• The Tyrant In Abuja

    20/Jan/2016 // 1096 Viewers

     By Iyoha John Darlington

    The world has lived through great civilizations and civilization itself has had its worst enemies. Man driven by lust for power and personal aggrandizement plays god to others and we have encountered with so many of them through the ages. The historic tripartite pact of 1936 saw a fusion of power blocs. Benito Mussolini  ruled by caprice in fascist Italy, in Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler allied  with Emperor Hirohito of Japan in a bid to bestride the world like a colossus.
    Other outposts of tyranny include Jordan under King Abdullah, Libya under Ghaddafi, Cuba under Fidel Castrol, the rogue regimes of North Korea and Iran, Iraq under Saddam, Uganda under Amin the late despot  and Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe who has ruled the country for nearly four decades.These were cold-blooded brutes who hid under a cause to unleash fury on their subjects and silenced dissenting voices in their political domains. 
    A lot of lives were lost and the world and most regions experienced unprecedentedly abysmal demographic change calling to mind the attempted extermination of the Jewish race out of which six million Jews gassed to death where they were held in death camps and other  million of lives that were lost in World War11. Thousands of unarmed civilians mainly Kurds were killed in Halabja poison gas attack  by the regime in Baghdad under Saddam Hussein, Iron-fisted Benito Mussolini clamped down on his own people while he ruled over Italy.

     Back home in Africa, the State Research Bureau, Amin's secret agents killed many Ugandans some of whose flesh he fed on like a cannibal. These were all dark moments in human history. As luck would have it they all methodically  took their unceremonious exits from the earth under unfortunate circumstances.
    Would one be right to exempt Nigeria from one of the outposts of tyranny either in the present, distant or immediate past? Has Nigeria ever witnessed any iron-fisted  rule? Under totalitarian governments powers are assigned to the authorities to imprison and kill without circumscription and we have seen these at play in Nigeria which qualifies Africa's biggest democracy south of the Sahara  as one outpost of tyranny.  Kudirat Abiola was taken by a storm of bullets by men believed to be Abacha's secret agents. Pa Alfred Rewane was killed and so were other eminent Nigerians that forced this writer to take to flight at the time   to avoid being devoured by a raving mad lion that had probably  broken loose from its den. 
    Between 1984 and 1985, we had a junta which exported state-linked crime beyond our territorial borders. Those who kidnap in Nigeria today  only try to 'teach grandfather Buhari to suck eggs' because in 1984 Buhari transgressed the bounds of decency and authority in a futile bid to violently kidnap late Dr. Dikko to answer for his alleged crimes instead of retaining a diplomatic channel to file for his extradition from the United Kingdom. Objectively speaking, you do not commit a crime to solve a crime for that single act he ought to have stood trial at the international criminal court.
    So many things have gone wrong in rapid succession within seven and a half calendar months of his taking the reins of power. We had prayed for him to succeed but God does not answer prayers devoid of auxiliary actions or embarking on actions borne out of lies and deceit to demonize others all in a bid to save one's face or cover up one's incompetence. Soldering is not the same thing as governance after all.
    It is no more in dispute that Nigeria under the present administration lacks qualified and competent technocrats the reason  why everything is spiraling downward and his apologists downward into gross irrationality. Against every casual sense of  rationality and decency, his actions are commended by partisans which are opposed to the social  norms and patterns of a  civilized world. Dictators often wield unlimited powers, run a dictatorial presidency, decide cases and convict dissenting voices even before trial calling to mind the conviction of the British journalist by the legendary Amin  before his trial in a Ugandan courtroom. The Chief Judge freed this victim of ineluctable fate for which he later paid the supreme price.

                                                           Lington Donovan
                                                              Iyoha John Darlington
    I had before  now stood  mouth agape with incredulity how our memories could be so short. About thirty years ago in his first stint as a military ruler,  we saw all these traits at play that caused Nigerians so much misery until that regime was terminated sometimes in 1985 and Nigerians who groaned under his military jackboots heaved a sigh of relief. The papers were awash with criticisms and widespread jubilations  with each victim of Buhari's reign of terror recounting ordeals. Many of us who fled the country then had to return with the self-styled evil genius in charge, Nigeria's legendary IBB, an effective ruler who relatively embarked and carried out sweeping reforms - that administration would be remembered for its open-door policy it adopted. Bigoted critics were not thrown off the radar but were extended the Olive Branch  to come on board and pilot the Ship of State.
    Today we are again caught in another agonizing web under a despot who is intolerant of opposing political views. This is what  we had escaped by a twist of fate some thirty 30 years ago a period of time which brought Nigeria to the edge of chaos.  Some of his present apologists from which came  the bulk of the votes that shot him to power  had not been born. Barely eight months into his four years  tenure we have  a similar scenario  unfolding marvelously. 
    Our once vibrant  economy has become stagnant and comatose and blatant  lies are being  told to save faces, the Naira, Nigeria's monetary unit has fallen drastically in value and now exchange for over N300  to the US dollar. Never have we experienced this unprecedented decline in the value of our domestic currency coupled  with International Monetary Fund outright refusal to accede to his loan demand  but instead  mounts a pressure on the Abuja regime  for further devaluation of the Naira. This inability to manage the economy resulting from sheer incompetence is tantamount to giving the already sapped and pauperized Nigerians the hangman's noose.
    It would be recalled that Stalin in the defunct Soviet Union in 1934  began a series of 'purges' in which millions of people died. The purges  known as the Great Terror began when Sergei Kirov was assassinated. He was probably murdered on Stalin's orders. Nevertheless, Stalin used it as an excuse to eliminate his enemies or anyone he thought might be a threat. This was a period in Soviet history that saw  many prominent communists  put on show trials and thereafter thrown in stir or executed which Nigeria could be taking her cue from before long. Millions of ordinary people were sent to labour camps and forced to work in appalling conditions.
    In 1937-38 Stalin 'purged' the officers in the red army. About 80% of the generals and 50% of the colonels were executed. Buhari has ordered a similar purge of serving  officers in the armed forces whose fate only hang in the balance.  So the red army was weakened just when Russia was facing a threat from Nazi Germany.
    Furthermore in the 1930s, under Stalin the churches were persecuted. Still recall his stance on Sharia?  Many Nigerians are being framed up again and left to rot in dungeons under the guise of prosecuting the anti-graft war. This was exactly what happened about 30 years ago. Professor Alli, the then first Executive Governor of the defunct Bendel State and many others were unduly incarcerated after a kangaroo court trial though released much later, thanks to the magnanimity and benevolence  of the Iyayi and Igbinedion families,  went blind and died shortly afterward from complications he suffered during a custodial sentence. Alas, Prof Alli died with only a bungalow of two flats to his name at his  Emaudo village home, Ekpoma, Edo State!
    The writer shall now focus his binoculars on the purported $2.1 billion arms deal which the Daura-born overlord clings to for his inability to run the country rocked by economic depression and instability calling to mind the separatist aspirations mounting in the southeast and jihadist insurgency in the north-east. The  staggering $2.1 billion arms procurement funds like the Chibok girls  story is a scam manufactured or cooked up  to extenuate  incompetence and abysmal failure which we all spot  on the horizon. 
    $2.1 billion is over N600 billion by the current exchange rate.  How many people have been indicted and how much has each of them been asked to refund?   If Buhari decides to arrest everyone that has served  between 1999 and 2015 in connection with the non-existent $2.1 billion, can he recover  as much as N200 billion? The answer is NO in block letters if we all need reminding. Hence, I wonder from where and how the $2.1  billion came. Can Nigeria afford to part with $2.1 billion at one blow for a transaction of any form without screeching to a halt? I wonder why some of us are so gullible to fall  hook, line, and sinker for his personal inadequacies and blatant lies.
    An accused is presumed innocent until proven otherwise but Amin's version of crying  injustice is being re-enacted in Africa's biggest democracy with flagrant abuse of power, disregard for court orders considering the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu and Ibrahim Dasuki on Buhari's order who have both  been granted bail by  courts of competent jurisdiction. This, I dare say, is tantamount to tyranny!
    It is high-time the teething problems besetting Nigeria like a series of devastating plagues were addressed instead of employing tricky maneuvers that will not yield any fruitful dividend  in the  end. Killings under Buhari's administration have systematically begun and now on the ascending order of magnitude considering the mass murder of 300 Shi'ite Muslims in Zaria, Kaduna State.  Killing of defenseless MASSOB & IPOB members on a peaceful demonstration, and the aerial bombardment  sometimes in June last year of Cross Rivers creek communities which killed many civilians including women and children which are typical examples of  totalitarian regimes. Amin's despotic rule recorded 500,000 deaths before he was kicked out of power by a coalition of Tanzanian troops and forces of the Uganda National Liberation Front in 1979.  
    Sad to say, the democracy we all labored and doggedly fought for has been hijacked by the Daura-born overlord and his trusted  lieutenants  while dissenting voices are being hunted and  crushed by brute force. Under the existing circumstances, it is either one aligns oneself with the tyrant in Abuja or there will be the devil to pay.
    Iyoha John Darlington, a social activist, Turin-based scholar,  a public commentator on national and global issues writes from Turin, Italy.
    Disclaimer: Views expressed in any article we publish remain entirely the author's and do not reflect the editorial policy of DailyGlobeWatch

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  • A divided Biafra cannot stand

    20/Jan/2016 // 388 Viewers

    By Farouk Martins Aresa

    This close relative of ours made a passionate plea sometime ago that it is better for each ethnic group to go its own way than to stay together bytulasi killing one another. It’s like a wife pleading to leave an abuser rather than stay with him and get killed from one of those violence. No matter how we feel about Nigeria, most Nigerians do not encourage abusers that failed to reason and make amends to his victims, each time after violence erupts.
    It is getting to a point where many Nigerians have given up, that much the agitations for break up has achieved. It must be started that Igbo are not the only ones that want to leave Nigeria, there is a general agreement that most Nigerians are tired and do not care if the Igbo leave. The Hausa were lured into Nigeria with conditions and the Yoruba are just sick of labels for making Nigeria work. Even more important are the various ethnic groups that may not be as big as the three behemoths but whose interests are just as important as each of the ethnic groups.
    IPOB is now encouraging and going back to the same violent tactics that got MEND famous. We must account for destructive process achievements. Years of environmental pollution by the oil companies complemented with sabotage of pipelines, contracts to protect pipelines and six years of Jonathan at the very top as President, never made a dent to the fishermen in the area or those that live, go to school and play by the rules. The poor are always the victims of power.
    If this is true about Ijaw agitation and the rest of the militias, one must wonder why the Igbo would want to drag other ethnic groups, no matter their claimof relationships, unwillingly into Biafra. If they see themselves as past victims just as the Igbo feel in Nigeria, it not in their interest to entice them into Biafra with the promise of a better relationship they were not offered in the past. Do they really want Ogoni, Okrika, Itsekiri, and Edo in Biafra?
    It is true that many Nigerians think Igbo is Igbo but Igboid deserve the same self-determination as any other ethnic group. The reluctance of Ndi-Igbo to accept this fact may undo their own destiny in an Independent Biafra. It has been alleged that Biafra need Ijaw, Urhobo and Itsekiri for no genuine purpose other than to get access for the shore and more important for the same reason Nigerians want them. That is, for their oil resources. BTW, oil has lost its market value.
    Some brothers and sisters want us to distinguish between the agitation of Indigenous People of Biafra and the aspiration of Ndi-Igbo. They are not necessarily one and the same. Each time Nigeria bleeds, IPOB cheers. Their cry is louder in the support of Ijaw than the bereaved and their cheers for Tompolo and the destruction of Niger Delta environment is louder. Yet, you do not see IPOB turning Igboenvironment into wasteland the way Delta has turned into disaster.
    Pipe blowups turning the land and water into waste has been used against Niger Deltans by the oil companies and ethnic groups within and outside the Delta because intentional sabotage and polluted environment has not achieved anything but concessions to a few militias that take the money and invest it outside. Operation Wet-E in the West, Biafra War and Borno massacre are lessons some of us learn from while others repeat the same violence expecting different result.
    While many Igbo feel more Nigerian, loyal and patriotic; extremists on all sides betray the way we feel about the Country. Innocent victims are dying for a few craving power. Some folks claim Igbo want it both waysas soon as they fail to win at the ballot box: hold on to Nigeria and at the same time use agitation as blackmail toget juicy positions. Indeed, almost all the ethnic groups have militias to back them up. No matter what, you do not cut your nose to spite your face.
    Ikwerre are Igbo closest relations, so are the Anioma that claim their relationship to Benin than to their brothers on the other side of the River. The case for Ijaw, Urhobo and Itsekiri is more tenuous. An independent observer, that is someone that is not from any of the ethnic groups may be tempted to ask if the Igbo are not making the same mistake. If they cannot learn from their relationship with other Nigerians,enticingrebellious Biafrans in Biafra will be adisaster.
    It is very difficult to find a “pure” Nigerian especially along the border of each ethnic group. We are so related that many observers wonder how successful this separation would be. Calabarareas of Nigeria around the Ibibio and Efik illustrates this point. As we move north, more ethnic groups are related one way or the other to Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa. The Idoma and Igalaclaim to be independent ethnic groups in their own right. Anything else would be disrespectful.
    Looking at the southernmost part of River State where we have Ijaw and Ikwere dominating, it may be wishful thinking to expect them to give up their independence of self determination for a new country with the Igbo, even when we know Ikwerre are closely related. Yet, this is where the Igbo lost most of their properties after the war. It is such a sore point that many Igbo have moved on for peace sake and the Rivers folks do not want to be reminded. Can this be Biafra?
    One of these are the Edo. They are known to be bigger than present day politics would admit as Edo make up the majority of the old Mid-West. Their role in the old and new days of politics in Nigeria cannot be relegated or diminished because of violent ethnic militia of smaller groups. In terms of relationship to ethnic groups, NnamdiAzikiwe,Igbo, traced his people to Benin just as the people of Anioma. It will take a skillful surgeon to separate twins of Nigeria. Ethnic Map
    The Edo are related to one of the behemoth, Yoruba. Their relationship is now being re-defined. Instead of the Yoruba giving birth to Oba of Edo, the son of Oranmiyan;the novel theory is that Prince Ekaladerhanthe Yoruba has known as Oranmiyan gave birth to the father of Yoruba,Oduduwa. It suffice to say, Edo now claim to be the progenitor of most Southern ethnic groups.
    By the same novel theory, the Ijaw has laid claim to all coastal areas within Edo, Igbo and Yoruba areas. The whole Country is up for grab by the most volatile militias. The reason is that there is hardly any area in the Country that does not have other ethnic groups as minority within. So creationof any statehood will not only have to deal with its minorities but also with their cousins that are in majority in the neighboring states.
    This illustrates how Biafra has to prepare for the new Biafra within it. In spite of the creation of many states in the Country, there is always a cry of marginalization by some ethnic groups that feel they are not being treated equally. Africans generally blame it on the arbitrary delineation by the
    colonial powers but some Africans still hold allegiance to them.
    Views expressed in any articles we published remain entirely the author's and do not reflect the editorial policy of DailyGlobeWatch

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  • The worth of N50 over one hundred million Nigerians

    20/Jan/2016 // 306 Viewers


    By Shina Adegbite

    The APC Government goofed again as yet another obnoxious policy was introduced through the CBN today where the poor are being milked. To an individual whose N1000 is sent to through a bank, N50 will be deducted by the Federal Govt of Nigeria under the wailing most credible President Muhammadu Buhari whose qualification to head Nigeria is a mere NEPA Bill. Is it a crime to have a bank Account where most Nigerians highest balance is less than N10,000. The cost of sending N1,000 to my brother in the outskirt of Ilorin bi-weekly has been;
    Bike to and fro the bank=N100
    Bank Transfer charge or token charge=N105
    Bank SMS alert=N4
    Hmmmmmm, the government which supposed to bury all these costs is now adding addiotional N50 as stamp duty charge when no govt stamp is used in the process. In all, I will have to forgo a whole N259 because I want to send N1,000 to my brother for school pocket money when I am also making the money in piecemeal. Now, most gullible Nigerians will say "after all it is just N50", when this is collected from 100million poeople per day, the govt has made N50billion from suffering and innocent Nigerians for God's sake. TOLL GATE is coming back, ELECTRICITY TARRIF is increasing by Feb, VAT is about to be increased on the poverty-ridden Nigerians and nobody is complaining. Few questions need to be asked APC Supporters and apologists;
    1. When was this policy debated on the floors of our National Assembly?
    2. Where is the revenue element made from this transaction included in the controversial 2016 budget?
    3. Is this what Tinubu and Obasanjo/Amosun planted Fowler of FIRS and Kemi Adeosun Fimance Minister to come and do to us?
    4. Why can't APC arrest and recover the looted money from PDP thieves?
    5. Why will such policy exclude those Nigerians without bank accounts?
    6. Why can't the government tax billionaires N50 from their million transfers?
    7. Why is this clueless government taking from the poor to provide for the rich most of whom have embezzled our money as governors and Senators?
    8. What type of government is this that discourages savings culture? Most banks will soon pack off.
    In view of the above, I congratulate the people of Bayelsa for repelling the tyrants called APC not bcos PDP is better but bcos they refuse to accept a worst alternative. What we are witnessing today is still CHANGE 101, by the time CHANGE 203 and CHANGE 305 are on course, the rate will go to N500 on N1000 deposit. If this party win a second term, though I would have been outside the shore of Nigeria God willing, Nigeria will collapse completely in the hands these change agents.


    Disclaimer: Views expressed in any piece we publish remain entirely the author's and do not reflect the editorial policy of DailyGlobeWatch



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  • Welcome, Sec. Gen. Of Muslim World League

    20/Mar/2016 // 264 Viewers

    By Comrade Musa Okechukwu

    The Muslim Ummah of Nigeria has welcomed the Secretary General of the Muslim World League (MWL), Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulmuhsin Al-Turki, to the country for the purpose of preaching peace, brotherhood and unity amongst followers of the Islamic faith. The MWL scribe came to the country on Monday, 14th March 2016, nearly three years after he visited in 2013. This year's international Islamic conference was held at the Yar'Adua Center, Abuja on Thursday, 17th March 2016.

    While the secretary general has come on invitation and may have to restrict himself to schedule, it is advisable that he picks out time to visit a very important place called Anofia, Afikpo in Ebonyi state where the Islamic Center of Eastern Nigeria is situated. It is yet to be ascertained how and why a sojourn to this great center for the propagation of peace and guidance was not possible during his visit in 2013. Besides, the MWL is the sole sponsor of the center and it has spent heavily for that purpose.

    We wish the secretary general a very pleasant stay and a successful trip, although we are still wondering about the main reason why the Muslim leader led a delegation to visits a number of educational institutions in Kano including the new headquarters of the University of North-West Nigeria, the University of Holy Qur’an as well as a number of the Qur’an Memorization centers flourishing in the city of Kano, but refused to come to the Eastern part of the country to see its own formation.

     We appeal to Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulmuhsin Al-Turki to come to see what progress is made to its efforts in propagating the religion of peace in the heart of Igboland. We earnestly call on this great man of understanding and faith to ensure that the leadership of this citadel is repositioned because it is not well with this formation. The original founder of the Center, Alhaji Ibrahim Nwagui, had laudable aims and objectives. Rabita, in turn, had a very clear and laudable focus in rehabilitating it sometime in 1982. We are appalled that these efforts are being gradually dragged into the dustbin by its managers. This must be stopped by the Muslim World League.

    There have been claims and counter claims about the status of the center and its management. There have been issues regarding funding, a very confusing one being from the current managers of the dearth of funds from the Muslim World League. Resultant from all these, a lot of Muslim leaders are not happy with the manner the center is being managed. Islamic scholars and Muslim leaders of eastern Nigeria have argued that the leadership of the center has derailed. Muslim youths of the host community have cried out for change. Old Students' Association and the Parents Teachers Association of the center are not left behind in the demand for the repositioning of this education and da'wah edifice. They have complained to different national and international Islamic personalities and organizations, including Rabita.

    This led to the constitution of a committee by the leadership of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) under His Eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto to look into the claims. However, the committee is yet to complete its assignment. But critical questions that demand for answers are: Why has the Muslim World League remained adamant in effecting the required change for the efficient management of the center, despite so many written and verifiable petitions to the MWL? And why has the managers of the center remained complacent that no amount of complaint can effect change in center's leadership?

    According to Sheikh Dr. Haroun Ajah, the Islamic Centre is on the threshold of history; namely: mismanagement, misinformation, corruption, diversion of funds to Chad and Togo and negligence. “It is noteworthy that in the nearly fifty-eight years of existence, the Islamic Centre has not improved relationship with the goal of the founders, late Sheikh Ibrahim Nwagi and associates. That is the reasons for the crisis and conflicts in the whole establishment.” He recounted how, while a student in Islamic University of Madina, he met the late and former Secretary General of Rabita, Sheikh Muhammad Ali Harkan through Dr. Umar Falata, Dean of King Abdul-Aziz University College of Education, Madina after meeting Dr. Abdul-Fatah Al-Mansour then Rabita's consultant and adviser at Rabita's refreshers' course at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. All these meetings culminated to Rabita's acceptance to rehabilitate the Islamic Center, Anofia. “Things started to unfold positively and I was told to rush to Makkah in one of the telephone calls with Dr. Mansour who congratulated and told me that my Center has been approved with an initial takeoff grant of about one million US Dollars for renovations, repairs, clinic, farm settlemen, among others”, he averred.

    He noted in a statement that the mounting protests and revolt are caused by: the attempts to rewrite the history of Islam in Enohia Itim against the legacies of late Sheikh Ibrahim Nwagui the founder of the Islamic Centre of Eastern Nigeria in 1958, failure of the managers of the Islamic Centre to live up to expectations thus neglecting of the Islamic Centre Rescue Group, hijack of the Islamic Centre management, misrepresentation  and misinterpretation of the Muslim World League by Dr. Fadl Khalud and Sheikh Mama Usman and diversion of funds to Chad and Togo respectively, misinformation of the Ummah and the general public with the falsehood that Rabita has stopped budget allocation to the Centre, privatization of the Islamic Centre by Dr. Fadl and Sheikh Mama , misbehaviour and un-Islamic conducts of the Islamic Centre's staff, employment of non-Muslims in the Centre amidst abundant availability of qualified Muslims and youths, examination malpractices with notorious nomenclature of 'miracle centre', neglect of da’ wah responsibilities and conversion of many Muslim faithfuls to Christianity, insensitivity to Muslims plights, especially welfare of the less privileged local Muslims and youths, as well as closed administration and very secretive operations.

    A group called Confederation of Muslim Organizations of Nigeria (CoMON), in a statement called for the review of the Board of Trustees to reflect people who are alive in line with Nigeria indigenalization policy and with membership from all the six geopolitical zones of the Federation. Stating their own position, the Enohia-Itim Muslim Youth, Afikpo (EIMYA) invites Rabita to send an independent delegation to assess the level of development in the Center which they believe that after over 31years of takeover, has no real equivalent achievements. The group named some well-qualified Islamic scholars of eastern Nigeria who can handle the affairs of the Islamic Center, Anofia, including Sheikh Dr. Haroun Ogbonnia Ajah who brought Rabita to the community.

    It will be called that during the African conference which the MWL held in collaboration with the Sokoto State Government in 2013, the conference harped on the fundamentals of peaceful co-existence in Nigeria and attracted many Northern Nigerian Muslim and Christian political leaders, academicians, clerics and social commentators. Veteran journalist, Dr. Bala Muhammad, captured it all in his weekend column of Daily Trust in April 2013. “Peace! – The Message from Sokoto”, was his apt title. He explained that MWL is engaged in propagation of Islam, elucidating Islam's principles and tenets, refuting suspicious and false allegations made against the religion, added to helping Muslims solve problems facing them anywhere in the world, and carrying out their projects in the sphere of da'wah, education and culture.

    Further, the League is a well-known international organization that employs all possible means not at variance with the Islamic law to advance its aims; rejecting all acts of violence and promoting dialogue with the people of other cultures. Among prominent Muslim scholars who also spoke were Professor Shehu Galadanci, Sheikh Ahmed Lemu, Sheikh Ishaq Rabi’u and Dr. Aminuddin Abubakar. The conference communiqué mainly dwelt on how to secure and promote peace and peaceful coexistence in Nigeria

    Peace and harmony are urgently required in Islamic Center, Anofia. With this visit of the secretary general which is timely, we pray to Allah to use him is solving the great problem facing the Islamic Center, Anofia by appointing effective, efficient, committed, honest and above all a God-fearing leadership for the only Rabita's center in eastern Nigeria which Rabita should be proud of. Things have gone bad and there is no need of covering the truth. How long will the truth be hidden from the people and from Rabita? Muslim scholars and missioners abound in the eastern Nigeria. Enough of the cat and dog game with Islamic Center Anofia, if it was really rehabilitated by Rabita for the purpose of propagating Islam, nay peace and harmony, in the eastern region.


    Disclaimer: Views expressed in any pice we publish remain entirely the author's and do not reflect the editorial policy of DailyGlobeWatch


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  • So, yes, let's probe Jonathan!

    20/Mar/2016 // 183 Viewers

    By Obi Nwakanma

    Nigerians elected President Muhammadu Buhari on his promise to lead the charge to eliminate corruption in public life, and move to bring those who “looted” the national treasury to book. This is a herculean obligation for which the current administration must be supported and given both cooperation and the benefit ofNigerians elected President Muhammadu Buhari on his promise to lead the charge to eliminate corruption in public life, and move to bring those who “looted” the national treasury to book. This is a herculean obligation for which the current administration must be supported and given both cooperation and the benefit of doubt by the public. I am a supporter of this particular goal of the administration, and I have no doubts at all that a majority of Nigerians want the books opened and proper sanction meted on those who may be found culpable.

    There is only one condition: that the process be within the bounds of the rule of law. Otherwise it will be seen as a witch hunt. Recent chatter in fact indicate that the current administration is exploring moves to investigate or probe the last president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. And I say, why not? Probe him! Anyone who holds public office must be prepared to submit to scrutiny, and to account for their deeds in service to the nation. There is nothing wrong in investigating a former president, and if there is material evidence found that the former president engaged in illegal activity, and misused his powers as president, he must be made to appear before the law courts and the heavens should not fall. There are two grounds on which to probe the former president: one is, to closely examine and ascertain any possible involvement in corrupt enrichment through the authorization of contracts to interests connected directly or by proxy to him; the nature of those contracts and the level of due diligence done in authorizing the power to execute, and any possibility of backhandedness in the form of baksheesh or kickback paid either directly to him or his proxies in furtherance of his personal interests while serving as president.

    What does the ex-president own, and how did he acquire these within the period he served as president; and how does his personal worth tally with his declared interests and worth submitted on the assumption of office to the Code of Conduct Bureau? The second area for which the president should be investigated is certainly in the handling of the national accounts as determined by the laws of the federation, and within the bounds of federalism. Did the ex-president break the laws? And if he did, did he hide any material evidence from the National Assembly, which made it impossible for the Assembly to provide as a result, institutional oversight that should have reined-in the president? If he did not hide evidence from the National Assembly, and the National Assembly did not act, to forestall any illegalities on behalf of the nation, what agency of government failed to prevent the execution of any possible illegality by the president?

    The probe and trial of Goodluck Jonathan would be good for Nigeria in a number of ways: it will test the very principle of immunity under whose coverage a lot of people have committed atrocities in the name of the nation. A central question that has often exercised the minds of Nigerians is whether anyone who has served as president can be brought, at the end of tenure, to answer to charges for conduct in office covered under the immunity clause. For instance, President Buhari himself refused to appear before the late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, when he was summoned, during the sitting of the Human Rights Violation and Investigations Commission, also known as the Truth Commission. They did not arrest Buhari for his contempt of the judge.

    There were questions about whether the immunity granted to his person while in office extends to that process, and whether indeed he could be questioned and countermanded for acts carried out in his official capacity as president, with very wide immunity powers.

    Former president Jonathan will certainly contemplate his own response, particularly within the questions of the immunity granted his person, in the disclosure of certain routine decisions covered by his immunity and the officials secrets Act.

    It might require the courts to suspend those rights, and it might be a great day for ordinary Nigerians, who have argued for limited immunity for the office of the president rather than the kind of sweeping immunity which presidents currently enjoy. Probing Jonathan will certainly be a great first step, trying him for misconduct will be a great step forward, were the government’s investigation to find serious evidence linking the former president to personal corruption.

    Across the pond, Brazil is going through the same question. Nigeria and Brazil have very many things in common. Aside from being the second largest nation after Nigeria, with the largest population of black people in the world, Brazil has also suffered through many military coups and democratic transitions. The crash in global oil price has also hobbled Brazil’s economy, and there is wide discontent among the public.  Current president, Ms. Dilma Rouseff, is facing impeachment for manipulating budget figures to boost accounts of public spending to aid her re-election in 2014. Sounds familiar? Well, yes, it is called “budget padding” and the Brazilians are not joking. But more relevantly, her predecessor, Brazil’s former President, the charismatic, populist, Luis Inacio Lula Da Silva is facing a federal probe over questions of money laundering and alleged kickback received following the Petrobras scandal.

    Petrobras is Nigeria’s equivalent of the NNPC. It too is mired in its own scandals. But the proportion of that scandal, compared with what has gone on with Nigeria’s NNPC will be considered rather mild. Yet former President Lula is being investigated for his role in the scandal while in office; brought to the police station in Sao Paolo and questioned vigorously by state prosecutors. It doesn’t matter that he was a former president.

    It doesn’t matter that his party is in power, and that the current President wants to protect him. The process is independent, scrupulous, and outside of the power of the president to contain, intervene, or even initiate. And why is “a whole former President Lula” being investigated by “ordinary Public prosecutors”? Because he is suspected to have received bribes with which he bought a beachfront apartment in the city of Guraja. And Nigerians will ask, “just a beachfront apartment?” Well, yes, just a beachfront apartment. The beauty, and the particular difference between societies that wish to survive, and in which the citizens are respected by their public servants, and who respect themselves is that no one is above the law. There is neither Kabiyesi nor peasant in these matters.

    A government prosecutor does his work, secure in his rights and tenure to do so; knowing also that any misuse of his office for personal and vindictive pursuits, will also earn him serious sanctions. The permission to probe does not come from the president. It comes from the constitution, and that is the difference with Nigeria. Nigerian presidents are given the power of gods.It must be a transparent process. It must also go further than Jonathan. We must investigate Obasanjo, Abdulsalam, Babangida, and even Buhari himself.

    The scandalous miasma in the NNPC did not begin with Jonathan. Nigerian investigators must be granted the power to examine all books back to 1975, at least, and bring all to probe, and before justice. It is a good thing to probe and try Jonathan. It should open the floodgate, and permit the recovery of Nigeria’s looted patrimony. The revelations of the goings on in the Jonathan administration is shocking and horrendous. But I wager, that there is worse, and we need to bring it all to light. So, yes, let us probe Jonathan.


    Disclaimer: Views expressed in any piece we publish remain entirely the author's and do not reflect the editorial policy of DailyGlobeWatch

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  • Doing Things the Wrong Ways and Expecting Different Results

    21/Apr/2016 // 236 Viewers

    By Akintokunbo Adejumo

    The Greater London Authority Elections – where Londoners will vote for a new Mayor of London and Members of the London Assembly – is on 5th May 2016.

    Yet, I, members of my family and many Londoners (including anybody who belongs to the British Commonwealth) voted today, 21st April, 2016, about 2 weeks away.

    Why? This is because many voting households and individuals, who have opted to vote by Post because of convenience, received their Postal Voting Packs today. This benefits and eases the stress on the elderly, the pregnant women, the handicaps and invalids, who otherwise may find it a strain to go physically into the voting centres on 5th May 2016 to vote physically. This system of voting, including online voting, has been on for several years. It has not been abused, as far as I know, in the UK. Even if you decide to vote on the day in the voting centres, you will vote peacefully, fairly, freely, easily, without fear to your life and property. Since I have been voting in the UK, I have never spent more than 5 minutes in a voting centre. The Election officials are there, the Voting List is up to date and can never be manipulated. 
    As soon as you turn 18, which is the voting age, you almost always automatically receive a letter from the Authorities, reminding you and urging you to register, either online or by post. What a world, what a society where law and order, fairness and equity, sincerity and honesty rules.

    I have not been intimidated; the candidates or their canvassers go from door to door, no matter the weather or the distance, to solicit for your vote; there are no big political rallies, thereby eliminating thuggery and intimidation; there are no inducements from the candidates and their supporters for you to vote for them; your choice is based on issues of concern to your well-being and your community. What a life!!!

    I wish things could be like this in Nigeria in my lifetime, but I sincerely have no hope for this to happen. It is a long shot, a very long shot, mainly because the society itself does not want it to happen. We want to do things the same ways, which have not been working for us, and still expect different better results. Historical experience and common sense has proven this is impossible. The degenerate politicians and the corrupt ruling elite prefer it that way, because it is to their advantage and benefit, as it allows them to oppress their people and loot the treasury; the people/followers prefer it the old, primordial way because the politicians and the ruling elite say that is how it should be, despite gaining absolutely nothing from that same old corrupt and manipulative system. Very sad!

    The degenerate ruling elite refuse to change and educate the people on how things should be done; the people do not want to hear the truth and be educated as to what their rights as a people should be; neither do they care, but want God to come down and save them from their oppressors and killers.

    The way I see it, it is Man’s inhumanity to Man. If a minute set of people decide to keep the lives of their majority people in perpetual obeisance, oppression, poverty of material and soul, ignorance and desperation, I don’t see what else it is.

    However, such had happened in many countries of the world, from Russia to Britain to even America. What happened eventually? The people eventually overcame, and many lives of both the elites and the masses were lost, but the most painful and glaring were the lives of the oppressive elites. They were the known and famous, and they suffered the most, in reputation, materials and pride; the people who lost their lives in the struggles to free themselves were anonymous, but the People were victorious.

    This is a warning to our ruling elites; history will always repeat itself. Invest in the future of your people, your future generation; the Earth is the Lord’s, not Man. If the rope is uncomfortable, the chicken will not find it easy either to perch on it. The elites are slowly finding that out now. They must be made to find this out faster. Man is not born to serve or be oppressed by another Man, only God is Man born to serve.

    The Truth Always!

    Akintokunbo Adejumo wrote from London, the United Kingdom.


    Disclaimer: Views expressed in any piece we publish remain entirely the author's and do not reflect our editorial policy. DailyGlobeWatch shall, therefore , not be held responsible for any of its part or the contents thereof.

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  • Buhari’s Honourary PhD fraudulent, disgraceful – NANS

    21/Feb/2016 // 2578 Viewers


    PARIS, FEBRUARY 21, 2016: 


    It is quite unfortunate that at a time we are clamouring for a overhaul and repositioning of our educational sector, our leaders are doing the opposite by their actions and inactions.

    The show of shame that took place in Kaduna State University (KASU) on 12 December, 2015, is capable of making foreign Universities and corporate organizations to further undermine and disregard degrees obtained from Nigerian schools.

    READ & LISTEN: INTERVIEW: Reconstructing Edo State; who does the cap fit?

    We expect our leaders to be our role models by living exemplary life. How can one explain that, President Muhammadu Buhari who has not even cleared the air on his certificate saga, still went ahead to accept a fraudulent honorary degree from a university that is not authorized by National Universities Commission (NUC) to do so.

    We make bold to state that, the honorary doctorate degree conferred on President Buhari is illegal and non sequitur because.

    READ: Buhari & the impending death of the Naira

    1) KASU is not among the 22 universities accredited by NUC to award honorary degree.

    2) KASU was established 10 years ago, and has never graduated a PhD student.

    3) Section 2.0 subsection (a) of the Council of VCs Keffi declaration 2012, prohibits the award of honorary degrees to persons holding political offices.

    We therefore demand the following:

    1) That President Muhammadu Buhari should honourably relinquish the fraudulent degree.

    2) That NUC should with immediate effect sanction KASU for contravening its rules and regulations.

    3) That Academic Staff Of Universities (ASUU) and Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) should sanction the entire management team of KASU for making a mockery of Nigerian universities.

    4) That President Buhari should desist from procuring fraudulent degrees and focus on governance because, our country is faced with terrorism, economic hardship, religious crises and political tension.


    Comrade Tijani Usman

    President, National Association of Nigerian Students



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  • The deceptions in 2016 Budget

    21/Jan/2016 // 212 Viewers

    By Remi Oyeyemi

    IN an administration fighting against corruption, that is in need of diversification, President Muhammadu Buhari has presented a budget that would appropriate N29.7 billion to his Ministry of Agriculture in comparison to N115 billion to a “do nothing”  National Assembly. Even when you add the planned appropriation for the Universal Basic Education (N77.1 billion) together with the Ministry of Agriculture (N29.1billion), the National Assembly still gulps about N15 billion more than them. What a priority!

    Nigeria is in need of security no doubt. But this ought not to be an excuse for duplication. President Buhari budgeted N294.5 billion for the Ministry of Defence. The Ministry of Interior also has a lot to do with the security of the country and has a budget of N145.2 billion. We also have the Nigeria Police Formation and Command budget at N283.09 billion. Then there is tucked somewhere in the budget something called Operation Lafiya Dole to cost Nigerian Tax Payers N10 billion. “Lafiya Dole” is an Hausa Language expression that means “Compulsory Peace” or “Peace by Force.” If you add up the four, it gives you N732.79 billion.

    With over N732.79 billion to these all important Ministries and Departments that deal with our security, can President Buhari explain to Nigerians what his National Security Adviser would be doing with additional N57.7 billion? This National Security Adviser allocation is an amount that is higher than the funds allocated to the Ministries of Transportation, Water Resources, Works, Power and Housing put together! Haba!

    President Buhari promised to create employment for Nigerian youths. But he budgeted only N7.8 billion for the Ministry of Labour and Employment.  He also budgeted N9.5 billion for the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, a sector that could easily generate high employment if properly funded and managed. Science and Technology Ministry received only N25.8 billion. Also remember that the Ministries of Transportation and Water Resources received N13.7 billion and N7.2 billion respectively.

    The immediate paragraph above contains five of the most important ministries that could have positive impact on the people if any government is serious at all. Their total expenditure is N64 billion. This is less than what President Buhari allocated to his Minister of Special Duties: N72.8 billion! Pray, what are the Special Duties to be done that they should cost so much? Then add N45.3 billion allocated to the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation and Office of the Head of Service, N6.4 billion. What further evidence of misapplication of funds do we need than all these?

    President Buhari has allocated to the Federal Character Commission N2.09 billion! What do they do in that Commission that would cost the Nigerian Tax Payers this much just in one year? Then there is what is called Outsourced Services that would cost N5 billion and Presidential Amnesty Programme which would also cost N20 billion. Who are the targets of this Amnesty Programme? Is it Boko Haram Terrorists, or Niger Delta Militants?

    Why did President Buhari budget N45 billion for INEC in a year when there is no national election? What is this money for? Is this money just for salaries or other assignments? If this amount is for assignments, what is the nature of those assignments? Nigerians deserve answers to these questions.

    President Buhari needs to explain to Nigerians what Mr. Lai Mohammed would be doing with N39.1billion allocated to his Information Ministry that would be more important than what Ministry of Transportation N13.7 billion, Ministry of Water Resources N7.2 billion and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment  N10.5 billion would be doing? These three Ministries’ allocation put together is less than Lai Mohammed’s Ministry of Information!

    How could President Buhari justify the proposed spending of N400 million on a weekend symposium? Yes, the 35th Annual General Meeting and Symposium of Shelter Afrique slated for June 2016! How can an administration that is yelling against wastage and corruption approve such amount of money for a two-day affair?

    It is interesting to know that N2.3 billion would be showered on all former Heads of State, Presidents and their deputies just within one year alone. This is upon the mismanagement and tragedy they have all visited on this country. However, more interesting is the N19.9 billion budget that President Buhari and his coteries in the Presidency would spend in the coming year.

    The most scandalous part of the Budget is what a commentator on social media described as follows:
    “N1.75 billion for President Muhammadu Buhari’s feeding in 2016 is a direct attack on collective commonsense of Nigeria and a stark contrast to his promised change.

     Is it not fraud for Buhari to deceive Nigeria by publicly drinking N10 Milo sachet (tea) during the Presidential election campaign? Even if Buhari is feeding Sharks, Whales and Buffaloes in Aso Rock, N1.75billion is too much for one man, when millions of Nigerians are finding it difficult to feed even once a day.

    Former President Goodluck Jonathan was almost roasted for budgeting N1billion in 2011 and reducing it even to N717.3 million in 2013, N542 million in 2014 and N530 million in 2015, but Nigerians are silent on these reckless squandering by Dr. Buhari.”

    Disclaimer: Views expressed in any article we publish remain entirely the author's and do not reflect the editorial policy of DailyGlobeWatch

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  • Nigeria at the threshold of greatness

    21/Jan/2016 // 222 Viewers

    By Wole Aboderin


    THERE is a new and refreshing wind blowing across our great nation Nigeria. Wind we know is a directed and forceful movement of air and, every living thing one way or the other is directly and indirectly dependent on air for survival.

    Nigeria on May 29 ushered in a new lease of wind, this time a wind of change. Nigeria was long overdue for change in all realms and ramifications. It became a national outcry from the citizenry, the economy, educational institutions, the infrastructural assets, our health care facilities took a state of decay at all levels, stimulating high rate of death and agitation amongst the general workforce across board. When a living thing is deprived of air, death elements set in.

    In this article, we are paying more attention to the transformational wind of change blowing across our great nation today. During the last general election, we saw the people of Nigeria come out in mass to take their destiny into their hands, this reflected on the body language of their voting pattern.

    When we talk about change, we are talking of progressive transformation. Change is progressive, constant and dynamic in nature. Nigeria as a nation is at a critical moment of her history. At every turning point of a nation’s history, God blesses her with a Godly and visionary leader, who will midwife the necessary processes of necessary change required for her transformation and the prosperity of her citizens. We can boldly say Nigeria on May 29 this year was blessed with a great leader and an engineer of change in the person of our President Muhammadu Buhari.

    The present leadership of the new administration is a crop of men and women with deep-seated cleric and know-how for transformational change. We are in the season of national metamorphosis. Speak of metamorphosis; I remember my secondary school days, when my biology teacher took our class on the subject of metamorphosis – the transformational change and development of certain insects, such as butterfly.

    I like butterfly, and I’m highly fascinated with the processes of change it undergoes to transform into such a beauty to behold. There are four key stages covering the life circle of a butterfly, the egg, the laver (caterpillar) pupa (crystal), and then adult. Each stage of this metamorphosis is a necessary process towards full development. The first three stages do not paint the real picture of the butterfly, yet they are the foundational and fundamental stages necessary for the making of the butterfly. The egg state is the seed stage of the process; it embodies the genetic composition of the parent butterfly, and the detail design of the would-be and future butterfly.

    In the history of the making of great nation, there is always the egg-state, which is the vision stage. To those that do not understand the law of seed and the law of process, time, and gestation, the egg or vision stage does not make much meaning. But to those that understand the principle and process of metamorphosis, eggs (vision) bring hope for future. We need to understand as a nation that the core strength of any nation derives primarily from the quality of its vision.

    This present administration was powered with electoral vision by the power of a vision called change. When the leaders of the then opposition party (APC) conceived the vision of change, and laid it into the fertile womb of the masses, vision and purpose became the driving force, which became an unstoppable might that manifested during the last general election, resulting to seeping victory across the length and breadth of the nation. We can deduce from the outcome of the immediate past general election, that when visionary leader can deposit into the hearts and mind of the people the right egg of vision and purpose, a great desire for irresistible change will be born.

    We know that strong desire is like force of raging flood, capable of knocking off any form of resistance of opposition. One could say with confidence, that the victory of change we enjoy in Nigeria today is a direct product of the vision that was deposited into the hearts and minds of the people.

    In the metamorphosis of butterfly, egg (vision) is the beginning of the process, not the end. As the butterfly egg gives rise to the next stage (laver), so does a nation’s vision gives rise to the next stage? While observing the development of the life-cycle of the butterfly I notice that most people hold no value for the second and third stages of the process. The laver and pupa stages have no beauty to behold. As a result, these transformational stages are the most vulnerable, and endangered state of development. There are developmental stages in the making of a great nation. It starts with vision, but does not end there. Between visions (eggs) to the full-blown magnificent butterfly, are ugly looking stages (laver and pupa).

    These are the determining moments in the process of transformational changes leading to the desired beautiful great nation. Butterflies understand certain laws, such as: law of seed (egg), therefore they lay eggs so as to procreate and to preserve posterity. They also understand the law of process, hence could endure the required developmental changes that the creator programmed in them. Thirdly, they know the law of time and seasons and so they patiently go through them. This is now what we Nigerians require to possess in order to finally experience the change which we voted for. We must learn from the butterflies how to go through a transformational change process.

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  • Almost all Nigerians are Corrupt

    21/Jan/2016 // 245 Viewers


    When God wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham intervened and pleaded with God. The all-knowing God knew that the cup of Sodom and Gomorrah was full to the brim; but Abraham with his human flesh, and taking advantage of his closeness to God wished for a different scenario. Our father Abraham never knew the degree of the decay in Sodom and Gomorrah, so he reasoned that his plea would change the mind of God. Abraham opined that the father of creation should not destroy all the people in Sodom and Gomorrah because of the malfeasance of few and God agreed with Abraham.

    Abraham gave God a number that could be found in Sodom and Gomorrah that could prevent God from destroying the city, but our loving God chose a number fewer that what Abraham gave and promise to spare the city if found. Abraham kept running to God with lesser number and God even agreed with Abraham for least number and at last no one was found to be in God’s good book in Sodom and Gomorrah that the city was subjected to utter destruction. Before this mayhem, God allowed Lot and his family, relatives of Abraham to escape but instructed that they should leave Sodom and Gomorrah without turning back. But Lot’s wife, could not forget her kitchen pestle used in pounding “akpu”, so she turned back and she became a pillar of salt. Sodom was irredeemably immersed in sin that at a point, their peak of iniquities, the people of Sodom surrounded the house of Lot, urging him to bring the Angels that slept in his house, who came for a message, so that they would have carnal knowledge of those Angels.

    If God should turn His searchlight on Nigeria, nobody will remain when judged in terms of corruption, the love of money, greed, moral depravity and wickedness. Almost all Nigerians are corrupt and I don’t care what anybody says, removing his human imperfection, there may be nobody like Buhari in Nigeria today. None is free from criminal intents: politicians, judges, traders, market women, lawyers, teachers, civil servants, workers in private enterprises, corporate executives, the military, academics, students, parents, actors and actresses, youths and even children. The arms deal-the Dasukigate has opened the abysmal iniquities of Nigerians. The moral decay in Nigeria speaks to high heaven, though in a different degree of sins, but our nation is in an equal race with Sodom. Relatives kidnap those that fed them in times of need for money and sometimes murder them and still collect ransom money. One does not dare keep a house help nowadays and a moment that an eye is turned, he or she organizes armed robbers or other type of criminals to either steal a master’s child for ransom or burgle the house. How did we end up in this manner?

    Just hear this: when I was doing my research, I wanted to carry it out in Nigeria and that was a problem, in the sense that my school due to human subjects’ rights violations wanted me to do my research in USA. But I wanted to do my research in Nigeria as some Asian students usually do. For the fact that Buhari just took office with the mantra of change, I was a bit relieved that I thought I would not have much road block. I sent letters from my school requesting permissions from Federal Ministry of Education and another from the enterprise, where I would actually carry out my research. After back and forth, I did receive the permission letter from the corporation, but someone in Federal Ministry of Education Abuja demanded $2,000 from me to get the simple letter. When I discovered that I could even get the letter from state ministry of education, I veered my direction and got the letter with much anguish. I came to Nigeria and stayed for two weeks for my research work and went back to USA. This may seem little to the uninvolved, but I knew the sleepless night I passed through due to our corrupt way of doing things.

    I have consummated dealings with many people ranging from professors, civil servants, business men, students and folks from my village to artisans, none of the situations had a happy ending. I left Nigeria in 1994, it was not like that then and now everybody’s eye is red and they can kill for even a matter that involves one naira. Nigeria has decayed and there is no difference today when compared with Sodom and Gomorrah of thousands of years past.

    Some Nigerians abroad are even worse than those at home. Corruption is not seen as dirty practice any more. Out of 160 million Nigerians, it is hard to get 100 people with integrity and pure hearts. Before the collapse of Nigeria, the Ivory Towers used to be the custodian of ethics and morality, university teachers were living on a different world. But with the monetization of Nigeria, the university campuses became cesspool. No thanks to Babangida and, real academic work became forgotten alternatives; grades for money or a bout of sex with a willing lazy girl. I know Nigerians are smart people, but to me and to many, first class graduation may not be what it used to be. Our politicians destroyed the remnant of morality in Nigeria that even the wife of a local government chairman would not allow other ladies to breathe a fresh air.

    Before the arrival of Buhari, the monies that were meant for capital projects were converted to personal use by presidents, ministers, head of government institutions, civil servants, governors, commissioners, military personnel and by those that found themselves in the position of authority. How come in Nigeria, it is hard for one to find complete tarred kilometers of roads?  No pipe born water and ten minutes stead power supply all over the nation are mirage. From Babangida to Jonathan and those that served with them require jail terms, especially Babangida and Obasanjo.

    President Buhari needs to do lots of job and he should not relent in his dogged fight against corruption. The President should be ready for name calling and the 16 years rule by PDP brought Nigeria to her kneels, so he has to focus on those people that superintendented Nigeria for that that unholy years. The 16 years destruction spared nobody and truthfully, finding a clean Nigeria is just like searching for a virgin a maternity ward. Is it not a shame that Nigeria cannot power the kilowatts required by our industries, individuals, homes and offices? Is it not a shame that Nigeria cannot supply clean water to her citizens and why should our roads be places of carnages?

    The corruption of yesteryears are shown today by the stark helplessness starring at all of us at this time the price of crude oil has nose-dived. When we were swimming in the ocean of petro dollars; sensible technocrats could have advised our masters to diversify the economy that ran and still running on mono rail. Oil, oil that is not renewable, that can run out of tomorrow or rendered useless by the attraction of alternative source of energy as it is the case now; yet our pinhead politicians never paused one day and thought wisely.

    In absence of oil money, it has blown open that no state in Nigeria is viable. Ahmadu Bello University, Obafemi Awolowo University and University of Nigeria, Nsukka were not built with oil money. Ground nuts, cocoa fruits and palm nuts did the magic. An Igbo proverb has it that it is good for the breeze to blow, so that it will be shown that a reverend father is not wearing trousers. States were created just to appease certain politicians and not on viability; the creation of states had just enriched some rogues and left the people more impoverished.

    With what is happening in the world economic and industry landscapes, the price of oil may still come down to the 1982/83 era when a barrel was $7; we hope it will not go to that extent. Iran has come to international oil supply and the slow economic dynamics in China may compound our problems that Nigeria may find it difficult to finance some of our critical imports. In the good old days, instead of our governors to sit at home to plan, they rather hovered around for match making; their daughters and sons wedding this or that with state fund and come and see brainless politicians and contract seeking rogues ; only in Nigeria.

    Buhari, General and President, squeeze these rogues to vomit our national wealth they stole and do not have mercy on any of them. I maintain, no any other Nigeria can ever do this because most of them are rogues and you cannot throw a stone when you are living in a glass house. People in Diaspora are counting on you and the international communities are counting on you also, so press on, press on. The Almighty will give you the strength. The fight against corruption should be carried out with fairness. I didn’t like a situation in which Olisa Metuh was in handcuff to court while some of other accusers went to court without handcuffs; this was not good. Please, Mr. President, the fight should not be personal. Many will say that it was because Olisa is an Igbo man and you cannot blame them.


    Chukwuma Iwuanyanwu, a concerned Nigerian writes from Los Angeles.


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