• How To Travel Around The World Without Spending Money

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    When you're sitting in class or behind your desk waiting for the clock to strike a time when you can go home it is natural that the mind can wander a bit. It isn't uncommon for your mind to wander to a vacation and even travelling the world.

    What if there was a way that you could travel the world without having to raid any savings accounts and credit cards that you have to your name? The world has many hidden gems and there has to be more to life than a mundane 9 to 5.

    A person that managed to make it around the world without spending much was Shantanu Starick. He wanted to travel across all seven continents without spending a dime; instead he would trade off his photography services for food and a place to stay. If he can do it so can you!

    How he traded off his services

    Starick realised that as a photographer he had a service that people would usually be willing to pay money for, but what if he asked for something instead of money that would directly help him with his travelling ambitions?

    He would instead offer his photography services to anyone who could provide him with food, shelter and transportation. By doing this he was able to travel the world without spending a single penny. By photographing bed and breakfasts and hotels he is able to get some of the best nights sleep you can imagine.

    Where has Starick been able to travel?

    At the time of writing this post, Starick has been travelling for a mind-blowing 30 months and has visit countries ranging from the United States to Ecuador! He has a skill that appreciated across the world and marketing it effectively has allowed him to find a new place to travel once he completes every project.

    Despite travelling for such a length of time, Starick still has countless countries to visit, which is testament to the amount of natural beauty that our planet has to offer.

    An authentic experience

    The trades are quite straightforward; Starick has spoken of a woman he met in New Jersey who loved to cook. He offered to take pictures of her food and kitchen for a nights sleep and some food in his belly.

    Who needs a posh hotel when you can have such an authentic experience with locals? Staying in peoples homes, lodging in five-star hotels, and eating like a local allows Starick to have an experience that is unmatched.

    Communicating with locals

    In predominantly English speaking countries, trading off services and communicating isn't difficult for Starick. However in more remote areas where there isn't an English speaking person in sight it can be quite difficult.

    China is still a country Starick needs to visit and smaller settlements wont speak English, so hell be served well by learning a few basic Chinese phrases to get him started. More than anything locals appreciate the effort behind trying to speak their language, even if you don't exactly sound like a native speaker.

    You can do it too!

    Honestly, with a bit of confidence, drive and a skill you can trade, you'll be able to do exactly the same as Shantanu. Whether you plan on travelling for 30 months or 30 days, there are people out there who will be willing to accommodate a trade and you can bet you'll have an authentic experience!

    Start thinking about what you can do to get around the world without overpaying. With our social networks and the connectivity our world currently has, you can easily connect with and market yourself to people across the world without any effort.

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  • (5) Signs to know if your woman is is seeing another man

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    Things are sure to change when there is another man in the picture.

    Although there are more specific signs that can be helpful to you, we have managed to put together the (5) Most Notable ones as a guideline.

    1. Be on the look out for the purchase of new, sexy under garments.
    This of course is an easy clue for you, but it can easily go unnoticed by unsuspecting men.

    Just think back during your honeymoon period how she would always wear the sexiest lingerie and always look amazing in her undergarment, but after a while it stopped.
    If you’ve noticed new undergarments but you don’t get the pleasure of seeing her in them, usually someone else is and it’s more than likely the other man.

    2. All of a sudden she gets angry or upset about something she has never gotten angry with you about before.

    This is usually a sign she is comparing you to the new guy.
    The tendency for her to become extremely judgmental is at an all time high if she has someone to compare you to.

    3. She starts wearing a different perfume or taking excessive interest in her hair, makeup, her figure and her overall appearance.

    If it’s usually 15 to 20 minutes in the bathroom and suddenly it turns into 45 to 1hr. don’t take it lightly.
    Some women have gone as far as purchasing new gym memberships in order to tighten up their figure to impress the new guy.

    4. Spending more time at the office and less quality time with you is a dead giveaway

    An Office Romance is still high on the list of the most likely places for someone to begin an affair.
    If there is a sudden increase of time in the Office you should make a mental note of it and monitor how often it occurs.

    If the longer work hours occur on the same day(s) of each week, like every Tuesday & Friday for instance, and carries over late into the night, it is cause for concern.

    5. Beware if she doesn’t want to have sex with you anymore or cuts back on it, especially if you’ve had an active sex life before now.

    This is the painful reality of the situation if she is seeing another man. The desire for her to have sex with you will diminish dramatically.
    Most women are emotional and the idea of being tied to 

    (2) different men can be overwhelming for her, so it is common for her to chose (1) above the other for emotional and sexual fulfillment and if there is a change in the frequency of sex it’s usually because another man is involved.

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  • 3 hottest SPOTS women want you to touch during sex

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    Men love sex. We do. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Many women also love sex, although few of them quite as much as we do. If, however, you learn how to touch your woman in ways no man has ever touched her before, your chances of getting more sex from her will increase tenfold.

    Generally most of the men like to touch the breast, vagina and butt of the women. But they are neglecting the other sensitive parts that induce women and give a lot of happy moments. 

    If you touch these parts during the sex or foreplay she will get in the mood and feel special. Here are some but important points where women want to be touched. Click Here for detailed information.

    1. HAIR Men always attracting to their gorgeous looks, so only this reason women are very punctuate about her hairstylist look. Hair wash, color, cut and styling these processes may be quit stress reliever. Running your fingers smoothly through her hair this is a proper way to send tingles down her spine..

    2. NAPE OF HER NECK When you go to the nape of her neck, stay there few minutes and place few kisses there. In ancient Japan, the women’s back neck was like as very attractive by men, so this is one of the few place not covered by any cloth. In trendy times, the nape of the neck is usually neglected in favor of a lot of obvious pleasure centers, however never underestimates the facility of mild touches and kisses from her hairline to her shoulders. You can find out More Here. 

    3. COLLAR BONE Collarbone is very sexy part on women. So why not display your best for this beauty with touching and kissing? Pay absorption to this anatomy allotment while she’s still absolutely clothed, unbuttoning her shirt aloof abundant to acknowledge the clavicle and no further. You should come back on this part when the clothes have fully disappeared as well to remind her of the anticipation it create when you started there.

    Credit: NAIJ

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  • Nigerian celebrities crossed with Buhari on Independence Day celebrations

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    As Nigeria celebrates its 56th anniversary as an independent nation, some Nigerian celebrities tell Saturday Beats about their thoughts on the current state of the nation

    Saidi Balogun

    For ace actor, Saidi Balogun, Nigerian entertainers have nothing to celebrate today due to the adverse effect of piracy on the sector. The actor is sad that a 56-year-old country does not have any stiff penalties for pirates. In his words, he said today should be a day for mourning and not celebration.

    “Nigerian entertainers should be in a mourning state. It is not for the country alone but for our industry. The National Assembly has refused to pass bills with stiff penalties on piracy. Now the price of crude oil has crashed and everyone is crying whereas we could generate money from the entertainment industry and everybody would be smiling. It is not an independence that is celebrating it because we are still dependent. We entertainers are still under the colonialism of the legislators. Maybe they are afraid that if they pass the right bill against piracy, they would not be able to enslave us anymore. To me, entertainment can boost our economy aside from our dependence on crude oil. Does it mean that if there is no crude oil, our economy would die? Let them pass the right bill so that we can make more money and improve on our country. Three years ago, a president said that our industry contributes greatly to the economy’s GDP, so, they should please pass laws with very stiff penalties on piracy. If I had my way, I would have asked all artistes to march with placards to the house of each legislator who is in any committee that has to do with the entertainment industry on Independence Day. Since their lives are all about padding, they should help us ‘pad’ that law,” he said.

    Kenny Saint Best

    KSB on her part believes that today is not a happy day for Nigeria because of the hardship in the country. According to the singer turned politician, Nigeria is not really independent. She told Saturday Beats that Nigerians are only surviving and that should not be the case of the citizens of a 56-year-old country.

    She said, “We are celebrating an inverted independence. We are celebrating a dependent independence and the painful aspect of it is that we don’t really know what we are dependent upon. We would have been having a merry independence if the corruption eating deep like a virus had been curbed during that era of War Against Indiscipline. If the military that introduced the WAI were disciplined themselves, by now we would have been celebrating a cheerful independence. It is unfortunate that we still have the same virus eating into the fabrics of our society. All we have is a change of costume of leadership and this hasn’t allowed Nigeria to become the independent nation that it should be. It is quite unfortunate. Our economy can’t seem to stand on its own. A particular government may seem to have got things right, then another one takes over and sucks it dry, then we begin from square one. We are celebrating a sickly independence. Before now, we used to have individual buffers in case of hard times but this time around, there is no buffer from anywhere. Maybe this would now lead us to the kind of independence that the country actually requires. Right now, Nigerians need to be productive; we need to look inwards and realise how we can make this country work. Before now, we have been thriving on the largesse of corruption. Now that there is nothing to suck anymore, it would force us to think of what to do. It would teach Nigerians to cut their coat according to their sizes. We are seeing cases of parents who had to bring their children back to Nigerian schools because they could not afford to pay their fees abroad. It is time to bring these kids back, put them in public schools and these influential parents should begin to think of how they can make our public schools better. We are the only ones that can make it work through truth, sincerity, honesty and pro-activeness. Nigerians are surviving and for a country that got its independence 56 years ago, we should not be thinking of surviving.”

    Charly Boy

    Although the Area Fada, as he is fondly called, is not happy about the situation of the country, his anger lies with Nigerians and not their leaders. The weird one said that Nigerians are the cause of their problems. He added that there was nothing worth celebrating in the country presently except the gift of life which is God’s doing.

    “What are we celebrating? The only thing a Nigerian can be thankful for at this time is the gift of life. All that is happening to us is our fault. Every time we put the blame on the leaders, what about the followers? These leaders are not from Ghana or Togo; they are from among us. If we don’t look like them, we should have resisted the policies that put us in this kind of hopelessness and frustration. But it is because we look like them, somehow we have the same mindset and we are waiting for our own turn to embezzle when the opportunity comes, that is why this situation is never going to change. Mark my words; it is going to get worse before it gets better. If the masses have become sheep, why are you blaming the leaders for being wolves? The president keeps saying he is fighting corruption; maybe it is true that he is fighting corruption but he is the only one shouting the propaganda. I don’t see his ministers and cabinet members say the same thing. Do they believe in that? They are fighting corruption; are they saying that they have not been able to prosecute and imprison one corrupt person so far? After one year? Do we want to be deceived all our lives? It is not about Buhari or Goodluck, what about us? We are very bad people and until we change, things would not get better. The change is not going to come from above or from Buhari, it would come when we change the way we think and hold our leaders accountable for all the wrongs they have done. Until we are ready for that, then nothing would change because these people know that poverty has messed up the way we think. There is nothing to celebrate except for us being alive and for that, say thank God. But for how long would we do this?” he said.

    Doris Simeon

    Delectable screen goddess, Doris Simeon, on her part said that Nigerians are not happy currently. She advised that instead of celebrating the independence, Nigerians should embark on fasting and prayer.

    Simeon said, “Nigerians are not happy with what is going on in the country right now. We are not happy at all. I think it would be so sad and crazy if our government celebrates the independence in an elaborate way. What are they celebrating? Our foolery? Nobody is happy. They say a fool at 40 is a fool forever and we are 56 years old. Are we not a fool forever already? Things are very bad in the country and it is so sad. We are not happy and that is the simple truth. There is nothing worth celebrating in Nigeria at the moment. In fact, instead of celebrating the independence, I would advise Nigerians to embark on a dry fast all through today and pray to God because at this point, it is only God that can save us. While growing up they always said, ‘Nigeria go better,’ now we are grown up and have children and we are still saying the same thing. When would things be better in this country? They say the children are the future leaders of tomorrow, yet there is no room for the youths to lead; they refuse to give the youths a chance to serve. It is crazy.”

    African China

    Like his colleagues, African China, does not believe the independence is worth celebrating. In a chat with  Saturday Beats, the singer said that things are very tough in Nigeria at the moment and it seems there is no hope for the common man.

    “This independence is not worth celebrating and my reason is simple, there is an adage that says a fool at forty is a fool forever and Nigeria is 56 years old. It has surpassed that age limit. You don’t celebrate fools or underachievers. We only celebrate success stories. So far, what success story has come out of Nigeria? If you are successful, people would always want to associate themselves with you but it seems Nigeria is not trying its best to succeed so that other nations can associate themselves with us. If you travel to other African countries, they don’t want to associate themselves with Nigerians and it is because of the perception they have of this country. I would have advised that people should go about their normal duties today and keep facing the hardship. There is no hope, everything just keeps getting worse; there is no hope,” he said.

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  • 12 Celebrities with Similar Faces

    02/Apr/2016 // 1178 Viewers


    There are many celebrities who bear an uncanny resemblance to one another. Some of them experience an identity crisis while others take it in their stride and play along. Having doppelgangers is even more difficult for celebrities as they have to play nice when mistaken by the fans, so as to not ruin the reputation of their doppelgangers and fellow contemporaries. It can be a boon at the same time especially when a particular celebrity’s doppelganger commands a higher fanfare. Regardless, these celebrities have to live with the fact that they aren’t all that. After all, a limited edition loses its value when produced on a large scale.

    1. Jim Carrey- Rick Carlisle

    Jim Carrey- Rick Carlisle-zimbio.com

    Someone’s father has some serious explaining to do. Rick Carlisle and Jim Carrey can easily pass off as identical twins. Both of them are achievers in their respective fields. Jim Carrey has been a mainstay at Hollywood for quite some time now and has managed to enact bone tickling scenes in the Ace Ventura movies, Dumb and Dumber and The Mask etc. Meanwhile, Rick Carlisle dons the hat of a basketball coach; the man is the head coach of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and he is one of the few men who have managed to lift the NBA championship both as a coach and as a player.


    2. Kyle Korver-Ashton Kutcher

    Kyle Korver-Ashton Kutcher-nydailynews.com
    Kyle Korver can be considered a poor man’s Ashton Kutcher. The man plies his trade for the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA. With an appearance that strikes a close resemblance to Hollywood heartthrob, Ashton Kutcher, Kyle Korver must not be having a hard time courting the ladies. Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher is a model turned actor, producer, and investor. The man initially gained prominence through his portrayal of the character, Michael Kelso, in the sitcom, That 70’s Show. Apart from that, he has also starred in movies such as Just Married, My Boss’s Daughter, The Butterfly Effect, What Happens in Vegas, and No Strings Attached etc.

    3. Nina Dobrev-Victoria Justice

    Nina Dobrev-Victoria Justice-pattygopez.buzznet.com

    Choosing the prettier one between the two actresses, Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev, is as difficult as choosing between apples and oranges. Besides being involved in the acting industry, both of them have been equally blessed with heavenly looks. Nina Dobrev struck fame when she landed the role of the female protagonist, Elena Gilbert, on the drama series, The Vampire Diaries. Meanwhile, Victoria garnered a fan following after her stint on the series, Zoey 101 and Victorious. With age on their side, we can certainly expect a lot more material from the actresses in the years to come.

    4. Javier Bardem- Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    Javier Bardem-Jeffrey Dean Morgan-usmagazine.com
    We were truly humbled when we mistook Javier Bardem for Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the movie, The Losers. We can bet our bottom dollar that you were as surprised as we were when the credits rolled out. Apart from looking alike, Javier and Jeffrey also a share similar passion for acting. Bardem has been bestowed upon with a litany of accolades including a Screen Actors Guild Award, a BAFTA, and a Golden Globe. The man also has an Oscar nomination. Comparatively the lesser talented, Jeffrey hasn’t had much to gloat over. He has been a part of some successful flicks though. He can be seen in the movies The Losers, Jonah Hex, The Salvation, Watchmen, and P.S. I love you etc.

    5. Andy Roddick-Seann William Scott

    Andy Roddick-Seann William Scott-tycsports.com
    It is possible that both Andy Roddick and Seann William Scott share the same ancestors. The two can easily swap passports and nobody would even bat an eye. The taller of the two, Andy Roddick is a former World No.1 tennis player. He also wins in the wife department as his beau, Brooklyn Decker, is a renowned model who is stunning beyond belief. On the other hand, Seann William Scott is prominent for his portrayal of the character, Steve Stifler, in the American Pie movie franchise. We aren’t too sure if he is worth his salt as an actor.

    6. Hugh Grant-Phil Mickelson

    Hugh Grant-Phil Mickelson-torontogolfnuts.com
    Phil Mickelson is a household name in golf. The man has many golf trophies under his belt and some of them include three Masters Titles and five major championships. The man’s close resemblance to Hugh Grant also plays well with the ladies. Hugh Grant is a bona fide A-lister whose movies collectively have managed to gross over $2.4 billion worldwide. The man has shown his acting prowess in movies such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, American Dreamz, About a Boy and Bridget Jones’s Diary etc. His involvement in the film industry has spanned over 30 years.

    7. Roberto Luongo-Sacha Baron Cohen

    Roberto Luongo-Sacha Baron Cohen-taringa.net
    Roberto Luongo has gained major recognition in the media for looking similar to Sacha Baron Cohen. The man plays as a goaltender for the NFL team Florida Panthers; he has also done his country proud by winning the Olympic gold medal twice with the Canadian Olympic Hockey team. He must be relieved to say that looking like Sacha Baron Cohen isn’t his biggest achievement. Sacha’s area of expertise lies in acting and he has been fortunate enough to play roles in movies such as Borat, Hugo and Les Miserables etc; he will be next seen in 2016’s Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass.

    8. Sidney Crosby-Andy Samberg

     Sidney Crosby-Andy Samberg-cbc.ca
    Sidney Crosby is a professional ice hockey player who offers his services to the NHL team, Pittsburgh Penguins where he also skippers the squad. His reason for inclusion on the list is because of the fact that he can pass off as Andy Samberg’s doppelganger. Over the years, Andy Samberg has tried his hand at acting, singing, writing and producing to a fair amount of success. His comedy group, The Lonely Island, is widely renowned for featuring famous celebrity singers in their songs and music videos. Some of the movies where he has had meaty roles include That’s my boy, Hot Rod, Celeste and Jesse Forever, and Hotel Transylvania etc. Andy was also awarded a Golden Globe in the year 2014 for Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    9. Robert Horry- Will Smith

    Robert Horry- Will Smith-sportsjabber.net
    Who wouldn’t want to be a Will Smith look-alike? Robert Horry has the distinct honor of looking similar to Will’s identical brother from another mother. We cannot undermine Robert Horry’s achievements because he isn’t your ordinary bloke. After all, the man has played professional basketball in the NBA for 16 seasons! And, he has won 7 NBA championships with three different teams. Will Smith is also someone who doesn’t need an introduction. With two Academy Award nominations and four Grammy Awards under his belt, Will Smith is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. His movies have a combined worldwide box office collection of over $6.6 billion.

    10. John Lithgow-George Karl

    John Lithgow-George Karl-newsok.com
    Not afraid to dish out commands to the Sacramento Kings, head coach, George Karl, is a celebrated coach in the NBA and why wouldn’t he be. After all, how many coaches have been able to register 1,000 wins for their teams? But, George isn’t the only one who has moved waves in his respective field. His doppelganger, John Lithgow, is also a celebrated person in his field. The man is decorated with two Golden Globes, two Tony Awards and five Emmy Awards to name a few. He also holds the distinct honor of being nominated for four Grammy Awards and two Academy Awards

    11. Will Ferrell- Chad Smith

    Will Ferrell- Chad Smith-worshipdrummer.com
    The entire world knows the likeness in appearance between Will Ferrell and Chad Smith.  The duo knows it too and they’ve already acknowledged it. They were most recently seen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for an epic drum-off. Although similar in stature, Will Ferrell’s smart-aleck mouth and Chad Smith’s distinguished drumming skills helped us differentiate between the two. Funnyman Will Ferrell is most notable for his roles in Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and Blades of Glory etc. Chad Smith plays drums for the successful band, Red Hot Chili Peppers and holds a permanent spot on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    12. Margot Robbie-Jamie Pressly

    Margot Robbie-Jamie Pressly-reddit.com

    Margot Robbie and Jamie Pressly both ooze a raunchy sex appeal. While Margot is the younger of the two, Jamie has been capturing the hearts of men since her debut in 1996 with Mercenary. Her stint on the sitcom, My Name is Earl, earned her rave reviews from critics and thus managed to even land her an Emmy Award. Apart from that, she has received nominations for a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe. Margot has Martin Scorsese to thank for her claim to fame; it was her role in The Wolf of Wall Street that brought her international recognition. -- SQEEZ

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  • Lionel Messi can't perform in bed, sex with him was like a dead body - Argentine model Xoana Gonzalez

    02/Aug/2016 // 2622 Viewers


    PARIS, AUGUST 2, 2016: (DGW) Argentine super model has made stunning revelations about Barcelona soccer star Lionel Messi inability to display his soccer artistry in the bedroom adding that his performance is the worst she has ever experienced in her whole life.

    She made this shocking disclosure while speaking with Peruvian TV show  ‘the value of truth''.

    While recounting her shot with Lionel Messi, she described her time with him as wasted and likened it with “having sex with a dead body.”

    Recalled the soccer star announced his retirement from international football last month, and currently with the Barcelona squad in their pre-season tour, reportedly got intimate with the model some years ago.

    Xoana Gonzalez said, “It was many years ago. In truth he was very young. But he knew what he was doing, was not minor, that was the important thing.

    “His security told me ‘got someone you want to know.’ I was curious to see who it was, and froze when I saw it was my idol Messi I froze. I said that he is the wimp, though because he sent his security to get me.

    “There I noticed that he is very shy. We talked about music and cannot remember if he told me he had a girlfriend or not. After a while we went to his apartment in Puerto Madero.

    “When one plays across the whole pitch, you expect someone to return the favour. I wanted him to show me more than that. At one point I felt like I was with a dead body.”

    The footballer has had a torrid year already after being sentenced by a Spanish court for tax related issues and losing in the finals of the Copa America Centenario final to Chile.

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  • PATHETIC: ‘He provides for me and my children but without sex I’m not satisfied’ - Sex-starved Nigerian housewife laments

    02/Dec/2016 // 282 Viewers


    Many say money is the fuel of love but can a relationship survive solely on security?

    How long can a relationship bereft of sexual intercourse last before it buckles under the pressure of desire?

    For Sherifat Asimiyu, a sex-starved wife, six months of sexual deprivation was enough for her to want out of her union to Saheed Asimiyu.

    Sherifat on Friday begged an Ibadan Customary Court sitting in Agodi to dissolve her 10-year-old marriage.

    “There is no doubt about his ability to provide food, money and other material things for me and the two children of the union but I am not satisfied with all these without sex.

    “He abandoned me deliberately, I cannot take it anymore because I am still young and I see no reason for his action.

    “To make the issue worst, he was in the habit of beating and biting me whenever we have misunderstanding over minor issues,” she alleged.

    The husband, a motor spare parts dealer, said he deliberately starved her of sex for the past month to punish her bad character.

    Saheed told the court that he had severally warned her to stop mixing with bad friends, but she failed to heed his counsel.

    He expressed a willingness to grant her the divorce “if that is what will make her satisfied”,

    Mukaila Balogun, the president of the court, approved the dissolution of the marriage and ordered the Saheed to pay N6,000 to Sherifat as monthly allowance.

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  • Nigeria's Mayowa Nicholas becomes first Nigerian model to be featured in D&G, YSL [See photos]

    02/Jul/2016 // 761 Viewers


    PARIS, JULY 2, 2016: (DGW) Nigerian model, Mayowa has doubtless carved a niche for herself in the temple of fame as she becomes the first Nigerian to be featured in   a Dolce & Gabbana campaign, Naples, Italy  for their Fall/Winter 2016 campaign shoot.

    Added to this, Mayowa is also the first Nigerian model to feature again  in the Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) most recent campaign.

    Pix of Mayowa Nicholas below: 


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  • Timi Dakolo stole my song –Majek Fashek

    02/Jul/2016 // 281 Viewers


    PARIS, JULY 2, 2016: (DGW) Veteran artiste, Majek Fashek has expressed the bitterness he felt when Timi Dakolo , the R&B singer stole his hit song ''Send Down The Rain.

    In an exclusive chat with Satuday Beats, Majek said Dakolo took undue advantage of his  his state of health and remade his song without his expressed consent.

    He said, “He broke the rules of copyright. He is a thief because in music business, he must take permission before he works on someone’s song. That is why we have COSON. I did not give anyone the right to do anything with my song. I have a management team I work with headed by Omenka Uzoma.  Dakolo never bothered to look for me before stealing my song. He has infringed on the laws of copyright and he is not an original artiste. It is only people like Tuface, Wizkid, Olamide that are original.

    “I felt bad when I learnt that he worked on my song without my consent. He did not even give me credit. He is a very bad artiste and he took advantage of the circumstance that I was facing during that time. The song is not a normal song; it is a spiritual hit song. Timi Dakolo does not know how I suffered to get that song. I fasted for seven days before I got that song. I partook in three days ‘white’ fasting  before the song came to me.  Timi Dakolo did not go through that. I did not fight him because I do not have time. Let God judge us.” Also commenting on the situation, Majek Fashek’s music business consultant, Omenka Uzoma, said they would soon begin to fish out all those who have been exploiting Majek Fashek.

    Timi Dakolo probably hunted by a tint of guilt reportedly  brushed an inquiry aside in a telephone conversation.

     “I am not in the country. There is no allegation levelled against me. Go ahead and write a better story. I am not in Nigeria,” he said before he rudely ended the call.

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  • Barack Obama net worth and salary - How he earned it

    02/Mar/2016 // 1894 Viewers


     Barack Obama net worth and salary: Barack Obama is a former Senator from Illinois and the 44th President of the United States who has a net worth of $12.2 million dollars. Barack Obama served three terms in the Illinois Senate and is the first African American President of the United States.
    Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School. While at Harvard Law School, he was the president of the Harvard Law Review. During law school, Obama worked as a community organizer in Chicago.
    After graduation Obama worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and from 1992 to 2004 he taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School.
    One of the events that brought him national attention was his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in July 2004. Barack Obama was elected as the 44th President of the United States in November 2008, and took office in January 2009.
    Barack Obama earned his net worth primarily from the sales of his books The Audacity of Hope and Dreams of my Father. Barack's wallet began to expand after his much praised keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention that marked his explosion onto the national conscience.
    As Obama's profile rose, so did sales of his 1995 book "Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance". In 2005, the Obama's income grew from around $200,000 to a combined $1.7 million! In 2006 the Obamas reported income of $916,000. Barack's second book "Audacity of Hope", released in October 2006, was a massive hit, selling millions of copies and rocketing the Obama's income to $4.2 million in 2007!
    Their income continued to swell in the following years thanks to Barack's 2008 successful campaign and election. To this day, Barack Obama earns $3.75 for every hardcover copy and $1.12 for every paperback he sells.
    The Obama Family Income History:
    2000: $240,000
    2001: $272,759
    2002: $259,394
    2003: $238,327
    2004: $207,647
    2005: $1,655,106
    2006: $983,826
    2007: $4,139,965
    2008: $2,656,902
    2009: $5,505,409
    2010: $1,728,096
    2011: $789,674
    2012: $662,076
    2013: $481,098
    2014: $477,383
    Total: $20,183,579
    *Credit: Celebrity Net Worth

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