing of his wife, Maryam in 2009.
    If wishes came true, Ummi Zeezee who is an open book and a woman who wears her heart on her sleeves will be by the side of her lover and alleged fiance. In a recent post, she shared the news of getting her engagement ring from a lover of hers. We hope for the sake of her heart, It is who she wants it to be.
    See pictures of the beauty below
    1. Ummi is one talented actress that has many fans on social media. She also looks flawless  with make-up on.
    6 adorable photos of the pretty Ummi Zeezee
    2. As a kanuri woman, she shows off her natural hair and flaunts her beauty with decorated henna hands
    6 adorable photos of the pretty Ummi Zeezee
    3. No doubt if you are rolling with the big boys of Nigerian society, you are bound to be Made. Her customized plate number shows how much cruise she catches.
    6 adorable photos of the pretty Ummi Zeezee
    4. Theres beauty in every where you look at the possible wife-to-be of the former military ruler.
    6 adorable photos of the pretty Ummi Zeezee
    5. Such beauty walking around in this country, it must sure belong to a billionaire.
    6 adorable photos of the pretty Ummi Zeezee
    6. Peaceful heart, gentle spirit who just wants to be loved.
    6 adorable photos of the pretty Ummi Zeezee

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  • Comic actor, JOHN OKAFOR, aka Mr IBU recounts experience on attempted suicide

    25/Feb/2017 // 1084 Viewers


    COMIC actor, John Okafor, aka Mr Ibu, has recounted the days when he had suicidal tendencies before attaining his present celebrity status.

    Ibu, the fifth Nigerian celebrity visiting the BBNaija housemates on Day 31, narrated his experience during the dairy session with `Biggie’ in the Diary Room.

    The comic actor said he `nearly’ committed suicide during “his struggles in life.”

    “Do you know that there was a day I prepared to kill myself in Ajao Estate; that day I was preparing to jump into a well because of the situation that surrounded me.

    “Three days before that day, I had not eaten and I did not have hope of eating for the next week; I was only surviving on water and I hate it when I bother anyone.

    “Most of my close friends were not bothered about my well-being even though it was obvious that I was not alright,”

    “The friend I used to squat with threw me out of his house because he wanted to travel for Christmas and will not allow me stay in his house.

    “From where I sat, there was a well; as I opened the lid and prepared to jump inside, the image of my mother face flashed through my mind.

    “I quickly closed the well and began to wonder how my mother who at that time was alive knew that I wanted to kill myself; I went back and leaned on the wall,” Ibu said.

    According to him, the song, “When I got my feet back again” by Michael Bolton being playing by a neigbour gave him hope and he decided to stay alive.

    Mr Ibu joins other Nigerian entertainers like Emmannel Ikubese, Mr Nigeria; Falz the bad guy and Ice Price who had earlier visited the house.

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  • Six secrets on how to deal with your difficult wife

    26/Apr/2016 // 812 Viewers


    Is there an "aching spot in your heart" that is breeding resentment between you and your partner? Are you "walking on eggshells" in your relationship? Have you tried to be funny, gentle, creative but still can't get the response you want? Your wife is being difficult. The Difficult Wife 

    What is a difficult wife from a husband's perspective? 

    Nagging is the number one complaint of men. A difficult wife hounds her husband until he gets it. If he remains unaffected, she will resort to name calling. If unsuccessful, she will scold him like a child.

    A difficult wife claims that her husband is not doing anything in the house or does not understand what is needed in the house. A difficult wife thinks a husband does not do anything right. A difficult wife accuses her husband that the reason they are in a bad situation is because of his bad decisions. A difficult wife makes her husband feel that he is in a "no-win situation". A husband feels that his difficult wife does not see the sacrifices made. He feels unappreciated. All the actions of a husband seem insignificant. She treats her husband like a child who needs to be fixed. To avoid confrontation, the husband avoids interaction with his wife. A difficult wife is ungrateful. She does not know how hard he works to provide for them. 

    The Reality 

    Is it an issue of the wife being difficult or is it because the husband lacks an understanding of his role as a leader? 

    No one taught a man to bring out the innate leadership skills in his family life. So, the children in the house are confused. They need clarifications from their parents on what it means to be the leader of the house. If their expectations are unclear, these sons will continue the cycle. This son will be a future husband who is withdrawn and passive. 

    It is typical for the husband to go home from work tired. He goes to a world of his own by watching his favorite sport. He retires to the couch. He rationalizes his need for rest. His wife realizes that this is unfair. She wanted her man to have the energy to deal with the current family issue and not ignore it.. She starts to let him know her frustrations. The husband knew it was coming and labels his wife as a "big time nagger". 

    Lacking in leadership skills, he feels that his wife knows the problem better than him. Thus, she can handle it better. He loses his desire to be present. He feels uncertain about the issue. He will unlikely initiate an action. He will bury himself with work and stay late in the office. He will go out with his friends and drink until the wee hours of the morning. He will go to golf games with his buddies the whole weekend. He will even take separate vacations. 

    The husband is actually leading himself away from his wife. If the wife puts her foot forward, the husband gets upset. He feels that the wife is preventing him from becoming the man he should be. His bitterness turns to rage. He attacks and loses control. He hurts his wife. He feels guilty then further withdraws. He feels inadequate to be a family leader. He allows his wife to lead. He stops desiring to take charge. The wife takes over. The husband complains "Geez, you do have a problem." 


    6 Secrets to Deal With Your Difficult Wife 

    1. Make your wife feel secure. 

    Your wife expects you to rescue her from the all day stress of child rearing, house chores and errands. She treats you as her "fearless protector of the unknown". Don't you notice how your wife relaxes upon seeing you after work? She wants you to tell her "It will be alright. Let me handle this. Relax. Here is a book. From now on, your fears are over." Kiss her and then take over "Mr. Knight and Shining Armor"! 

    2. Provide for the material needs of your family. 

    Your wife may be very skilled and talented. She may want to work. She wants to take a big load from your shoulder. Shield your wife from the worries of bills, rent or mortgage and other expenses. Do not push her to work and give her a guilt trip just so you can afford the luxuries of a good home, a new car, vacations, travels, hobbies or keeping up with the "Jones' ". The family must live within your means. 

    In an economic downturn, the temptation to work is great and sometimes a necessity. But, the family needs to downsize and want less of material things. Though the feminist movement insinuates that women must be equal with men in terms of capabilities and opportunities, the man must lead the wife to discover her strengths. The exceptions to the rule are circumstances involving illnesses, death, and major financial crisis. But these are temporary circumstances. Once everything stabilizes, the wife must become again a helper of her husband. 

    3. Direct the family to where it should go. 

    The husband must survey the direction where he wants to take the family. A husband who knows how to lead is sensitive of the desires and goals of his wife. He will take into consideration her feelings. Like a commander-in-chief, the husband may be unpopular. He must make tough decisions for the family. 

    4. Heal and uncover the need of your wife for love and strength. 

    A husband needs to be like a doctor. He must take into consideration her physical fatigue and limitations. He must be attuned to her emotional needs and stress levels. He must always offer a "should to cry on". He should recognize that his wife needs his strength. 

    5. Be a good, tender king 

    A husband won't be happy until he feels he is "the king of his house." However, he need not be a dictator. It does not mean the wife will worship the ground you walk on. A husband can be a good, tender king to his family. He will take aside his stressful days that his boss gave him. He will look forward to his castle at home. A husband must be like a king with a generous heart. 

    6. Lead the family spiritually 

    A husband must pray for his wife and his children. He must lead his family to prayer on a daily basis. He must encourage his children to appreciate the blessings bestowed on his family. He must recognize that he cannot rely on his own strength but from God. - english channel 

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  • Jim Iyke: Dear Lord, please give me a daughter

    26/Dec/2016 // 935 Viewers


    Three months after his son turned one, Nollywood actor Jim Iyke, wants another child, this time around, a girl.

    The actor took to social media on Boxing Day to pen a note of prayer to God, describing it as a petition he must submit before the year ends.

    “Please give me a daughter,” he pleaded and stated that he would be the “father, fathers dream of”.

    Jim Iyke said he wants the public prayer to God asking for a daughter to be his “most ardent test of faith”.

    The letter reads in part: “Dear Lord, I decided to quickly submit this petition before the year runs out. I’ll keep it short and straight. The last time we had this convo, King Harv showed up. My life has never been the same since. It’s being an amazing cocktail of unprecedented blessings, self-realisation, bold endeavours and forging of powerful alliances.

    “Now to the matter at hand. My sister says I’m a career cynic. My Ghanaian ex says my head is too strong for love. My Nigerian and past exes say I’m amazing but Gladys took the last iota of love I have for any woman with her.

    “I want a baby girl Lord. A daughter that will keep me on her permanent mumu button. I’ve done this before when King came and turned even the hardest skeptics to awestruck as I took fatherhood to the letter as naturally as fish in water.

    “Please give me a daughter this time Lord. You know I’m one that never brings my private affairs to the public but I want this act of vulnerability to be my most ardent test of faith.

    “I’ll be the father fathers dream of. I’ll pour my body, soul and spirit into raising her. Besides, King needs a sister to protect and love.”

    The actor added that he would like his dream daughter to have the physical attributes of Shade Adu and the intelligence of Michelle Obama.

    “I moved my file from the middle to the top of the stack when the LORD asks for it. A little addendum if you pls; I want her to look like Shade Adu in her teens with the brains of Michelle Obama.” 

    *Original post appeared first on The Cable

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  • Breaking: America's mom, Florence Henderson , Dead At 82 [VIDEO]

    26/Nov/2016 // 205 Viewers


    Florence Henderson, the cheery actress who brought smiles to our faces as matriarch Carol Brady on the ABC sitcom The Brady Bunch, has passed away at 82. 

    According to her manager, she died surrounded by her close family and friends. The small town girl from Dale, Indiana, first shot to fame on Broadway, appearing in a number of acclaimed musicals—including Fanny. 

    She was a paragon of wholesomeness as The Brady Bunch’s Carol Brady, playing a mother to six children. 

    The role, which she lasted for five seasons and 117 episodes, hit close to home for Henderson, who was herself the youngest of ten children. 

    Though it never achieved high ratings, it’s since become a celebrated piece of Americana. Henderson is survived by her four children.

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  • Watch! ‘Cucumber action’ Miss Anambra in lesbian sex video scandal (Part 2)

    26/Oct/2016 // 1856 Viewers


    CURRENTNEWSNOW: Some days ago, we posted a video showing the beauty queen engaged in lesbian acts with one of her close friends, a lady known as ‘Ada’. Chidinma was shown in the video using a cucumber to penetrate herself  before Ada came over to help out by smooching and caressing her vagina while she continued the ‘cucumber action’.

    Ada is said to be a beauty queen too, she was the 3rd runner up of the Queen of Democracy 2014 and she also doubles as Chidinma’s personal assistant.


    After the video had been trending online for a while, Chidinma came out to deny she is the one in the video. She insisted it was photoshopped and her face was super-imposed into the existing pictures.

     She wrote:  ”My attention has been drawn to a concocted photograph/ video being circulated in the social media wherein my face was superimposed on an existing picture of persons engaging amorous conduct through the art of photo shopping.This act is perpetrated by hodlums who are out to blackmail me or tarnish my image and promising career by presenting me in bad light. I wish to say that the said image is certainly not mine by any stretch of imagination.

    ”I am a highly responsible person who was brought up in a family with impeccable reputation. I can therefore not subscribe to such act how much more engage in same .

    Meanwhile, I have referred the matter to my lawyer for possible prosecution of the culprits and civil claim. Please be advised to discountenance the said photograph/ video and regard it as handiworks of detractors. Thank you.

    Okeke Chidinma” But lots of her followers won’t have any of it as they think she was playing on their intelligence. Well, the blackmailer is unknown yet and the reasons behind him/her releasing the very private video is not known yet.

    Olofofos claim that the blackmailer is someone from Chidinma’s close circle of friends. And the blackmailer has released the part 2 of the video which is very clear, shows the face of the beauty queen and her PA. The video is about 59seconds long.

    Watch the part 2 of the sex video HERE

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  • Nollywood actress reveals why men fear women with fame

    27/Aug/2016 // 310 Viewers


    THE NATION - Lola Faduri is a psychologist and surgical assistant in the United States of America who, for her passion in the make-believe world, decided to pursue a degree in filmmaking at the renowned New York Film Academy. Fondly called Adetoun L’America among her folks, the light skinned lady, who started her acting career in 2001 with the popular Odunfa Caucus, recently produced two films. In this interview with DUPE AYINLA-OLASUNKANMI, she speaks on her journey in the motion picture world, among other issues.

    TELL us about your new movies?

    I just finished producing two movies. One of them is titled Ayamo meaning ‘Destiny’. It is basically about people who think they cannot succeed or survive in Nigeria without traveling abroad. They do not know the daily struggles of those living there and they think life is smoother on the other side. The irony of it is that people stay here in Nigeria and succeed without having to travel.

    There’s a lot to learn from it but it simply teaches us that wherever you are destined to be, God will locate and prosper you. We do not need to travel abroad before we make it in life. The second movie is titled Ife Odale. It’s a story of betrayal, hurt and greed between couples. It also emphasizes reasons why distance can damage homes and relationship.

    If a spouse relocates abroad and the other spouse is back home, should there be trust? Could such marriages work? Can such marriage stand the test of time? All these answers can be found in the movie Ife Odale.
    One of the challenges producers face is funding. How have you been raising funds for your projects?

    Well, acting and movie making are not the only careers I have. I work in the medical field here in the US and I’m also into buying and selling.

    Moreover, our industry is not as profitable as before but that doesn’t mean we still don’t make money from the movies we produce. Most of my colleagues have other businesses, and we fund our movies ourselves because it’s what we have a passion doing.

    What are the challenges of staying abroad and getting roles in Nigeria?

    It’s hard, to be sincere. It’s a big challenge but if you are determined, things will always work out the way you want. There are lots of actors that are based in US and UK. In fact, Nollywood US produces lots of movies every year. We have an industry here too. I know people who produce here in US without having to travel home.

    My last production, Adetoun L’america was shot here in US. I mean 90 % of it and only few scenes were shot in Nigeria. I’ve featured in a lot of productions here that don’t have a single scene in Nigeria, so it’s not so hard to get roles here. But I personally have to travel to shoot my movies and get roles in Nigeria and I get roles here in US too.

    How true is the perception that most actresses are wayward?

    Well, I don’t know about that. There’s no industry that does not have wayward people as you mentioned, so it’s not only in our industry. It happens everywhere and in every career but just because we are role models, people tend to think there should be perfection in Nollywood, I do not see or know any wayward colleague but if some of them are actually wayward, then it’s very bad.

    People also believe their wayward attitude could be one of the reasons. They get married late and end up divorced?

    Some people marry late for reasons best known to them, not because of waywardness. Actually, there are two sides to it. Some men are reluctant to marrying female actors because of the fame and they think they cannot control them; this could lead to female actors marrying late.

    On the other side most men that eventually marry them for the stardom part and not real love which eventually leads to divorce in no time except the very few God-fearing men. Yes, I could start mentioning happily married female actors that don’t have any problem in their marriages. There is a lot of us.

    You must have been in the business for a while; cell you tell us about it?

    If you have passion for something and you aren’t seeing yourself doing it, it saddens you. Acting has been my passion, so if I know any one that knows someone in the industry, I was always quick to tell them to introduce me. There was this brother I know; he’s a very popular musician in London. His name is Jide Chord. He and Uncle Alade Aromire were very close friends. He introduced me to Alade Aromire in 2002 and he tutored me till 2005 before I relocated.

    Same way I met Uncle Yinka Quadri in 2001 through his brother Waheed Olateju Quadri. He told me he is Yinka Quadri’s brother and I was like you have to take me to see him. That was how I started going to Odunfa. I used to go to LTV 8 to see Uncle Alade Aromire back in 2003 at his Yotomi studio. He knew I was in Odunfa but I took him as a brother and because he was a veteran, I learned a lot from him, I pray his gentle soul continues to rest in peace.

    What is it like combining acting with a medical career?

    Acting is my career and medicine is my job. I have passion for both but acting is my life: Healthcare brings me money, I combine both easily without one affecting the other.

    Do you think you can have a break with you

    staying abroad?

    Yes and I’m not only aiming to become a top shot in Nollywood, I plan to make big movies that will be shot in Los Angeles and I will cast Hollywood actors, I went to NY Film Academy here and most of my colleagues we graduated together have relocated to Los Angeles to start a career.

    We do keep in touch and I plan to make an Afro/American film project soon. I hope to cast both Hollywood and Nollywood actors. Acting for me is not all about the country I was born alone but also about the county I live. I’m aiming higher and with God nothing is impossible.

    What was your reason for joining a caucus?

    Back then, it was necessary to join a caucus. You see, people don’t produce movies then like we do now. Before you can even feature in one movie, you have to really try. It wasn’t coming easy and there were few producers. But now, I do not belong to any caucus. We produce singly, we have marketers and we feature other actors. There are still caucuses and I always and will always represent Odunfa caucus but I don’t belong to any now.

    Are you also of the opinion that joining one is the only way to survive in the Yoruba movie industry?

    No, I don’t believe that the only way to survive is to join a caucus but it’s good to join one especially if you are just coming up as an artist.

    Is Ife Odale your story?

    No, it’s not my story but it’s a true life story of what is happening in our society. It is assumed that producers sometimes tell the story of their life through their works. But if they do, they will let the audience know it’s the true life story. Not every story is true life. There are lots of things happening in our society, and there is a lot to write about.

    Are you one of the actresses who believe marrying a white man makes their career easy to maintain?

    I don’t believe marrying a white man makes life easy abroad; neither does it make a career easy to maintain. Marrying black or white here does not make any difference unless for people marrying the white to get their papers and eventually getting divorced at the end.

    Did you pay those you featured in your new movie, or it is the normal norm of exchange, which is popular in the Yoruba sector?

    I paid them all, although I cannot finish paying them. Can we finish paying each other? No. The works we do is much but the pay is little, we help each other a lot too, may God bless our hustles.

    You also act in English movies too?

    Yes, it started from my church. Half of those English movies are produced By COGA Cathedral, and one of the movies was directed by Doyin Hassan and others by reputable Christian movie directors. I’m a devout Christian and a child of God. I’ve featured in other Nollywood English movies as well.

    What is your take on those who flaunt their charity works on social media?

    It’s good to do charity but not as means of cheap publicity.

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  • I needed a break, says Mercy Johnson

    27/Aug/2016 // 226 Viewers


    Curvy cum busty Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, has revealed how much it was worth to create time out of her extremely busy career schedule to go on holiday with her husband in the United States for approximately three weeks. 

    Shortly after her return to her home country, the pretty mother of three spoke to Potpourri on the importance of taking time out to go on vacations. 

    “We went to spend time together, three kids, three years, its fun; it’s awesome. In marriage, it’s necessary to have time to reminisce, plan and talk” she said excitedly. 

    Responding to why she’s already working barely a week after her return from the United States with her husband, she responded; “It’s not about the money, as a person I combine my marriage, my kids, my work together. I’ve done that for the past five years. 

    My kids are on holidays now, so it’s a better time for me to work before they get back to school; it’s actually a better timing. Like I always say, it’s not about the money but the passion I have for my work.” - Vanguard

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  • Ex-pianist, DURO IKUJENYO to Fela Anikulapo-Kuti calls for revolution in Nigeria, narrates how Fela stormed Dodan Barracks with mother's coffin

    27/Jan/2017 // 611 Viewers


    PARIS, JANUARY 27, 2016: (DGW) Ex-pianist to late Afro-beat king, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, assuming the role of his former master has descended heavily on Buhari on his birthday in a chat with TSW published by Daily Sun.

    The pianist, Duro Ikujenyo, who traveled with the late Afrobeat maestro across the world said in the interview said that Buhari's change does not border on the Age of Aquarius but material things which if dwelt on will make one hypertensive.

    While marking his 60th birthday, Duro Ikujenyo, said he feels great and talked about so many things including what happened when Fela Anikulapo Kuti invaded Dodan Barracks, Lagos with his mother's coffin.

    Image result for images for duro ikujenyo with late fela anikulapo-kuti

    Pianist, Duro Ikujenyo

    He called for a revolution in Nigeria apparently protesting the hard times adding that the Nigerian government has no policy direction which speaks volumes for the ongoing hardship across the country.


    Have you made money from music, are you fulfilled?

    My happiness is an everyday thing. My philosophy is that I don’t depend on perishable things. And that is what my band; The Age of Aquarius is all about. The Age of Aquarius is not the change Buhari is talking about. Buhari is talking about material things. If you dwell on material things you will have hypertension and be taking coca-cola and all the things that will destroy you without looking for your own original roots. I use chewing stick because it is very medicinal; you can also crush it and put it in your tea, it is the strongest vitamin C and mint. When I was growing up, with N1000 you could buy a car so how can you be talking about being fulfilled when Nigeria is getting underdeveloped. When I read Walter Rodney’s “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa”, I forgot about the Nigerian  government because they can never ever change. Like I said, I live with the people. They come and say they are hungry, they have not eaten, no light and no water. And my landlady has bought five pumping machines and they all went bad. In fact, I don’t want to talk about fulfillment. If you are talking about fulfillment in Nigeria just forget it because any day there is an election there is always fuel pump price increment. Do you know how many times they have increased fuel pump price after elections? There is no planning in Nigeria. My fulfillment will be that day when we have a revolution. I have a song entitled Revolution which I specially composed for Nigeria. And the revolution must be dynamic and coordinated. Fela was a leader with a strong philosophy. We must know that as Nigerians or Africans, we are all one. But the first thing we must think of is how to organise ourselves into a community. That is why we have an organization called May25 Group which originated from Fela’s MOP (Movement Of The People ). You can hear it in  Fela’s song, the one dedicated to the day he carried his mother’s coffin to Dodan Barracks. I was right there at the front of the action that very day.

    Can you recall what happened?

    It was a Sunday, the last day before Obasanjo handed over to Shehu Shagari. Fela rented two buses, a coaster and a normal bus and put the coffin in the small bus while 75 people boarded the coaster bus. We took off from Fela’s house in Ikeja by 12pm and drove straight to Eko Bridge. We were in traffic and police tried to stop us because they informed them that Fela was coming so we did a detour and came in through Apapa. When we got to Dodan Barracks, there were no soldiers because Obasanjo was handing over power the next day and the gate was opened so we drove inside  because there was no soldier to assault us.  We had a photographer by name Femi Osula. There was also another photographer from Punch by name Dare. Femi climbed over the fence and took photographs and disappeared. That was when the army got wind of what was unfolding and they alerted the barracks that ‘ahh… there is wahalao-o! Fela has brought a coffin.’ Before we knew it over 1000 soldier jumped on us from every angle with every kind of weapon and beat us blue black! However, one intelligent officer ordered them to stop so we were bundled into the bus and they took us to a mobile police station on Awolowo  Road where they used to interrogate armed robbers. About 52 of us where put in two small rooms. After four days they took us to court and the case was thrown out because there was no offence and besides, the military was no longer in power.

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