• 4 ways to deal with a cheating boyfriend

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    Cheating may be a deal-breaker in your relationship, or it may not, depending on the circumstances. There are lots of different factors to consider, and emotions at stake. Follow these steps to help decide how to go forward

    1. Investigate. Play detective, and notice his suspicious mannerisms. Ask yourself the following:

    Has he been less intimate with you? If you notice sex become less frequent, he might be getting something on the side.[1]

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    *Has he been dressing to impress? Men do this when they’re first interested in someone, but when things get serious, they tend to slack on their appearance. If he suddenly starts working out or takes an unusual interest in his looks, he’s looking good for someone else.[2]

    *Is he “working late” more frequently? If “working late” becomes more regular, or if he’s spending nights away “on business,” he’s probably seeing someone else. Unless he’s been overwhelmed with work, in which case he probably tells you all about specific things he’s stressed about. 
    If he’s vague about his late nights and business trips, and doesn’t tell you very much about them, there’s a solid chance he’s seeing someone else.[2]

    *Does he check his phone a lot, and is he secretive about it? Some men are simply more private than others, but if he becomes defensive when you ask him who he’s corresponding with, he’s hiding something.

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    *Has he become protective of his personal accounts? More so than usual? If he suddenly installs a password on his cell phone or computer, or starts intercepting the mail to open bank statements in private, he is likely having an affair.[2]

    *Has he been withdrawn and distant from you lately? If he’s behaving anxious around you, there’s a chance he’s having an affair. But remember, men can be distant for many reasons, so don’t go jumping to conclusions. But if he is being unfaithful, he will most likely be nervous, whether it be out of guilt or paranoia.

    *Has he been snide to you in front of company? He may try to justify their infidelity by convincing himself you’re the bad guy.[2]

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    **Has he been mentioning a female acquaintance or colleague a lot more lately?[2] This may mean he has a crush, whether he knows it or not. The good news is, if he still mentions her to you, he may not have acted on those feelings yet, since they’re still tantalizing him. If he did the deed already, he’d probably never mention her again.

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    Ask the woman that he’s having an affair with, if you know or suspect who she is. Most women will sympathize and tell the truth. Oftentimes, this is exactly what she wants—for you to know. She may want you to leave him, so she can have your man all to herself. Many women are offended to be somebody’s secret, or second choice.

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    3. Ask him. He may not answer honestly, but you can still infer by his reaction whether he is hiding something.
    If he reacts defensively or nervously, and fervently denies all accusations, he's hiding something.

    If he "doesn’t dignify your question with an answer," it’s usually because he doesn’t want to lie to you, but he really doesn’t want to tell the truth. If instead of answering, he asks, “How could you think that? Don’t you trust me?” he’s probably just avoiding your question.

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    If he comes clean, it is for one of two reasons. Either he is telling you because A) he wants to leave you, or B) the guilt of the affair is killing him. If he breaks down and cries, or keeps his head down when he tells you, it’s because he’s ashamed and he regrets his actions. Ask him what his intentions are in telling you, whether he wants to work things out with you or not.

    METHOD 2. How to confront him

    1. Prepare yourself for every possibility beforehand. “Cheating” isn’t always black and white. Depending on how many times he’s cheated on you, how long he’s been unfaithful, how invested he is in his affair(s) and how many women he’s been with, you may be able to salvage your relationship.
      • If he’s exclusive to one mistress and he sees her frequently, and buys her things, and does romantic things with her, this means he’s in love with her and your relationship is over.
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      • If he’s slipped up several times, but always with different women who he cares nothing about and hasn’t kept in touch with, he may be fixable, because this means you still give him something other women don’t, if you’re the only one he’s with repeatedly. But you will have to make a change if you want him to change his ways, or it won’t work, and he’ll fall back into old habits.
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      • If he only cheated once, and it was out of character, and he sincerely, utterly regrets it, he deserves a second chance.
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      Decide what you consider a deal-breaker. Where will you draw the line? When you find out how seriously he’s been cheating, at what point will you be through with him? How willing are you to forgive him and move on?
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      Realize that you may be partly to blame. Obviously, his actions are inexcusable, but they may be the result of something deeper, and you may be part of it. Ask yourself if you’ve been driving him away. Maybe you’ve been snapping at him, putting too much pressure on the relationship, getting serious too quickly, or not getting serious enough. It could be any number of things, but you may not be satisfying all his needs, and if you want to work things out, there may be aspects of yourself you have to change.
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      Confront him calmly. If you approach him angrily, he will immediately be on the defensive, and he won’t be rational or honest with you.
      • Be as understanding as possible. Let him be heard. Listening to him may relieve some of the tension that led him to betray you in the first place.
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      Ask him specifically how much he cheated.
      • How many times?
      • How many women?
      • How frequently?
      • How long has it been going on?
      • Has he cheated in past relationships?
      • How serious is he about these women/this woman?
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      Ask him what his intentions are with you. Does he want to stay with you? Or was cheating his easy way out of this relationship? Is he in love with someone else?
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      Decide if you are willing to work through this, or if you're through. Should you stay or should you go?
      • If in your heart, you can't fully forgive him, and you don't think you'll be happy if you stay with him, it isn't worth your misery to try to work through it, no matter how much you wish you could.
      • If you believe in him and trust him to stay faithful from hereon, you should give him a second chance.

      METHOD 3

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      Cheating can be avoided altogether if you know what causes it. Avoid doing the following:

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        Give him space. Don't smother him. If you're clingy or possessive over him, he may push you away. If he feels trapped with you, he may resort to cheating as a means of freeing himself.
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        Satisfy him sexually. If he doesn't feel his needs are being met, he will find a way to meet them, and if you can't satisfy those needs, he'll find someone else who will.
        • Be adventurous in bed and open to do the things he wants to do, as long as his demands are reasonable.
        • Boring or repetitive sex can drive him to find somebody else to satisfy his urges.
        • Genuinely enjoying sex makes all the difference. If he thinks he isn't satisfying you, this may cause him to reassure his ego that he is good in bed by satisfying someone else.
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        Be careful not to play the blame game with him. Blaming and accusing him for every little thing will push him to seek acceptance elsewhere, not just sexual acceptance, but emotional as well.
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        Don't partake in power struggles. Love is not a competition, so don't try to win. Dismissing everything he says or being condescending with him will cause him to retaliate.







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  • 5 politicians that attained celebrity status in 2016

    28/Dec/2016 // 148 Viewers


    In 2016, many politicians became famous for things other than what they were elected to do: be public servants.

    From whistleblowing to publicity stunts to court cases that had more plot twists than a Nollywood movie, the transition from the halls of power to the spotlight has been a smooth one for many politicians.

    Here are seven politicians who became celebrities in 2016.

    Bukola Saraki

    Saraki, former governor of Kwara state, further grew into his role as senate president in 2016, but his trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal kept him in the public eye as often as possible.

    On the party front, Saraki’s relationship with other leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) was often speculated upon. Series of reports, exclusives, conspiracy theories emanated regarding his loyalty to the ruling party.

    Abdulminin Jibrin

    The name of Abdulmumin Jibrin, a lawmaker representing Kiru/Bebeji federal constituency in Kano, became synonymous with budget padding.

    Through Facebook and Twitter, Jibrin embarked on a weekly cycle of allegations, suggesting that Yakubu Dogara, speaker of the federal house of assembly, padded Nigeria’s budget with N4bn.

    Jibrin was suspended by the House over his role in the budget padding saga. He subsequently left Nigeria for London, where he vowed to remain in exile until he could safely return home.

    The lawmaker claimed that there were numerous assassination attempts on his life.

    Lai Mohammed

    The information minister more often than not drew the ire of Nigerians on the stance of the federal government on several issues.

    One of his most controversial comments was in response to the issue of unemployment. The minister said, “dressing masquerades can create a thousand jobs per week”.

    The comment infuriated many Nigerians who felt Mohammed was trivialising the issue of unemployment.

    Dino Melaye

    The senator representing Kogi west was famously in the eye of the storm when he clashed with Remi Tinubu, a fellow senator and wife of Bola Tinubu, APC national leader.

    Melaye was alleged to have said he would beat up and impregnate Tinubu. He subsequently denied this, stating that he could not impregnate her as she had ‘arrived’ menopause.

    The senator also continued to flaunt his collection of exotic cars and lavish lifestyle on social media.

    Solomon Dalung

    The minister of sport was guilty of occasional blunders and goofs throughout 2016.

    Dalung irked Nigerians with controversial, sometimes embarrassing comments, most of which he said were misquoted and misleading.

    He made the headlines almost once per month. In December alone, he was heavily criticised over the handling of the Super Falcons team and officials after winning the African Women championship.

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  • Read how Nollywood actor, Ani Iyoho, Nollywood actor got burnt while performing stunt on set

    28/Jul/2016 // 4590 Viewers

    (NAIJ.COM) - 

    After what might be considered as a ‘stunt gone wrong’ fast-rising Nollywood actor Ani Iyoho, is reportedly fighting for his life at an undisclosed hospital.
    The Akwa Ibom state born Nollywood actor who has several movies and TV series under his belt, is reportedly lying in a hospital after receiving severe burns to his body on a movie set.
    Nollywood actor Ani Iyoho
    Ani Iyoho
    Ani Iyoho who is a karate black-belt holder and touts himself as a fearless stuntman and always goes the extra mile to prove he’s a good actor, was said to have taken fire to his body and while the directors tried to quench the fire, the extinguisher jammed, prompting them to rush him to a hospital’s emergency room.
    While some say it’s just a stunt to promote the movie, others say it happened for real. In a video showing the scene, someone can be heard saying ”use the extinguisher” while another was heard saying ‘‘it’s not working.”

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  • Breaking: Popular northern musician goes missing after criticizing Buhari's government

    29/Jun/2016 // 3231 Viewers


    A popular musician in the North East has gone missing just days after releasing a scathing song accusing local lawmakers of corruption, police and family said Wednesday.

    Ado Dahiru Daukaka went missing in the Adamawa State capital, Yola, after he left his house early on Friday to offer dawn prayers at a mosque.

    His new song accuses politicians from President Muhammadu Buhari’s ruling party of corruption and predicts they will not be voted in the 2019 election.
    The song “Gyara Kayanka”, or ‘Put your house in order’ in the local Hausa language, accuses local lawmakers of being selfish and corrupt.

    The family of the singer said he was a political target.

    “It is obvious his disappearance is an abduction by some interests who are infuriated by his latest song which exposed corruption among legislators at the state house of assembly,” Daukaka’s relative Atiku Mustapha told AFP.

    “We believe they abducted him as a warning to other critics like him. They just want to muzzle critics,” Mustapha said.

    Hadiza Adamu, one of the singer’s two wives, said he had no enemies.

    “My husband is not known to be at loggerheads with any one. The only explanation we could provide is that he could have angered some powerful interests with his songs,” said Adamu, who gave birth just five days before he went missing.

    “We call on whoever is behind his disappearance to have pity on us and release him unharmed,” she said.

    The Police Public Relations Officer, Adamawa State Command, Othman Abubakar, said an investigation has been launched but declined to comment if the disappearance was linked to the song.

    Fierce critics

    Daukaka became popular following Nigeria’s return to civilian rule in 1999 with a hit in praise of then-state governor Murtala Nyako.

    Local singers are fierce critics in northern Nigeria with their songs that tackle everything from forbidden love to political discontent.

    One of the country’s most popular singers, Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, was imprisoned by Buhari during his short-lived reign as military ruler in the 80’s.

    Kuti’s arrest on charges of currency smuggling were dismissed by human rights groups who argued he was a political detainee after criticising the government.


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  • Good News! Nollywod star actress, Chika Ike , says she's found love again, read what else she says she needs

    29/Oct/2016 // 298 Viewers


    Three years after divorcing her ex-husband, Tony Ebireri, screen diva, Chika Ike seems to have found love again.

    The actress’ marriage to Ebireri had come under heavy storm of accusations and counter accusations of infidelity, insubordination, and domestic violence before it finally collapsed in 2013. Now, the Anambra State-born movie star is all set to give marriage a second chance.

    In an exclusive chat with Inside Nollywood, Ike talks glowingly about the special man in her life and plans for remarriage. “Marriage is a beautiful institution. I will never talk down on marriage because it’s something I still look forward to. It’s what every woman hopes for. Though, I’m focused on my career right now, I do have a very special person in my life,” she enthuses.

    When pressed further to reveal the identity of the man that tickles her heart, Ike whose latest movie, Miss Teacher is making waves in the cinemas, refused further talk about him.

    “Well, that’s all I can say about my relationship; I have a special someone. His profile doesn’t matter to you right now,” she quips.

    But is Chika Ike a fulfilled woman despite her fame and fortune? Hear her: “Honestly, I am not fulfilled yet. There are certain things I haven’t achieved. Every day I wake up, I want to get to the zenith of my career, but it takes one step at a time. I am still hoping to achieve more which would eventually make me a fulfilled woman.”


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  • Don't create chance for your woman to fake orgasm

    30/Apr/2016 // 685 Viewers


    Due to the desire for men to make their partners achieve orgasm, most have taken to asking this question after, or even during sex; Did you cum?
    You might think you are asking out of concern and this is supposed to show how passionate you are about pleasing her, but here are 5 big reasons why this is a terrible idea, and what you should do instead.

    1. She knows what you want to hear
    Here's the thing, A LOT of women fake orgasms. And if they fake it to avoid hurting your feelings, they will lie when you ask for the same reason. They know that the only acceptable answer to this question is 'Yes.' If she says 'no', it will make you feel uncomfortable, and even pissed off. 

    2. It reeks of insecurity
    When you ask her if she came, she will see you as insecure. And we all know women are not big fans of insecure men. It will forever affect the way she looks at you.

    3. It is annoying
    The only thing worse than asking a woman if she came is asking her every single time you have sex, or asking her multiple times during sex. 

    4. It puts her under pressure
    A woman is less likely to orgasm if she is not relaxed. If you keep asking her, she will understand that this is your aim and this will put her in a lot of pressure to achieve orgasm. 

    5. She WILL NOT cum
    Unless you know her body language and when she is about to cum, please stop randomly asking her questions like 'did you cum?' 'Are you cumming?' "How many times have you cum?' Doing this will guarantee that she will not cum.  

    What to do instead.
    Know her body. Learn what turns her on. Focus on pleasing her. Every woman has a tell for when they are cumming and all women are different. So, take the time to know her own tell. It is that thing (no matter how little) that changes. Once you know that, then you will never need to ask and she will never need to lie. 

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  • BREAKING: Janet Jackson bounces back, stuns the world with #JANET UNBREAKABLE!

    31/Mar/2016 // 1639 Viewers


    PARIS, MARCH 31, 2016: (DGW) - JANET JACKSON, an icon in American letters, a trendsetter with a remarkable business acumen, a living legend  doubtless  gifted with the Midas touch from the music industry on Twitter will in the Emirates, Dubai to be precise  stun the world again this time with #JANET UNBREAKABLE.

    Janet while in Dubai will unveil a new venture. She in her twitter message to her fans around the world said Hey you guys, we've taken #Unbreakable to North America & Japan. Next stop #DubaiWorldCup16!

    #Plush Congrats to JANET, Jimmy & Terry for winning @ClassicPopMag SINGLE OF THE YEAR! http://janetbr.com/english/classic-pop-magazine-2016-

    She had twitted on March 11, 2016:  Watch what I'm doin
    Watch where I'm goin
    Trying to get to #TheGreatForever. 
    http://www.meydan.ae  #DubaiWorldCup

    Janet has over 3.3 million followers on Twitter!




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  • Foundation Celebrates maiden edition of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan 'Day Of Peace'

    31/Mar/2016 // 1138 Viewers





    Sunday Bala Oma Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization established to advocate for good governance and qualitative education for sustainable development. The Foundation is optimistic that by 2050, 85% of Nigerian Communities will have access to basic social amenities for their enjoyment, with visionary leaders in place, thereby placing Nigeria among the World's 20 Largest Economy.

    This Day, we celebrate an icon whose attribute has attracted several National and Global Honours. He is no other than the Man of the Moment. The one we Honoured a year ago as the FATHER OF MODERN DAY DEMOCRACY. He is Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR), the immediate past President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    We Honour him today not because he is perfect. We celebrate him, not because he conceded defeat at the 2015 General Elections only. He is being celebrated because he has left for us, several indelible landmarks that has stood the test of time. Several have testified of his landmark achievements, ranging from his giant stride in infrastructiral development to human capital growth. He led Nigeria to the pinnacle of Global history where the economy became the largest in Africa and the fastest growing economy in the World, just to mention a few.

    We celebrate this icon because his intentions were far from sacrificing the blood of any Nigerian for his ambition. This he kept to the very end. As long as life shall last, we will continue to celebrate you every 31st March if Jesus tarries. This year's maiden edition is on a low key, to empathize with Fellow Nigerians on the hardship being faced by all a sundry. At this maiden edition of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan Day of peace, we call on all loving Nigerians to cheer up and know that God is able to restore us all from this dilapidated economic state of our dear nation that seems to be far from being revamped.

    God is desirous that we all make our ways right with him so he can grant us the desires of our hearts. He is also raising His end time instruments to redeem the broken walls of our land and generation, which was caused by previous and the outgoing generations. Once He fimds just one correct heart towards Him and His divine plan for our dear Nation, the present hardship being faced will give way effortlessly to the transformation we have longed yearn for.

    As we celebrate this icon, be sure to emulate his indelible legacies of peaceful  co-existence and spirit of humility and sportsmanship which he exhibited all through his tenure as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Remember, the greatest of all tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone. Never you leave what you ought to do today for the morrow, because no one, not even I will live forever.

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: "Sunday Bala" <sundaybalaoma@gmail.com>
    Date: 30 Mar 2016 22:34
    Subject: 1st GEJ Day of Peace.doc
    To: <Sundaybalaomafoundation@yahoo.com>



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